How to Leave Guild in Dota 2 (in 2 Simple Steps)

The heart of a healthy and fun Dota 2 gaming experience comes from an active guild!

Updated on Oct 03, 2023
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How to Leave Guild in Dota 2 (in 2 Simple Steps)

Option 1 – Leaving the Guild Manually

Step #1 – Hover Mouse Cursor over Guild Logo Image

Guild Logo Dota 2

After launching the Dota 2 application on your device, locate your own guild image which can be found in the bottom left corner of the main menu. The guild logo should be aligned where you can find your party menu, as seen below. Once you have located the guild image, make sure to hover your cursor above it.

Step #2 - Click the Leave Guild Button

If you have done Step 1 correctly, you should be able to see a small menu box that appears above the party menu. It is a small box that displays a little information about the guild, like guild name, guild ranking, guild contracts for you to earn shards, as well as guild challenges for any guild member to view and contribute to.

Leave Guild Dota 2

Once you have made up your mind, you can click the "Leave Guild" button to permanently leave the guild. Keep in mind that there are no redos, so ensure that your decision to leave the guild is 100% certain!

Option 2 – The Guild Leader Kicks You Out

In Dota 2, there are 3 different roles that may exist for members in the guild (which are Leader, Officer, and Member). Only the Guild Leader has the power to kick any other members within the guild. 

Therefore, if your guild leader believes that you are not contributing to your guild enough, or that you are not as good as your regular teammates, therefore they may decide to kick you out of the guild.

Although other players within the guild are notified about the guild leader kicking you out, you can still always play in a party - it does not mean that non-guild members are prohibited from playing with other guild members. You can definitely continue enjoying playing with your friends while screaming into your mics (If you do not know how, read on how to open mic in Dota 2!)

Dota 2 Find A Guild

We hope that changing guilds can help you gain new friends to play and enjoy in Dota 2! If you are interested in finding out more aside from your guild's rank, you can always learn to see the player rank distribution season in Dota 2. If you're not Immortal yet, try reading how to rank up faster tips and play on the best server for ranked in Dota 2 with your friends or even your Dota 2 idols!

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