The Most Hated Skins in Fortnite

Ever wondered which skins in Fortnite are the most hated? You’d be surprised. Characters like Dynamo and Travis Scott have become despised. 
The Most Hated Skins in Fortnite

Success hasn’t constantly been guaranteed for Epic Games. They’ve experienced unforeseen circumstances that caused recently released skins to fail. For instance, Anime Skins became ranked amongst the Most Hated Skins in Fortnite. Nobody enjoyed the illustrations or designs of these characters. 

The hatred towards these Anime Skins wasn’t a one-time situation for Fortnite’s community. Multiple cosmetics have become positioned alongside this list. As such, we’re committed to informing inexperienced players into which skins are disliked & which are loved. You’ll want to read the selection before, as in-game criticism can be avoided. 


Anime Skins

Players were disgusted by Yuki, Megumi, and Chigusa Skins. They’d become unveiled during the 6th Fortnite Season & were immediately disliked. Why might you ask? Cell-shading graphics were developed into these characters. It made them appear fake within the Fortnite Battle Royale.


Additionally, these characters became favored amongst sweaty players that wanted to appear as professionals. They’d purposely attack in noobish manners, thinking it’d be enough to distract enemies & leave them confused. In turn, these characters became ranked amongst the Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite.

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Travis Scott

There isn’t another character more disliked & hated in Fortnite than Travis Scott. He’d previously been ranked amongst Fortnite’s Best Skin Sets, but that changed after Astroworld saw nine individuals lose their lives & multiple others become injured. This prompted a substantial controversy throughout the entertainment community, as thousands rallied for lawsuits against Travis Scott. In turn, players began demanding that their permission remove Travis Scott. The Fortnite Battle Royale obliged this demand.

Travis Scott was introduced during the pandemic. He hosted an in-game concert that became famous within the gaming community. Thousands of players clamored to purchase Travis Scott’s unlockable character for 1500 V-Bucks. However, Travis Scott isn’t available for purchase after the Astroworld Controversy.

Players that acquired the Travis Scott Skin & didn’t request its immediate removal after the controversy now maintain one of Fortnite’s Rarest Skins. But those gamers are heavily criticized for using Travis Scott. Therefore, you’ll hardly notice anyone using this character in 2022.

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Dynamo & Masked Fury

Visually speaking, these characters are exciting & honor Mexican Culture. However, tryhard players exploited this Dynamo and Masked Fury on multiple occasions. This caused casual gamers to consider these characters amongst the Sweatiest Skins in Fortnite. As such, you’ll become criticized whenever dawning these in-game costumes.


Unlike the other characters we’ve mentioned, Dynamo & Masked Fury are exploited by thousands of casual games throughout the world. The hate towards these characters hasn’t stopped players from Mexico. They’ve still spent 1200 V-Bucks on acquiring Dynamo & Masked Fury. Some players have even paid 1600 V-Bucks to procure the Piledriver Harvesting Tool and Libre Glider. But understand that criticism could be involved with purchasing the Lucha Skin Set.

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The Surf Witch

Compared to other playable characters that Epic Games has launched into the Fortnite Battle Royale, Surf Witch isn’t that horrible. She’d become amongst the Most Hated Skins in Fortnite after gamers noticed the similarities between the Surf Witch and Haze. Both Skins are identical in design, aesthetic, and theme.

The Surf Witch

Charging gamers 1200 V-Bucks for the Surf Witch was deplorable of Epic Games. Most players that purchased this unlockable character felt they’d been ripped off & deserved their money back. However, those finances weren’t ever returned to players. This caused the Surf Witch to become the 3rd Fortnite Season’s most disliked character.

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The Boundless Skin

Could you imagine having a playable character that’s customizable in Fortnite? That’s what Epic Games intended with the Boundless Set. This bundled package introduced Backlash to consumers. However, customization options were abused & competitors started using an All-Black or All-White Design for Backlash. This made his avatar drastically harder to see within online matches.


The advantages players acquired within the Boundless Set became disruptive towards the Battle Royale Matches. As such, Epic Games were forced into removing this Fortnite Skin. Still, professional players remember how destructive this cosmetic character was & how they’d hated every moment fighting troll-like players using the Backlash Skin.

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Female Soccer Skins

There isn’t another series of characters more pointless & insignificant to Fortnite than the Female Soccer Skins. They’d become disliked amongst the community for their plain designs. However, that hatred would increase when competitive gamers utilized characters like Clinical Crosser or Finesse Finisher.

Finesse Finisher

These characters would become positioned alongside the Sweatiest & Most Hated Skins in Fortnite. There’d also be counterpart characters like Dynamic Dribbler and Poised Playmaker that became equally as hated. We’d recommend inexperienced players avoid these Female Soccer Skins. Otherwise, they could be ridiculed by the gaming community.



Clown Skins

Imagine feeling terrorized by playable characters in Fortnite? That’s what was obtained with the Nite-Nite & Peekaboo Skins that launched for 1500 V-Bucks during the 1st Fortnite Chapter. There was an immediate reaction of disbelief amongst the community. Nobody would have imagined that Epic Games would launch something so horrific.


This cosmetic character became an unfavorable option for most players. There’d be feelings of unease upon exploiting the Peekaboo & Nite-Nite Skins. However, the Balloon Axe Harvesting Tool is connected to these characters. That secondary weapon is comedic & available for trade with other players.

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As previously mentioned, we’d inform you of which cosmetic characters you’d love. There are hundreds of unlockable characters that are respected & applauded by the community. You aren’t limited to acquiring one of the Most Hated Skins. You can also interact with the Best Cowboy & Cowgirl Skins in Fortnite. Characters like Rustler and Rio Grande should impress our female readers.