How to Open Your Mic in Dota 2 [Solved]

Communication is key in a game like Dota 2. Make sure you know how to enable your mic for the most efficient comms!

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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How to Open Your Mic in Dota 2 [Solved]

Communication is very important when it comes to Dota 2, as there are lots of split-second decisions and callouts that have to be made in the middle of teamfights. Therefore, it is recommended that all players use their microphones for efficient communication. Here is how you can enable your microphone in Dota 2!

How to Enable Your Mic in Dota 2

To turn on your microphone in Dota 2, two things will have to be done. You will need to set your microphone into the game, then you’ll need to choose the way you can speak to your teammates in the game.

The first step to enabling your microphone is to select the correct device in your Dota 2 audio settings. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Dota 2

  2. Open your Settings on the top right of your screen.

  3. Head over to the Audio tab.

  4. On the right, you’ll see the option titled Sound Device

  5. Select the correct microphone device you’re using


If you’ve successfully followed the proper steps above, then your recording devices should be enabled in Dota 2 already. The next step to opening your mic in Dota 2 is to enable voice chat.

At the bottom of the Audio tab, you will be able to see your microphone’s Current Recording Level, so you’ll be able to tell if your microphone is working or not.

Ways to Enable Your Microphone

There are two main ways to enable your microphone so that you are able to communicate with your party members and/or teammates.

How to enable Push To Talk

One way to enable your microphone in Dota is to have a Push To Talk hotkey on your keyboard, so every time you press the key, your teammates will be able to hear you.


You are allowed to set two different hotkeys for two Push To Talk settings. The first setting is the Party Voice Chat. This hotkey will allow only your party members to hear you, while your teammates outside of your party won’t.

The second setting is to have a Push To Talk hotkey for Team Voice Chat. This will mean that all your teammates, whether they are in your party or not, will be able to hear your voice comms.

How to enable Open Mic

The second way to enable your active microphone is to have the Open Mic option. This option will not require you to press any hotkeys whenever you want to speak, but will instead record everything you say and relay it to your team or party members.


This option will allow you to speak freely all the time with an open mic. Lots of people do not prefer this option as background noises can potentially be recorded and will annoy your teammates.

However, you can always play around with the Open Mic Threshold to avoid sending in background noise. Simply move the slider left and right to adjust your threshold until you’ve found the most appropriate Open Mic threshold.

How to Fix Mic Not Working in Dota 2

If you’ve followed the steps above and your microphone doesn’t seem to be working, then we may have some suggestions that will help you fix that.

Set Microphone as Default Device

One reason why your microphone may not be working in Dota 2 is because you have not set your microphone as the default device. To set your microphone as the default device, hit your Windows key and search for Sound Settings.

Once you’re in the Sound Settings, look for Input. There, you’ll be able to select which device will be your primary one. Simply change it to the microphone that you want to use.


Check if Your Microphone is Plugged In or Muted

Though it is quite straightforward, lots of people actually fail to plug in their microphones completely, or they slip out sometimes. Try to do a quick check on whether your microphone is properly plugged in or not.

Lots of headset microphones these days tend to have toggle mute buttons, so it may also be wise to check if your mute button is on or not.

Update Device Drivers

Another common issue for microphones not working is that the audio drivers for them are outdated. Try quickly checking if that is the case for your properly working microphone by following the steps below.

  1. Hit your Windows key and search for Device Manager

  2. There, look for Sound, video and game controllers

  3. Expand it, and look for your microphone device

  4. Right click your device and click on Update Driver


Check if your microphone needs any driver updates, and if so, update them so you’ll have the correct drivers. If it still doesn’t work, then we can recommend one last solution.

Turn Off Windows Sound Enhancement

Another reason why you may be experiencing problems with your microphone is because you may have enabled Windows Sound Enhancement to your microphone device. We recommend turning it off, as it has solved the issue for many people.

To turn off the Windows Audio Enhancements setting, follow the steps below:

  1. In your Windows tab, go to System > Sound > Properties

  2. Make sure that you have selected the correct device

  3. At the bottom, you’ll see Enhance audio

  4. If it is turned on, simply turn it off


That should be all you need to know about how to open your mic in Dota 2, and possible fixes if your mic doesn’t seem to be working. If you’re having other technical problems with your game, check out our articles on the offline mode fix, ultrawide monitors, and how you can set Dota 2 to full screen.

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