The Best Fortnite Controller Aim Settings To Give You An Edge!

You'll have to poke around with advanced options to pull the most potential out of your Controller Aim Settings in Fortnite. Let us help you with that!

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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The Best Fortnite Controller Aim Settings To Give You An Edge!

If you’re one of the Epic Games Fortnite Players who would prefer to rip Battle Royale on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation 5 you may find yourself struggling against mouse and keyboard players. Controller players don’t have the luxury of too many input options to count like mouse and keyboard players. Rather, Fortnite controller players are restricted to just a handful of buttonsand inputs on their controller.

Use Advanced Options Fortnite Controller Settings

Before we get into the actual Fortnite settings we’re going to mess around with, we need to gain access to them. Open up your Fortnite settings menu and turn use advanced options on.


Turning on advanced options opens up the rest of the Fortnite controller settings for us to tinker with. You must turn on advanced options to follow along through the remainder of this articles builder pro settings.

Advanced Look Sensitivity Fortnite Controller Settings

The first set of options we’re going to mess around with is the block of advanced look sensitivity options. Here is our chart with the best look sensitivity Fortnite controller settings to become a builder pro:

Look Sensitivity Fortnite SettingsOur Preferred Look Sens Settings
Look Horizontal Speed
Look Vertical Speed
Turning Horizontal Boost
Turning Vertical Boost
Turning Boost Ramp Time
0 Seconds
Instant Boost When Building

You should keep a high sensitivity for your basic look sensitivity. The reason for keeping a high sensitivity here is because with the advanced settings we are able to have a more accurate sensitivity when aiming down sights. By isolating the aim down sights sensitivity we can keep a high look sensitivity, which is beneficial for builder pros. For some builder pro tips in Fortnite check out Best Structures To Build in Fortnite.

Advanced Aim Down Sights Best Fortnite Controller Settings

When it comes to your aim down sights sensitivity, we’re going to dial way back. While a high sensitivity is best in Fortnite Battle Royale, you don’t want a high sensitivity when aiming down sights. Aiming down sights is all about micro adjustments that are only possible with a low sensitivity. Here is our recommended aim down sights settings:

Advanced ADS Fortnite Settings
Our ADS Sens Settings
ADS Look Horizontal Speed
ADS Look Vertical Speed
ADS Turning Horizontal Boost
ADS Turning Vertical Boost
ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time
0 Seconds

We marked our ADS sensitivity to about a third of our look sensitivity. Like we mentioned before, a low sensitivity is best for aiming down sights. Remember, our settings may not be perfect for you, everyone’s different. Try hopping into one of the Best Aim Maps in Fortnite Creative to tweak your aim down sights sensitivity to a place where you are comfortable. As a bonus you’ll receive XP towards your Battle Pass while testing out your settings in Fortnite Creative!

Best Building and Editing Multipliers Fortnite Setting

When it comes to building and editing sensitivity multipliers we have two tips for you. First have a multiplier above 1x for both building and editing multipliers, and also have your building and editing multipliers equal. Building and editing in Fortnite require quicker turns than combat does, so it’s best to keep your multiplier above one. Additionally, you want a consistent feel for both building and editing, so keep your multipliers equal.


A decent starting point is 1.6x, but feel free to change it around from there. Pro players tend to keep a higher than 2x multiplier, but that can be difficult to control for newer players. For more builder pro tips you can check out the Best Building Materials in Fortnite.

Setting Your Controller Deadzone Fortnite

The next step to finding your best settings in Fortnite Battle Royale is finding your controller stick dead zones. Every controller is different in terms of how much a controller deadzone is required. You’ll have to hop into one of the Best Practice Courses in Fortnite Creative to play around with your own controller dead zones in an active mode in Fortnite Creative.


While you’ll have to find your own preferred dead zones, we can give you a starting point. Try to keep your controller dead zone between 5 and 10 percent. Over 10 percent and you’ll lose too much functionality, under 5 percent you’ll be risking misclicks.

Look Dampening Time Fortnite Setting

Look dampening time is a sens setting that will take some experimentation to get right. Look dampening time is the amount of time it takes for the turning speed to reach your sens percentage. The purpose of the dampening time is for making micro adjustments while aiming.


A solid place to start is at 0.20 seconds, then you can hop into one of the Best Aim Maps Fortnite to adjust further. It’s important to note that a look dampening time of 0 is totally acceptable. Pro players specifically like the consistency of a 0 second look dampening time. However, you should keep in mind that micro adjustments may be more difficult with a 0 second look dampening time.

Look Input Curve Fortnite Setting

The look input curve Fortnite setting is similar to the look dampening setting, they are both meant for micro adjustment. Just like the look dampening settings pro players tend to prefer the consistency of linear settings. However, linear settings can be tough for less experienced players to make micro adjustments.


Therefore, we recommend you try out an exponential look input curve to start with. If you feel like you’re struggling with the exponential settings, you can feel free to swap to the pro preferred linear look input curve at any time this Fortnite Season!

Aim Assist Strength Fortnite Setting

Aim assist is the number one advantage that brings Fortnite players from mouse to controller. Aim assist is exactly what it sounds like. Aim assist helps players to lock their reticle onto opposing players. Controller players should take full advantage of aim assist and set their aim assist strength to 100 percent.


With the recommendation of full aim assist given, there is an argument for 0 percent aim assist. Aim assist is seen as a crutch for controller players, specifically by mouse and keyboard players. Therefore, there is no better way to flex on your foes than to eliminate them using a controller with no aim assist. If you’re looking to show off, 0 percent aim assist is a baller setting to throw on as a controller player.

Fortnite has loads of different commands to map on a controller, which makes it far more complex to find the right controls compared to games like Elden Ring. Regardless of what Fortnite Chapter you’re playing, it’s worth it to find the best controller settings for your Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, because they will lead you to many Victory Royales. Looking to be led to even more Victory Royale’s? Check out the Best Ways To Win Fortnite!

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