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The 5 Best Cat Skins in Fortnite

Catwoman in a latex suit or a muscular bodybuilder cat - we have it all. Here are the 5 best Cat skins that will suit every taste!
The 5 Best Cat Skins in Fortnite

Cat Fortnite skins have been a staple in the Fortnite Item Shop. Players have been bringing cat Fortnite skins into battle across every game platform, including the Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. Whether you prefer Fortnite Creative or Fortnite Battle Royale, anyone can enjoy equipping a cat Fortnite skin.


Catwoman Comic Book Outfit

If you’re a DC Comics lover you have to check out the Catwoman Comic Book Outfit. This thematic skin was released in the game during Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 10 as a member of the Gotham City Set, along with Batman, Harley Quinn, and many more Fortnite skins.

Catwoman Comic Book Outfit Fortnite Skin

Catwoman is wearing a jet black spandex suit from head to toe. At the top of her head are two little cat ears to add to her feline sexy attributes. As a little cherry on top this Catwoman outfit includes a skin variation that allows you to lift up Catwoman's goggles and see her full face. You can grab the Catwoman Comic Book Outfit from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1500 V Bucks.

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Lynx is a Legendary Battle Pass skin in Fortnite. She was included as the Tier 1 unlock for Fortnite Season 7’s Battle Pass. There were a handful of variations included in the Battle Pass for Lynx. The variations range from a female skin wearing normal clothes, and a hat with cat ears, all the way to a full cat-human hybrid.

Lynx Fortnite Skin

Lynx dressed in the cat human hybrid outfit is where Lynx really gains their value as a cat Fortnite skin. This outfit hybrid suit is available in 3 different colors, Red, Blue, and Black. Plus, this skin is thicc where you want it to be, which makes is a top tier pick to show your cat like agility while duking it out in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Next up, the little kitty variation of the Mewoscles skin, Kit. Kit was released in the next Fortnite Season after Meowscles. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. This skin made an appearance as a reward in the Fortnite Battle Pass, which means players were only able to obtain Kit by spending their Battle Stars during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

Kit Fortnite Skin

Kit is the pilot of a mech battle robot made out of an old blue motorcycle. If that doesn’t sound like it’ll instill fear into your opponents during Fortnite Battle Royale games you need to look at the second cosmetic option. The Action Kit cosmetic variation changes the color scheme of Kit to look more menacing. This menacing presence is achieved through making Kit’s hair black, and making the motorcycle color red.

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Agent Meowscles

The Epic Agent Meowscles skin was released in Fortnite Battle Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2’s Battle Pass. This Battle Pass skin was a reward unlocked at level 60. Agent Meowscles name will make more sense when you realize their name is a combination of meow and muscles. Now just take a look at how jacked Agent Meowscles is and you’ll understand the name.

Agent Meowscles Fortnite Skin

Knowing how women love cute animals and muscles, Agent Meowscles is easily one of the hottest male skins ever released in Fortnite. It comes in four different variations, all of which were unlocked through the Fortnite Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. 

The four variations are Default, Golden Agent, Shadow, and Ghost which is the variation pictured in this article. If you unlocked Agent Meowscles with your Battle Stars from the Battle Pass be sure to equip him and get after those dubs.

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Joy was released in Fortnite Season 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2. The Joy skin is a part of the Free Skate Set in the Fortnite Item Shop. Epic Games has priced the Joy skin at 1200 V Bucks for you to purchase. At first glance you may wonder why Joy is a part of this cat Fortnite skins list. To understand why we need to look at the history of Joy in this game.

The Joy skin was designed by Fortnite skin fan, and graphic designer Dahja Cat. The creators name being Dahja Cat makes Joy an honorary Fortnite cat skin despite their lack of feline characteristics. A fun fact around Joy is she has the skin condition Vitiligo, which makes patches of skin lighter than Joy’s normal complexion. This skin condition is shared by Joy and Michael Jackson.

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With so many cat outfits to pick from in Fortnite Battle Royale, I hope we were able to narrow down your shopping choices. If you didn’t find a skin you want to add to your Fortnite crew check out Best Couple Fortnite Skins. Still looking? Try The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite.

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