What Is The Current Fortnite Download Size? [Updated For All Platforms]

Normally, Fortnite's download size is around 25 GB for PC. However, how does it look now for all platforms?
What Is The Current Fortnite Download Size? [Updated For All Platforms]

Wondering if you have enough spare disk space to get your favorite game by Epic Games on your device? Don't wonder anymore! Whether you want to check how much space your Fortnite game is occupying or you want to know what kind of download you're getting into.

What is the Download Size of Fortnite?

The download size of Fortnite differs depending on your preferred platform. On Fortnite PC you can expect a download size of about 26 GB. Fortnite on PC has the largest download size of all the platforms Epic Games has allowed Fortnite to be downloaded on.

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Platform Size
Microsoft Windows 26 GB
PlayStation 4 18 GB
PlayStation 5 18 GB
Xbox One 19 GB
Xbox Series X 22.5 GB
Android 3 GB

On the flip side of the spectrum, Fortnite mobile has a download size between 1.5 GB and 3 GB. If you play Fortnite mobile by downloading Fortnite from the Google Play Store or Epic Games app you have the luxury of the smallest download size for Fortnite!

Console players can expect a file size between PC and mobile. The size of Fortnite ranges from 15 GB to 25 GB on consoles like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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How To Check Fortnite's File Size

If you're curious how large your Fortnite size is, you can easily check the size of your game in the Epic Games Launcher. Not sure how to check that? You've come to the right place!

Here is how to check Fortnite's file size on PC:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Press the Library button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Press the three dots next to Fortnite. Beside Uninstall you'll see Fortnite's file size.

Now that you know how much space Fortnite is occupying on your PC, and you know the approximate size Fortnite should be on PC, you can easily tell whether your game is in the correct range.

Epic Games Launcher Three Dots Button

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Is Fortnite a Large Game?

Fortnite is on the smaller size of games compared to other battle royale games.

Other games like PubG have a download size of 30 GB, which is slightly larger than Fortnite. Apex Legends is about twice the size of Fortnite and PubG pushing a 70 GB download size on PC. Call of Duty Warzone has a much larger file size of 175 GB on PC, and about 100 GB on consoles.

When compared to non battle royale games Fortnite is a large game. Other games in the shooter genre like Valorant have a file size smaller than 4 GB.

Why Is My Fortnite File Size So Large?

Your Fortnite download might be so large because with future patches your games size will bloat. As you can see in this image, our Fortnite Battle Royale game size has bloated from 26 GB to over 36 GB.

Fortnite uninstall button

Another reason for Fortnite taking additional storage is if you have other game modes like Fortnite Save the World mode.

How To Lower Your Fortnite File Size

The best way to get back to a shrunken file size is to perform a fresh installation of Fortnite Battle Royale. Thankfully, this is an easily done task in the Epic Games Launcher, and while it will take a little time, your hard work will pay off with a lower Fortnite size.

Here is how to do a fresh installation of Fortnite Battle Royale:

  1. Locate Fortnite in your game library. On PC this will be in the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Press the select button next to Fortnite. In the Epic Games Launcher this is indicated by three dots.
  3. Press Uninstall.
  4. Once Fortnite Battle Royale is uninstalled you can find it again in the Epic Games Store.
  5. Press Install on Fortnite Battle Royale to reinstall the game without any bloating.

Once your game is done with a new install you can use the method shown before in How To Check the Size of Your Fortnite File to ensure that your game file has shrunken.

Installing Fortnite on PC

Note that different Fortnite seasons have different gameplay features which contribute to the size of Fortnite. Therefore, depending on the current season of Fortnite your game size may stray from the general 26 GB rule. If you're curious about some of the past Fortnite seasons you should check out the Best Fortnite Season Of All Time.

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