How To Make Fortnite Update Faster

There’s nothing worse than a slow and long update process. Stick around to learn how to up your download speed and never deal with that again!
How To Make Fortnite Update Faster

Ever get hyped to hop into a game of Fortnite Battle Royale, but you end up dealing with slow download speeds that prohibit you from playing Fortnite for hours? We understand this is a frustrating experience, which is why we're here to help you with tips to stop a Fortnite slow download speed.


Use a Wired Connection To Get a Faster Download Speed

The first tip we have to up your Fortnite update speeds is to switch to a wired connection instead of wi fi. Wifi usually results in a slow connection, which will impact your Fortnite download speed.

The alternative to wifi is an ethernet cable, which almost always results in faster download speeds. Ethernet cables have a more direct connection to your internet, which results in a greater speed. Additionally, ethernet cables are less affected by other devices on your network. Meaning if you have multiple connected devices on your same wifi network, ethernet will still provide fast downloads.

The biggest benefit of swapping to a wired connection is that it's also extremely cost effective. An ethernet cable is a relatively cheap electronic device that delivers a massive improvement to your gaming experience, especially if you deal with a lot of other devices on your network.

The best benefit of switching off a wifi router is that you won't have a bad or slow connection in game either! Therefore, you will have a Better FPS and Win More Games.

Turn On Automatic Downloads

Epic Games has blessed the Fortnite player base with a decent automatic updates feature. When you turn on auto update files you won't have to wait for a slow download because your game will download passively without you noticing.

How To Turn On Automatic Update in Fortnite

Thankfully, turning on auto update Fortnite is easy.

Here is how to turn on automatic update for Fortnite:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher.

  2. Locate Fortnite Battle Royale in the Library Tab.

  3. Click the Three Dots for Fortnite in the Library.

  4. Select Manage.

  5. Toggle Auto Update to On.

Once you've gone through manually changing to auto update in the launcher your game will update automatically for future updates, meaning you won't have to suffer through enormous wait times any time soon!

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Close Background Apps

Oftentimes other games or applications are eating up your internet bandwidth, which will make Fortnite update slower. The best course of action is to close all your games so Fortnite can update faster.

The best way to go about closing you background apps is by opening Task Manager and ending all intensive programs.

After you've closed all these programs your Fortnite update will certainly have a faster download speed.


Pause Other Downloads

Other downloads on your device won't only cause slow download speeds, they'll completely pause your Fortnite update. Therefore, it doesn't matter how fast your internet speed is, if you have other downloads prioritized you will wait on a Fortnite update.

Make sure to check all your other games to make sure nothing is stopping Fortnite updating. The first place you should check is the Epic Games launcher, because it will most directly affect your Fortnite updating slowly.

The next place to pause downloads is in other gaming services like Steam or Riot Games.

Finally, you should make sure there are no other devices downloading anything on the same internet connection. Other devices downloading large files on one wifi router will result in a poor internet connection for everyone involved. Therefore, you should only perform one major download at once on the same wi fi network.


Change Your DNS Settings

We saved this tip for last, because digging through your network settings can get kind of tricky. Thankfully, we're sure you'll be able to change your system's DNS settings no problem!

How To Change Your DNS Settings

We know that digging through complex settings like DNS or Nvidia Settings is difficult. Luckily, we'll break this down into an easy step by step guide!

Here is how to easily change your DNS server manually:

  1. Go to Network Settings.

  2. Choose the Setup DNS Manually option.

  3. Input as the Primary DNS.

  4. Input as the Secondary DNS.

Inputting the above values will connect you to Google's public DNS, which will in turn increase your download speed!

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