Rarest Fortnite Skins

Make sure you snag one of these 9 rarest Fortnite skins to make sure you really flex on your foes.

Updated on Aug 29, 2023
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Rarest Fortnite Skins

There’s nothing more satisfying than eliminating an enemy player, and being able to show off your rare skin at the same time! This is especially true when your opponent is using a Sweaty Tryhard Fortnite Skin.

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Galaxy is one of the more rare skins on the roster simply down to the means of acquiring this skin. To get Galaxy you had to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S4 tablet to unlock this amazingly designed skin, meaning that it most likely won't ever come back to Fortnite. The purchase of a device puts Galaxy in the Most Expensive Fortnite Skins list.


Galaxy features a guy who is completely decked out with an intergalactic design showcasing a wealth of stars nestled amongst the cosmos. It’s easily one of the rarest skins in the game so be sure to wear it as a badge of honor.


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Double Helix

If this was a list of the most expensive skins in Fortnite, Double Helix would be right at the top of the pile. To get your hands on the Double Helix skin, you’ll have had to buy a Nintendo Switch with the Double Helix bundle which is no longer available in normal retailers.


It’s a rare skin because of the expense you have to have incurred just to own it and for that reason, you should stop and emote salute anyone who passes you by wearing this classy skin.


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If you're looking for a skin that could easily double up as a villain in the Batman or James Bond franchises, then look no further than Wildcard. This one is a man dressed in a slick gray suit with a painted white face and a red diamond painted over his eye. Wildcard was only available during the season five high stakes event making this one of the rarer items on the roster.


Being from an early season event arguably makes Wildcard more rare than early Battle Pass skins like Renegade Raider or Black Knight. If you prefer to keep your identity secret like Wildcard, you can find more masked skins in the Best Masked Skins.


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Now we have a skin perfect for any would-be marksman out there. Of course, it’s the iconic John Wick inspired skin, Reaper. This one includes a smart suit, John Wick’s long hairstyle and it really does a fantastic job of representing the physical likeness of Keanu Reeves perfectly.


Reaper is another early Fortnite Battle Pass skin. To unlock Reaper players had to reach level 100 in the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass! With such a high level to unlock, and still being from a relatively early season, Reaper definitely deserves a spot on this list.


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Black Widow

Black Widow is the second of two skins that have been out of the Fortnite Item Shop rotation for over 1000 days. At the time of writing only Black Widow and Special Forces have been excluded from the Fortnite Item Shop for over 1000 days.


The running theory for the exclusion of Black Widow is that because Epic Games released a newer Black Widow skin based more on Scarlett Johannsens Black Widow, this older version will be permanently vaulted. For more Marvel goodness check out the Best Superhero Skins.


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Special Forces

At the time of writing this, Special Forces has the longest dry spell from the Fortnite Item Shop. Special Forces has not been available for purchase for over 1100 days! Being excluded fo over 3 years means not many players got their hands on this Fortnite skin.


Additionally, Special Forces didn’t catch the attention of Fortnite platers eyes. The bland design made players favor more interesting skins on the market. For more skins that the community didn’t fall in love with check out The Most Hated Fortnite Skins.


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Renegade Raider

And now something OG – the Renegade Raider skin. This one is a variant of the basic skin and sees the player adorn some war paint and a couple of other fun details such as a pilot's hat and some leather accents.


Renegade Raider is not the most amazing skin, especially with what is available now but because it is so old and never went on sale after season one, it’s very unlikely that you’ll see Renegade Raider on your travels.


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Honor Guard

What? Another skin that was sold exclusively with a really expensive third party product? You bet! This time it’s a Samsung product that you would have to buy in order to get this stylish blue skin.


Honor Guard is a skin that showcases a stylish biker suit, blue helmet and other small details but when compared to the other exclusive skins, it's a bit dull. If you really like this one you can still get your hands on it today but it will cost you a pretty penny. Check out the Best Blue Fortnite Skins for more affordable alternatives.


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Black Knight

Now we have the Black Knight skin. This one features a mysterious looking figure dressed in a dark attire and wearing a shield with a coat of arms emblazoned on the front. If you like the knight look check out the Best Fortnite Knight Skins!


Black Knight is perhaps not the most detailed or luxurious of the tier 70 battle pass rewards. Black Knight gets their rarity from being a high tiered Fortnite Battle Pass skin from an early season when Fortnite had a smaller player base. We have it, and one day, we came across that bug where it appeared like it was deleted... easy heart attack, thanks Epic Games.


There is nothing better than getting the victory in a battle royale but imagine doing it in a super rare skin. Not only would your opponents be jealous of your ability. They would also be jealous of your awesome rare gear. Moreover, some of the old skins from this listing are easier to get than you may think!

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