How to Get Gold as Fast as Possible in Fortnite

Wealth is power, and obtaining lots of Gold can give Fortnite players a significant game advantage. But what is the fastest way to get gold-bar rich?

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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How to Get Gold as Fast as Possible in Fortnite

Originally introduced in Fortnite season 5, gold is a unique in-game currency separate from both v-bucks and materials.

There are a few ways to earn gold bars fast in battle royale, and gold remains a useful tool for getting one-up on your enemies.

Unfortunately since their introduction in Fortnite season 5 gold can only be spent in battle royale and not in the Epic Games item store. They can, however, be used in a variety of ways in game, usually by talking to NPCs.

How Do I Earn Gold Bars Fast and Reliably?

There are generally four main ways to earn gold bars which will reliably stay the core way to collect and earn gold bars, no matter what Fortnite season you are in.

The Methods below are the fastest ways to get gold bars, with the most efficient method being to combine these ways to rapidly grind your way to wealth.

Eliminations: A Quick Way To Get Gold


Probably the riskiest way to earn gold bars as you risk your own life while doing so, dead players will always drop a small number of gold bars, typically around 8 bars in total.

While a small amount, this is a consistent way to get rich in any Fortnite season, and will reward players for being skillful and aggressive.

Maybe not the absolute fastest way to collect gold bars in Fortnite, it is arguably the most fun and something you can do playing battle royale without making it into a grind.

Bounty boards Give You Gold Bars For Easy Quests


Also added in Fortnite season 5, Bounty boards can be found all over the map and typically change every new season or Fortnite chapter. With around 30 or so boards placed around the map at any one time, Fortnite players are never far from an excellent gold earning opportunity.


These bounty boards are super simple to use, though not necessarily as simple to complete. All you need to do is find and open up a bounty board, and accept a bounty.

A random player name and their skin will then be placed on your screen, and the game will give you six minutes to complete your mission.

This player could be any location on the map from dirty docks to bony burbs's gas station, so you'll need to be fast to get the job done in time.


If you're playing in a squads match, you'll need to worry about other players and teammates as the entire team will know you're coming for the friend, and will also receive gold if they survive the six minutes.

Though difficult, the reward is high at 70 gold bars. If you're a killing machine with a high kd (read here to find out your Fortnite kd), this is one of the fastest ways to earn gold in Fortnite, with unlimited bounties so long as the previous one has ended.

Plus, in addition to the bounty you will earn the gold that other players drop anyway upon death.

Both an efficient way to earn gold and a great way to improve without making the game a grind, bounties are a great way to earn more gold whilst playing the game as you normally would.

Swing That Pickaxe! Objects Can Drop Gold Bars

Not all objects in Fortnite will give you gold, and the amount you receive may vary. The best objects to break are chests, sofas, beds, ATMs, and cash registers.


You can also usually find gold in safes, so make sure to search those whenever you find them!

Breaking these objects won't always give you gold bars, but looting safes and destroying sofa's is a sure-fire way to build up your gold. Plus, extra resources never hurt! Check our article here for the best Fortnite building materials.

Though not necessarily as fun, grinding this way will allow you to earn gold bars fast, building your supply rapidly. Combined with other methods shown, you should be able to get as much gold as you need, as quickly as you need.

What About Completing Quests?


Introduced to Fortnite by Epic Games in Fortnite season 5, NPCs can be found across the map, offering both useful upgrades and even a quest or two for you to complete. These quests are an awesome way to earn tonnes of gold, with completing just one quest earning between 80 to 200 gold!

What makes these quests great is their usual ease. Although these quests will change with both each individual NPC and with every new Fortnite season, your average quest will ask you to get a certain number of kills with different weapons, craft or fly something, and sometimes simply visit a location.



Along with NPCs, quests can also be found for equivalent gold and difficulty from Payphones across the map, originally added in Fortnite season 7.

Although harder to scale, these quests can serve as a quick cash injection to your overall supply, and are definitely worth collecting whenever possible.

Does Battle Lab Work?

Despite being pulled temporarily back in 2021, battle lab continues to go strong, and it does indeed seem possible to farm gold bars while in this game mode.

Of course, if you are in a battle lab game by yourself, the ability to earn gold from eliminations or bounties doesn't apply - you need enemies for that.

You can, however, still go around Fortnite collecting gold from breakable items such as sofas, chests, and ATMs.


This will also work for any quests that don't involve eliminations, and while some players have complained about not finding gold in this game mode, it seems like earning in battle labs is still possible.

We will warn you though, grinding gold by yourself with no enemies may not be the most fun you've ever had.

How Do I Spend Gold?

With all your newly-acquired currency, it's time to put it to good use. The best place to spend gold in Fortnite is with NPCs. With an NPC you will be able to unlock all sorts of advantages.

One of the best ones to purchase is the ability to see the next storm circle, allowing you to plan ahead and move before your enemies can.


But that's not the only thing - you can also upgrade your weapons, allowing you to purchase new exotic weapons to use on the battlefield. These exotic weapons such as the Marksman Six Shooter or Boom Sniper Rifle can change each season, but will definitely give you a massive advantage in your Fortnite match.

With the introduction of gold in season 5, players have been able to get lasting rewards that can translate to new games and even from season to season. Whether it's buying the best weapons in Fortnite or tactical information, this currency has truly boosted the Fortnite gaming experience.

For more guides on how to earn in-game currencies, we also have a guide on how to earn gold in Brawlhalla.

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