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Best Blue Fortnite Skins

Futuristic law enforcement & assassins are uncovered within the Best Blue Fortnite Skins.

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
Best Blue Fortnite Skins

That’s because Epic Games has constructed various outfits that’ll favor gamers who prefer Skin Sets with sky-coloured motifs. Fortunately, an analysis into which cosmetic products are ranked highest within this palette is provided below. 

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Alpine Ace

Discover frozen pathways & outpace your opponents by possessing the Alpine Ace Skin, an epic outfit released on February 4th, 2018. There’ll be an associated cost of 1500 V-Bucks to purchase this apparel. However, players are given the Ski Boot Harvesting Tool with their payment. As such, improved capabilities at eliminating downed enemies is provided.

Clothing meant for adventure sports is adorned by Alpine Ace. He’ll wear full-body attire that blankets himself from the cold. Moreover, protection is provided with the visored helmet worn by Alpine Ace. It’ll be noted that blue & white color spectrums are utilized throughout this Fortnite Skin Set. Therefore, you’ll feel an arctic sensation when harnessing the Alpine Ace Skin.


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Frost Broker

Financing the undead & turning them into your minions becomes possible when purchasing the Frost Legends Set in Fortnite’s Battle Pass. By procuring this bundled package, you’ll receive three Fortnite Skins & three Harvesting Tools for 2500 V-Bucks.

The Frost Broken Skin is preferred amongst consumers purchasing this set. Why? Because he’ll harvest the undead souls to improve his execution capabilities. Moreover, there’s a demonic yet frigid presence associated with Frost Broker. He’ll wear a four-piece suit coloured in various saturations of blue & adorn an unknown mask with glowing eyes. Therefore, opponents become timid when noticing the Frost Broker approaching.


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The Easter Bunny has returned to Fortnite & wants to stand victorious over his opponents. Epic Games introduced their latest variation of the Easter Bunny by launching the Dapper Rabbit Set for 1200 V-Bucks. Players that procure this bundled package received an updated interpretation of the Easter Bunny. Unlike previous versions, he wears neon blue clothing fashioned into a suit. This provides an elegant representation of the Easter Bunny. Therefore, Dutch quickly became an iconic Skin Set throughout Fortnite.

Epic Games released the Dapper Rabbit Set during Fortnite Chapter Two. It’d become officially available throughout the 6th Season, whereby gamers received the Candlehopera Harvesting Tool for their purchase. This enabled their execution capabilities to improve tenfold.


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Captain America

Save the earth from Thanos and Ultron by acquiring the Avengers Set in Fortnite for 2000 V-Bucks. In return, gamers are provided multiple characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That includes Captain America, Hero of the USA. He’ll wear the standard costume seen throughout his standalone films. That means blue, red, and white saturations are plastered across Captain America’s body armor to resemble the national flag.

The Avengers Set supplies players with the Quinjet Glider. As such, increased speeds are provided when traversing the map. It’s this combination that’s allowed Captain America to become considered the Best Blue Fortnite Skin, which isn’t surprising when considering few characters can match the persona of Steve Rogers. Moreover, players have ranked Captain America into the Best Red Fortnite Skins. This means buyers are provided with a versatile Skin Set that’s rarely equalled.


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Futuristic law enforcement is storming the Fortnite Battle Royale to capture evading criminals. It’s the gamer's job to position themselves as the Breakpoint Skin & apprehend their enemies by executing them throughout this virtual world. Therefore, individuals wanting this occupation can purchase the Waypoint Set for 1000 V-Bucks. However, there’ll be additional requirements to complete various challenges before purchasing Breakpoint is possible.

The Breakpoint Skin was released during the 1st Fortnite Chapter & provided gamers with futuristic apparel that mimics holograms from Star Wars. Consumers will notice that Breakpoint wears body armor, tactical pouches, tactical headgear, and tactical gloves. She’ll also maintain the Tac Bats Harvesting Tool to decimate enemies that’ve been downed. In response, participants feel invigorated when approaching enemies on the frontline.


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Blue Striker

Fortnite Skins aren’t bundled exclusively into the Item Store. In rare circumstances, Skin Sets are introduced within limited partnerships for Xbox or PlayStation. That’s where the Blue Striker Skin Set becomes relevant, as this cosmetic character was released to individuals owning a PlayStation Plus Account. Moreover, there isn’t an associated cost to procuring Blue Striker. He’ll be free of charge, permitting that gamers connect their PS Plus Subscription to their Epic Games Account.

Individuals completing this requirement are provided an African American character adorned in armor, combative pants, and tactical pouches. Moreover, Blue Striker is illustrated in gray clothing brightened with his blue & white jacket. You’ll also observe a futuristic visor providing Blue Striker with informative information regarding the battlefield.


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An inflatable robot reigning terror onto his enemies is supplied when purchasing the Hot Air Set for 1200 V-Bucks. For that payment, you’ll receive a rare outfit named the Bendie Skin in Fortnite’s Battle Royale. He’ll be reminiscent of an inflatable dummy that’s seen as birthday parties. However, Bendie is trained in combat & eliminates the opposition with swift intent. You’ll learn about his destructive talents when defeating enemies that’ve been downed by the Flimsie Flail Harvesting Tool.

The Bendie Skin is adorned in a rubberized material found within an inflatable pool. However, patchwork has been administered to Bendie. You’ll notice light blue & green rubberized tubing stitched into his body. In response, an abnormal costume is supplied to gamers purchasing the Bendie Skin.


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Astro Assassin

A futuristic cyborg has descended onto the battlefield & is preparing for destruction with the Astro Assassin Skin. This epic outfit launched to Fortnite’s Item Store during the 9th Season of Chapter One for 1500 V-Bucks. This compensation provides gamers with an advanced cyborg wearing armor reminiscent of Metroid Prime. Therefore, Astro Assassin is female & can utilize her physique to distract enemies.

The armor employed by Astro Assassin is designed with multiple shades of blue. Moreover, She’ll wear a blackened face shield that conceals her identity. The sole component lacking within Astro Assassin is the aversion of Harvesting Tools and Gliders. However, concerns are outweighed when noticing how styling this gun woman looks across the battlefield.


Identifying oneself with personalized costumes has become fundamental for Fortnite Players. It’s allowed them to showcase their pop-cultural preferences. For instance, characters like John Wick have entered the Fortnite Metaverse. This has enabled the popularity of Fortnite to expand tenfold in recent years. Therefore, Epic Games continually launches new Skin Sets to intrigue their user base. That includes the recent introduction of Bobba Fett from Star Wars. However, when advising which Blue Skin Sets are best, we’d recommend Captain America or Astro Assassin.

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