These 8 Fortnite Skins Are So Hot!

Surprise your Enemies as Ariana Grande or Harley Quinn by adopting one of Fornite’s Hottest Skins for women.

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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These 8 Fortnite Skins Are So Hot!

Ariana Grande, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Fortnite Battle Royale, V-BucksImagine a Video Game that’d become so popular even women would interact with it? That’s what happened when Fortnite launched in 2017. It’d prove to become the most popular game amongst female communities since The Sims. This isn’t surprising when considering the abundance of cosmetic outfits & items incorporated into the Fortnite Item Store. For instance, entertainers within Hollywood are represented as decorative characters. There’ll also be franchises like Batman incorporated into Fortnite’s Hottest Skins. Luckily, explanations of the best cosmetic outfits available have been provided below. 

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Ariana Grande

Become the superstar for millions & an example for young women by acquiring the Ariana Grande Skin Set for 2000 V-Bucks. She’ll radiate across the Fortnite Battle Royale by wearing a sequined outfit intertwined with silver glitter. Moreover, adversaries recognize gamers wearing the Ariana Grande Skin from her flowing hair & rainbow-colored teacup pig.


Epic Games released the Ariana Grande Set on August 5th, 2021. This allowed gamers interacting with the 2nd Fortnite Chapter to purchase this cosmetic product. In return, the Sweetener Sailshard Glider and Seven-Rings Smasher Harvesting Tool are provided for added customization.


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Rally up the Livestock & Horses as Rustler from the Wild Frontier Set for 1200 V-Bucks. Anyone opposing the farming capabilities of Rustler will become destroyed by her Tear Gas, Shotgun Shells, Pistols, and Utility Axes. This means she’ll maintain superior means at defending herself than most female characters across Fortnite.


Launching during the 1st Season of Fortnite Chapter 2, Rustler is outfitted with Jean Shorts and Red Long-Sleeved Shirts. She’ll also wear a Cowboy Hat against her Blondish-Yellow Hair. As such, Rustler isn’t exclusively an appealing character for female gamers. It’s also considered one of Fortnite’s Best Yellow Skins.


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Robotic Humanoids have entered the Fortnite Battle Pass with Demi from the Scarlet Dragon Set. She’ll combat her opponents with technological capabilities beyond most characters in Fortnite. Moreover, Demi accomplishes this objective while wearing a Glimmering Red Dress and Shadow Stockings.


An attractiveness is constructed around the Demi Skin, providing an ominous sensation when witnessing her beautiful physique. That sensation is experienced because Demi is secretly seductive & not straightforward with her cosmetic approach. As such, female gaming communities have argued that Demi is Fortnite’s Hottest Skin. It’ll be noted that purchasing the Scarlet Dragon Set for 950 V-Bucks authorizes gamers to utilize the Scarlet Strike Glider and Scythe Harvesting Tool.


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Beach Jules

An Instagram Influencer named Beach Jules has traveled to Fortnite in hopes of becoming a formidable warrior. She’ll utilize sexual appeal & charm to distract enemies into their inevitable destruction. How is that possible? Beach Jules wears Purple Booty Shorts and Crop Tops while attending the beach. She’ll also have tattoos covering her curvaceous frame. Therefore, male gamers should struggle in overcoming Beach Jules as continuous distractions are placed onto those individuals.


Beach Jules launched alongside the Undercover Summer Set in Chapter 2, Season 7 of Fortnite. She’ll cost 1200 V-Bucks & come with the Aqua Lug Harvesting Tool.


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CIA Operative Doublecross has returned to the Fortnite Battle Royale. She’s preparing for upcoming matches & the inevitable destruction of enemy opponents. Unlike other cosmetic outfits throughout our list, Doublecross wears revealing clothing that diverts the male audience from paying attention. Her Sports Bra & Hawaiian Skirt could distract enemies, resulting in those individuals losing against Doublecross.


Launching during the 9th Season of Fortnite Chapter One, this cosmetic outfit is cherished amongst female gaming communities. These gamers are required to spend 1200 V-Bucks when purchasing Doublecross. In return, they’ll retain a cosmetic product that overwhelms male opponents from winning their upcoming matches.


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Harley Quinn

Take Revenge! The Joker has dumped Harley Quinn & she wants to control the Fortnite Map. That’s where Fortnite Gamers come into effect, as 1500 V-Bucks will allow participants to maintain ownership of Harley Quinn. She launched alongside the Gotham City Set in Chapter Two of Season One. However, Epic Games introduce the Suicide Squad iteration of this character. That meant sexual dynamics associated with Harley Quinn were increased.


Pink & Blue Booty Shorts are matched alongside Nylon Stockings. Miss Quinn also wears a Long-Sleeved Shirt that reads “Lil Monster Xoxo”. Moreover, two harvesting tools are rewarded to gamers buying this cosmetic outfit. You’ll acquire materials throughout Fortnite by employing the Punchline & Harley Hitter harvesting tools.


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Renegade Raider

An apocalyptic multiverse is transported into the Fortnite Universe, causing characters from different worlds to appear. That’d include the Renegade Raider, a thicc soldier. She’s wearing an outfit identical to franchises like Fallout or Rage. This causes her clothing to maintain darkened undertones, resulting in anonymous gameplay when competing throughout evening matches in Fortnite. Opponents will struggle in ascertaining your location. Therefore, tactical advantages are provided to gamers buying the Renegade Raider Skin.


Epic Games launched this cosmetic outfit alongside the Storm Scavenger Set during Season One of Fortnite. Participants procuring this bundled microtransaction were rewarded with the Rusty Rider and Junk Bucket Gliders. Moreover, two additional outfits became unlocked. But it’ll be noted that participants must acquire LVL20 in Fortnite before being authorized to acquire Renegade Raider.


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Catwoman Zero

Any superhero cat enthusiasts with some 1200 V-Bucks saved out there? This cosmetic outfit was released alongside the Batman: Zero Point Set, allowing gamers to experience Fortnite as Batman or Deathstroke. There’d be the additional inclusion of Catwoman, as Selena Kyle adorns an outfit consisting of Black Leather, Pantyhose Leggings, and Ripped Crop Tops.


There’ll be an evident component of seductiveness to the Catwoman Zero Skin. She’ll first have enemies mesmerized by her beauty & later cowering in fear to her blackened whip. They’re aware that death is imminent upon seeing Catwoman. This causes opponents to leave their positions as Catwoman plummets downwards on the Deathstroke Destroyer Glider.


Gaming communities & streamers have started to include an abundance of female players. The introduction of womanly presences throughout Fortnite Battle Royale has assisted in diversifying this Free-to-Play Game. For example, hundreds of cosmetic outfits are created exclusively for women as Fortnite Skin Sets. In response, customization is supported at the highest level for female gaming communities.

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