Best Ways To Win Fortnite

Struggling to achieve your next Fortnite Victory Royale? Don’t worry! We have you covered with the best ways to win Fortnite.

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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Best Ways To Win Fortnite

Epic Games allows 100 players in every Fortnite Battle Royale lobby. Whether your video game console of choice is Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or PC, that's an enormous amount of competition to win a Fortnite match. Lucky for you, we have the Fortnite tips you need to propel yourself towards your next Fortnite Victory Royale!

Practice Your Skills in Fortnite Creative

We know practice makes perfect, which is why we recommend you spend some time leveling up your Fortnite skills. There are game modes in Fortnite Creative that are designed to make you a better Fortnite Battle Royale player. Other players in the Fortnite community have spent hours designing these maps, and give them to you to use free of charge!


We recommend you check out game modes like box fight practice, aim courses, or zone wars. Each of these Fortnite Creative game modes work on different skills that are essential to snag dubs in Fortnite Battle Royale. For a comprehensive list of the best Fortnite Creative game modes check out Best Aim Maps To Improve Your Fortnite Skills.

Choose the Right Landing Spot

Your path to a Fortnite Victory Royale starts on the Battle Bus. You need to pick the best landing spot to ensure you’re going to snag a dub from your opponents. We recommend finding a landing spot that’s towards the end of the Battle Bus line, and a decent distance to the side of the line.


The closer your landing spot is to the start of the Battle Bus line, the higher traffic the drop will be. We prefer steering clear of overly popular drops, because dying early over and over again can get frustrating. POIs towards the end of the Battle Bus line will usually have two to three other players, which is reasonable. If you want to avoid players even further, drop at an off POI location.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Settings

There are some hidden gems in the Fortnite settings tab that will help you snag a Victory Royale. For example, visualize sound effects is a popular setting amongst Fortnite players. Visualize sound effect shows a visual representation of every noise happening in Fortnite Battle Royale, including foot steps, shooting, gliders, and wildlife.


Visualize sound effects is a strong enough Fortnite setting that some Fortnite pro players use visual audio in tournaments like the Fortnite World Cup. Speaking of Fortnite World Cup players, if you want to check out the keybinds pro players use check out the Best Keybinds Fortnite and methods to battle out packet loss issues to optimize your settings even further.

Go For Challenges

It’s a bit of a meme in the Fortnite community that whenever a player goes for challenges they accidentally get a Fortnite Victory Crown. Well, maybe there’s some reasoning behind getting all these top place finishes from challenge hunting. Along with getting precious XP to go through the Fortnite Battle Pass, challenge hunting keeps you out of the action.


While other Fortnite players are battling it out at Tilted Towers, you’re off to the side trying to feed Klomberries to Klombo, finding the best way to spend gold bars, or ripping around the map trying to hit 5 POI’s in one Fortnite match. Staying out of the action means you’ll find yourself reaching top 10, or even top 5 without even seeing another player.

Picking the Right Inventory

If you have an F-tier inventory you’re never going to squeeze out a Fortnite Victory Royale. Don’t even know where to start constructing your Fortnite inventory? Since Fortnite items cycle depending on the current Fortnite Chapter and Fortnite Season we can only give you a rough inventory guide. Use this table to see our recommended Fortnite inventory setup:

You can use this table as a rough guide to constructing your inventory. However, don’t be afraid to deviate slightly and find what works for you. For example, an inventory we’ve been having fun with replacing the Assault Rifle or SMG slot with a more fun weapon, like a sniper rifle or grenade launcher. Then we have two free slots for movement and healing! If you want to check out the best weapons to carry in Fortnite you can read through Best AR Weapons in Fortnite, Best SMG Weapons in Fortnite, or Best Shotguns Weapons in Fortnite

Avoid Risky Conflict

If you’re an aggressive player, you’ll understand what we're getting at here. There are risky conflicts in Fortnite Battle Royale that are best avoided, but aggressive players will engage anyway. Most of the time aggressive Fortnite players will find themselves eliminated in these situations. A risky fight situation you may run into is a fight at the edge of the storm.


No one wins in a storm battle. Even if you come out on top, you’ll struggle to get back to the circle and fully healed before another combat ensues. Aggressive players also like to be the third, fourth, or even fifth player in a fight. As fun as massive build battles are, if you’re going for a Fortnite Victory Crown, you’ll want to stick to one enemy. Avoid these risky conflicts, and you’ll find yourself hitting higher Fortnite Battle Royale placements consistently.

Look Out For Third Parties

Getting third partied is the most frustrating experience in Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Pub G. Unfortunately, third parties can run rampant in Fortnite. This is especially true in solos, because you don’t have a team to watch your back. Luckily, we have a couple tips to deal with third parties. Always prioritize healing and reviving immediately after winning a fight.


You never know when a third party will hop in, so it’s best to be prepared. Additionally, carry some movement items like a Launch Pad or Spider Man Web Spinners for a quick get away.

Don’t Be Afraid To Build

If you’re new to Fortnite Battle Royale, the building mechanic can be intimidating. However, it is a core part of the game, and will help you snag some Fortnite Battle Royale victories. We know learning the basics of building is tough in game, which is why we recommend hopping into Fortnite Creative.


Hop into your private Fortnite Creative Island, and get used to the building controls in Fortnite. The most essential skills to learn are hot to box up quickly, and methods to gain height over your opponents. If you learn to box quickly and ramp on your foes, you’ll be leagues ahead of other new Fortnite players. If you want to learn some nitty gritty on the different Fortnite building materials check out Best Building Materials in Fortnite.

Keep Your Distance

Keeping your distance will help bring you into the top placements in Fortnite Battle Royale. To be clear, we aren’t recommending you camp in a bush till last, because that’s boring. Rather we recommend you set your inventory with long range weapons, and box up trying to get long range picks. Here is our top long range inventory template:

By swapping out the SMG for a sniper rifle weapon, and trying to stick with a long range AR you’re setting yourself up for success.


Other Fortnite players won’t be equipped to deal with the amount of long range damage output you’ll be equipped with. Plus, using your free slot for healing means even when they manage to deal some damage you can quickly heal up. Then you can quickly get back to harassing your opponent from long range. Also, don’t forget cone peeking!


Cone peeking is when you manipulate the edit mechanic to be able to see opponents when they can’t see you. If you place a cone above you, and select it for editing the cone becomes see-through. The see-through cone allows you to see an enemy before they see you. Then you can edit out of your cone and drop a snipe on them before they even know you’re there. Cone peeking is an awesome tool for getting eliminations at long ranges. If you want some long range fighting inspiration, check out The Worlds Longest Sniper Shot in Fortnite.

Learn When To Push

I know this seems counterintuitive with keeping your distance being the previous tip. However, there are times in Fortnite Battle Royale where being aggressive is the best option. If you think you have the advantage in a fight, always push your enemy. There are two key indicators for deciding who has an advantage in a fight.


The first is health, the second is building materials. If you crack an enemy, and you’re at full health, be aggressive. You’ll have a massive health advantage that allows you to play aggressively. The second time you should push is if your enemy is out of building materials. When it seems your enemy is out of materials, take high-ground and keep high-ground, while playing aggressively. The added pressure will be sure to get you an elim, bringing you one step closer to a Peely Party Victory Royale!

With all those Fortnite tips under your belt, it’ll be a challenge not to get a Victory Royale in Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale. Regardless of Fortnite Chapters and Fortnite Seasons these Fortnite tips are sure to up your game! If you want an awesome Fortnite skin to use to get your Fortnite dub, check out The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite. You’re going to want an awesome accessory like CS GOs Ursus Knife too, so check out The Rarest Fortnite Pickaxes.

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