How To Surrender in Dota 2 (But There's A Catch, So Read this Before)

Want to get out of a losing game quickly? Check out how you can surrender in a Dota 2 match!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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How To Surrender in Dota 2 (But There's A Catch, So Read this Before)

Dota 2 can be tiring and mentally taxing team game, so when a game is bad enough to want you to stop playing, throwing in the towel may be the best option. Though Dota 2 is known to have some incredible comebacks, these comebacks don't happen all the time, so players tend to tap out to save some time. In this article, we'll teach you how to surrender in Dota 2!

What is Surrendering in Dota 2?

Surrendering in Dota 2 takes the definition from the word "surrender," which is to give up and let the game end before the Ancient actually explodes. Surrendering in a competitive game will be scored as a loss to the side that surrenders, and you will lose MMR for surrendering in a ranked match.

Why Do People Surrender?

Dota 2 is widely known for its exciting comeback mechanics, which create many opportunities to come back from a losing game. Though all Dota 2 players dream of making remarkable comebacks like the ones in The International, sometimes, the game looks extremely grim, and there's almost no chance of coming back.

When your team is down so much, then usually, it's OK to tap out. Many Dota 2 players like playing long sessions of Dota 2, so if a game looks over, it's best to surrender to save time and have more time to fit more matches into the session.

How to Surrender in Dota 2

Now that we've understood what surrendering is and why people do it let's get to the fundamental question: how do you actually surrender in Dota 2?

Surrender as a Full Party

Back then, a surrender option was not present regarding public matches. However, with a recent update of Dota 2 in July, players can now surrender in public games. However, there are two catches to it.


First, you will need to be in full parties of 5 to surrender in a public match.

Second, the match clock will have to exceed the 30 minute mark.

If you're in a public match queued up as full parties, and the game has lasted longer than 30 minutes, you will be able to surrender. To surrender, you can use the Chat Wheel or type specific phrases in All Chat. Remember that all your teammates will have to consent to the surrender, as any five teammates can cancel the surrender countdown.

Here are the things you can do to surrender:

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Surrender Through All Chat

To surrender using the All Chat, type "GG" or "GGWP." Capitalization does not matter. Typing any of these two phrases will start a countdown until your throne explodes.


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Surrender Through Chat Wheel

The following way to surrender is using the Chat Wheel feature in Dota 2. The Chat Wheel allows you to quickly send out phrases, where there are two Chat Wheel options that will say "Good Game" or "Good Game Well Played" in the All Chat.


If you have either of the two options in your Chat Wheel, all you need to do is use the Chat Wheel to say any of those options mentioned above. Once you have done so, a countdown will start before your throne explodes.

If you accidentally use the "Good Game" or "Good Game Well Played" Chat Wheel, don't worry, as you will have ten seconds to cancel the surrender countdown.


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Surrender in Lobby Matches

Unlike surrendering in public matches, lobby matches don't have to follow the criteria where you must wait until the 30-minute mark to surrender. And since the players in the lobby will be pre-determined, everyone in the lobby will be considered a "full party."

The following types of lobbies are considered as Lobby Matches:

  • Custom Lobby (Includes any game mode: 1v1 Mid, All Pick, etc.)
  • Battle Cups
  • Professional Matches

The way to surrender in Lobby Matches is precisely the same as offered in public matches: to type or Chat Wheel "GG" or "GGWP."

When to Surrender in Dota 2?

Before surrendering, it's essential to know the reasons for giving up and tapping out. If you call for surrender when the game still looks somewhat winnable, this can tilt your entire team and make them angry since you're trying to give up a winnable game. Again, it's important to remember that all five players must agree to the surrender, as anyone can cancel the countdown.

The first reason to surrender is that your teammates are feeding extra hard. If a teammate is feeding intentionally and ruining the match quality, it makes the game much harder and will definitely tilt your other teammates. Playing under the circumstances of an intentional feeder is almost a guaranteed loss, so it's reasonable to call for surrender as soon as possible.


The second tell to a lost game is the difference in kills, farms, and levels. When the game's score is 4 to 26 in favor of the enemy team, it's easy to tell that your team is behind in both experience and net worth. In a game where your enemies are much more farmed than your team is, it's a challenging situation to come back from, so it may be wise to call GG and avoid a uphill battle. However, if the deficit seems manageable and your hard carry still has some farm, it's OK to play for a few more minutes and try out one or two more team fights.

Is the Surrender Feature Good?

The surrender feature is present in many other competitive games and doesn't require the criteria that Dota 2 has set. It's finally nice to have a surrender feature in Dota 2, but the option is limited. This is because Valve has previously mentioned that they are proud of Dota 2's comeback mechanics and potential, so having a surrender feature defeats the entire purpose of it.

Surrendering can be bad for players because, in Dota 2, playing from behind is a crucial skill to learn. In the long run, it is also vital for Dota 2 players to have a strong mentality if they're looking to climb up the ranked leaderboards.

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