Fortnite Error Code 401: How to Fix It

Fix Error 401 Fortnite: Why you’re getting the Error Code and how to Fix It.Code
Fortnite Error Code 401: How to Fix It

Any game out there comes with problems related to bugs and errors. And Epic Games’ Fortnite isn’t anything different, meeting its players with errors on any type of device, be it their Windows PC, Xbox One, or even the Nintendo Switch.

One of these error codes is the Fortnite Error Code 401. So if you’ve encountered this error code, don’t worry because here you’ll learn why you’re getting it and how to fix Error Code 401 so you can start playing again with your favorite Marvel skins!

Fortnite Error Code 401 Fix

The Reasons behind Fortnite Error Code 401

This error occurs due to problems with a custom game. It can come with the error message “match.custom key not_supported.401”, or even “Custom matchmaking key is not supported”. The reasons behind this problem for this Fortnite matchmaking error for custom games can vary:

  • There’s an issue with your Fortnite game or device trying to access the custom game code, so you’re getting hit with Error Code 401
  • The match-making region doesn’t match with the players that are trying to join your custom game
  • Fortnite’s servers may be experiencing an issue causing Fortnite Error Code 401

Do note that to create a custom game and not hit a Fortnite matchmaking error for custom games, you must have an Epic Games creator code first. You can obtain this here but do remember there are rules for obtaining a creator code, the most notable one being you need to be a content creator and have at least +1000 subs/followers on social media. If you don’t, then you won’t even be able to create a custom game in Fortnite. But if you’re only trying to join a custom game instead of creating one, don’t worry the solutions below cover all problems and issues. 

Knowing why you’re getting the Fortnite matchmaking Error Code 401 is key because next, you’ll learn exactly how to fix it. From easy solutions with the most basic troubleshooting step to hard fixes, you'll get everything about the 401 error so you can play Fortnite again and start winning games!

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 401

Restart Fortnite and Device

The first solution you can try to fix Fortnite Error Code 401 is to restart the game and your device. Players have reported this basic troubleshooting step has helped them fix their Error Code 401, but it won’t work in all scenarios. This is just an easy fix to a resolute problem.

To fully restart your Fortnite, quit the game, right-click the Taskbar below and select Task Manager. Then select the Processes tab on the Task Manager above and locate any Fortnite apps. Once you find them, select them and click on End Task.

You can also search for any Epic Games apps, select them and click on End Task too. Then open the game again, try to set up a custom game, and see if it works. If it doesn’t, restart your device altogether then start the game from the Epic Games launcher.

Fortnite Game Restart Fix 401

If you successfully got access to a custom game or entered another Fortnite player’s custom game without the error code, then you should be good to set a custom game mode and play with the best SMGs. But if the error code persists, then your region may be the problem.

Change Matchmaking Region

The second solution you can try to fix the Fortnite 401 error code is to change the region to the game creator’s region. This solution is more suited for players trying to access a custom game instead of trying to create one. Here’s how you can change your region in-game:

  1. Open the Fortnite Game, click on your Profile Picture (menu icon) on the top left, click on the gear icon a bit lower on the left, and select Settings
  2. Go to the Gear icon (second option, one to the right) and change the Matchmaking Region to the creator of the custom game’s region
Fortnite Matchmaking Region Custom Game Error Code 401 Fix

After this, you should be able to access the custom game with the best anime skins. If you’re still getting the error code though, then the problem may not even be your fault.

Check Fortnite Server Status

The third solution you can try to resolve the Fortnite 401 error code is to check the game’s server status on their web server. Epic Games’ server may be experiencing a server-side issue or problem, causing players to be unable to create or join custom games in Fortnite.

You can check the Fortnite servers either on the official Fortnite Server Status Twitter or on the Epic Games status website.

Fortnite Server Status Fix Error Code 401

If the game server is down, all you can do is wait until the issue is resolved so you can start leveling up fast. But what if the servers aren’t down and this matchmaking error is your fault? Well, if you’re the one trying to host a custom Fortnite game, then the next solution may be of importance to you about this matchmaking error.

Check Epic Games Creator Code Eligibility

For some reason, Epic Games can remove your creator code altogether. But if you’re getting the 401 error code while trying to join another Fortnite player’s custom game, skip this solution.

Losing your code may be due to inactivity or breaking their rules regarding their Support-A-Creator program. So you’ll need to check your authentication and if you still have it. There are multiple ways you can do this:

  • Go to the Support-A-Creator website, click on the Sign In button on the top right, log in with your Epic Games username and password, then check your authentication credentials, then check if you still have your creator code
  • Open the Epic Games launcher, click on your profile on the top right, and select Account. This will open your web browser where you’ll be led to a new website. On the left find the Support-A-Creator option, select it and see if you still have your creator code

If you have your creator code, you should be able to start playing again with the best bows Fortnite has to offer, share your code and get a play button on YouTube! If you don’t, then either try to apply for the creator code again or contact Epic Games support (check below) and see if you can resolve the issue.

But if you have the creator code and are still being hit with the 401 error code, then the last thing you can do is to:

Contact Epic Games Support

The Epic Games support team exists to help every person with any error codes they may face in Fortnite. Especially when you’re running into a problem with custom games since the problem is kind of a trivial one. You can contact the Epic support team and get your answers here.

Tons of problems can appear for Fortnite causing trouble with many error codes. From authentication issues and a Fortnite matchmaking error to problems with the game itself, they’re inevitable. That’s why you should keep up with error code-related posts for solutions like Error Code 15 so you can play Fortnite safely!