These 7 Popular Fortnite Skins Were Actually Fan-Made!

Did you know that skins like Joy or Frigid Forgoer were made by fans? Now you know! Check out the other best custom made skins that made it to the game!

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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These 7 Popular Fortnite Skins Were Actually Fan-Made!

You probably already know Epic Games takes inspiration from many different sources when producing new Fortnite skins. Epic Games has made popular skins from pop culture, like John Wick, and Star Wars skins. They’ve also made skins out of real world people in the icon series including Ariana Grande. However, what you may not know is some of their most popular skins in the Fortnite Item Shop are made by Fortnite fans. Let’s dive into some of the top Fortnite skins made by fans.

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Frigid Forgoer

Frigid Forgoer is among the most recent fan-made skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. This skin was released in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Frigid Forgoer was designed by Twitter user @AltaCalls for Concept Royale 2021.


The Frigid Forgoer skin features a blue cowboy skeleton wearing a duster jacket, and a wide brimmed cowboy hat. The icy blue accents across Frigid Forgoer bring this skin to life. Add Frigid Forgoer to your Fortnite Crew for 1200 V Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop.


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Etheria is a community made Fortnite skin by Twitter user @aestheticdemon_. Etheria was released in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.


This demonic black Fortnite skin was the 1000th skin ever to be added to Fortnite Battle Royale. Pick up Etheria from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1200 V Bucks.


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Guild is the male counterpart to Aura. Both characters were designed by Reddit user fantasyfull. Guild is available in the Item Shop for 800 V Bucks. Guild is another value fan made Fortnite skin clocking in at a lower price than the Fortnite Battle Pass.


Guild has a second outfit variation named Winter Hunter, which changes Guild’s outfit to all black, and adds gold chains. Guild and Aura make a fantastic skin combo for duos Fortnite Battle Royale players to snatch some dubs over all the opposing Ariana Grande skins.


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Aura is a beloved skin in Fortnite Battle Royale, and many Fortnite players have no idea Aura is made by a Fortnite fan. Aura’s character design was created by Reddit user fantasyfull, and Epic Games added Aura in the game during Fortnite Season 8.


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Fortnite players can bring Aura into a game of Battle Royale after purchasing her for 800 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop. With a price tag cheaper than the Battle Pass it’s tough to resist purchasing Aura. Bring Aura over to Blue Steel Bridge and eliminate your opposing Fortnite Players!


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Joy was released in Fortnite Season 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2. The Joy skin is a part of the Free Skate Set in the Fortnite Item Shop. Epic Games has priced the Joy skin at 1200 V Bucks for you to purchase.


The Joy skin was designed by Fortnite skin fan, and graphic designer Dahja Cat. A fun fact around Joy is she has the skin condition Vitiligo, which makes patches of skin lighter than Joy’s normal complexion. This skin condition is shared by Joy and Michael Jackson.


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Tender Defender

Tender Defender has the most wholesome story behind any fan made skin. The original concept art for Tender Defender comes from an 8 year old Fortnite player who originally named the skin Chicken Trooper.


The 8 year old boys father posted the concept to Reddit, and it immediately gained notoriety amongst the Fortnite community. After a little help from Reddit user Etsyturtle2 the original design was improved upon to be ready for Epic Games approval. You can now add Tender Defender to your Fortnite Crew for 1500 V Bucks.


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Nalia was alongside Frigid Forgoer as the champions of Concept Royale 2021. Nalia was entered in Concept Royale by Twitter user @Ibdart_. You can purchase this Fortnite skin made by a fan for 1200 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop.


You can also spend 1600 V Bucks and receive Nalia and Frigid Forgoer in a bundle. Nalia follows the same winter icy blue concept that Frigid Forgoer features. This pair of fan made skins makes a fantastic duo to run with your duos partner this Fortnite season.


Epic Games included these skins for you to show off your sense of style by picking a fan made skin over a basic Street Fighter, Ariana Grande, or Star Wars skin. If you are looking for a Fortnite skin that we didn’t mention here check out The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite. Also, if you’re experiencing trouble with your Fortnite Crew maybe we can help with fixing when your Fortnite Skins Keep Changing.

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