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The Sweatiest Fortnite Pickaxes

Make sure your enemies know you mean business by equipping one of these sweaty Fortnite harvesting tools!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
The Sweatiest Fortnite Pickaxes

Epic Games has blessed the Fortnite Battle Royale player base with thousands of cosmetics. An underrated collection of cosmetics in game are pickaxes. Players gravitate towards skins like the Best Superhero Skins or Best Alien Skins instead of checking out the wide variety of awesome pickaxes! We're here to change that by listing the sweatiest pickaxes in Fortnite.

1 /10

Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe is one of the most sought after items among the Fortnite pickaxes in game. Displaying a blue glowing mosaic pattern it's not hard to see why this harvesting tool has gained such popularity.

If you like the blue color scheme of the Leviathan Axe you should check out some other Blue Pickaxes. Plus, you can pair your new pickaxe with a Blue Fortnite Skin.


2 /10

Driver Pickaxe

Four! That's what you'll yell as you take down your opponents builds with the golf club pickaxe in game. Driver is an OG pickaxe being released towards the end of Fortnite Chapter 1.

This skin features a golf club styled Fortnite pickaxe with a silver driver style head which has a deep blue accent. If you want to show you're a try hard you should grab Driver for 500 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop.


3 /10

Candy Cane

Another deliciously sweaty pickaxe in Fortnite is Candy Cane. This is a Christmas themed harvesting tool which is used by the sweatiest Fortnite players in game. If you're looking for a pairing you can always browse through some otherAwesome Christmas Skins.

You can snag this axe for 1500 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop, be sure to search around the Christmas season


4 /10

Harley Hitter

Another Epic Games top pickaxe is Harley Hitter, which is of course Harley Quinn's baseball bat. Since Harley Hitter is a DC themed skin, you should check out some otherDC Fortnite Skins to make cohesive skins outfits.

Harley Hitter shows a traditional wooden baseball bat with red and blue accents above the handle, and "GOODNIGHT" is written across the bat portion of the axe. You can grab this pickaxe for 800 V Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop.


5 /10

Star Wand

Epic Games loves to reach for the stars with their skins, and Star Wand is no exception. This pickaxe was released back in Season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 1, and is still available from time to time in the Fortnite Item Shop for 800 V Bucks.

The Fortnite community fell in love with the bright pink and blue hilt design, as well as the smiling star sat atop this wand of a harvesting tool. Since this is one of the best pickaxes in the Fortnite community, you'll draw more comments on this than when you equip the Rarest Fortnite Skins.


6 /10

Axe of Champions

Axe of Champions is hands down the top of the sweatiest Fortnite pickaxes. Since you can only obtain the Axe of Champions by becoming an FNCS champion, it's only reserved for the top sweats in the game.

While this pickaxe doesn't give you a competitive advantage, it will signal to opponents that you're a top tier Fortnite sweat. Equipping the Axe of Champions is the equivalent to equipping one of the Scariest Fortnite Skins.


7 /10

Fusion Scythe

Fusion Scythe is the first Battle Pass cosmetic that will make it onto our list of the sweatiest pickaxes. Fusion Scythe was unlocked at the 98th tier of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Battle Pass.

Unfortunately, Battle Pass cosmetics are unavailable in game after the season is up, so this grim reaper worthy axe is also one of the rarest pickaxes. For more rare pickaxes checkout the Rarest Fortnite Pickaxes.


8 /10


Send an electrical charge down you opponents spine with the ACDC Fortnite pickaxe. Combining a positive and negative charge on the top of this axe created a flare of blue lightning shimmering between the two points at the tip of this harvesting tool.

If that description didn't convince you to add ACDC to your collection of pickaxes we don't know what will!


9 /10

Pot O' Gold

If you're reading this around St. Patty's Day we urge you to check the Epic Games Store for the Pot O' Gold harvesting tool. This bad boy is only available with the other St. Patty's Day content around that time of year, which makes it a rare try hard pickaxe in the game.

Introduced way back in 2018 this OG axe is a must have for any Fortnite enthusiast! You can find this bad boy in the Item Shop for 1200 V Bucks every year around everyone's favorite Irish holiday. Oh! Don't forget to pair this with a matching skin, like the ones found in the Best Green Skins.


10 /10

Gold Crow

Gold Crow is a shimmering gold crow bar that you can use to pry apart your enemies builds in a match of Fortnite. This sleek minimalist design balances a shimmering gold with a bland hand wrap to make a great balance within the pickaxes' skin.

Gold Crow is the best to search some ammo boxes or search chests since you can easily pry them open. You can get Gold Crow as a part of the Double Agent Set which has a handful of different sweaty pickaxes to show off in Fortnite Battle Royale.


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