Skins Not Loading in Fortnite [Fix For All Platforms]

To fix Fortnite skins not loading, console players should adjust their graphic settings and FPS, while PC users need to verify game files via Epic Games.

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Skins Not Loading in Fortnite [Fix For All Platforms]

Remember the invisibility glitch? Well, with a new Fortnite chapter comes new problems. It’s been confirmed that Fortnite skins aren’t loading correctly for a large percentage of the community this Fortnite season. As such, these players have appeared as default skins in their multiplayer lobbies. 

But don’t worry because I’ve located multiple solutions that should assist players in recovering their Fortnite skins. Although, with the scariest Fortnite skins running about, maybe it’s a feature more than a bug.

How to Fix Fortnite Skins Not Loading on Console

If you’re a console player, I have the solution for you! The Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 have interchangeable graphic settings that can be managed for recovery purposes. Players won’t recover their skins & eliminate the texture glitches unless they’ve changed the graphic settings on their respective consoles.

To change your graphics settings, follow these guidelines:

  1. Enter the Fortnite Game Settings.
  2. Select the Fullscreen Mode & Choose the Frame Limit Tab.
  3. Change the Frames-per-Second from Unlimited to 60-120 FPS.
  4. Select the Graphic Quality Settings & Change the View Distance to Near.
  5. Turn Off the Shadows and Auto-Aliasing Features.

Textures are based around the console’s hardware. Therefore, next-generation consoles can run Fortnite at 120FPS with 4K Graphics.

However, that visual quality is lowered for the last generation of consoles, which operated the Fortnite Battle Royale at 30FPS.

To ensure you’re acquiring the highest textures possible, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose an Epic, High, Medium, or Low Textures Setting.
  2. Maximize the Effects and Post Processing Settings.
  3. Turn On V-Sync and Motion Blur for Multithreaded Rendering.

Some players could find themselves needing to lower their texture settings to resolve the Fortnite Skins Not Loading Glitch. In that case, you’ll want Medium to Low texture settings that have been reduced via the effects & post-processing features. Afterwards, ensure that Motion Blur and V-Sync have been disabled.

Fortnite Frame Limit Settings on Console to Fix Skins Not Loading

Fortnite Motion Blur Settings on Console to fix Skins Not Loading

And psst, I also have the Best Controller Aim Settings if you’re looking to play around with your settings even more.

How to Fix Fortnite Skins Not Loading on PC

Unfortunately, Texture Glitches could be prompted by numerous issues within a PC, and they can leave you hanging on a loading screen. You’ll need to complete multiple assessments to ensure this problem is resolved. 

As such, PC users must download the Epic Games Launcher, which gives access to the Epic Games Store.

How Epic Games Launcher Looks Like

After you’ve downloaded this program, completing the following steps is required.

  1. Enter your PC as an Administrator.
  2. Load the Epic Games Launcher.
  3. Select Library from the left side menu.
  4. Click the three dots beside Fortnite.
  5. Choose Verify from the list of options.

Texture glitches could become prompted whenever Fortnite players don’t regularly check their game files.

And that's basically it! You should now see your rarest Fortnite skins, so make sure to also use the best Fortnite color settings so you can experience the best out of them!

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