The Top 6 Fortnite Skins for Anime Fans

Featuring iconic characters like Sasuke Uchiha and Yuki, these Fortnite skins are sure to elevate your gameplay. Don't miss out on them!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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The Top 6 Fortnite Skins for Anime Fans

Five years have passed since launching, and cosmetic products have become the backbone of Fortnite Seasons. There’s numerous franchises & pop-cultural references seen throughout these Skin Sets, including Naruto Shippuden. With that considered, explanations of the recreated characters in Fortnite from Japanese Animation are provided below to readers. 

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Hack your enemies & become feared amongst thousands as Yuki from R.E.M Wakers Skin Set. This character launched during the 6th Season of Fortnite Chapter Two. Unlike other Anime Skins, Yuki is proprietarily developed by Epic Games. She’ll cost 2200 V-Bucks and come with two Harvesting Tools, including the Rebel Authority Katanas.


As noticed, Yuki adorns a White Buttoned-Up Hoodie and Orange Headphones. She’ll give an essence of innocence, but as opponents will learn, this female hacker isn’t vulnerable to attacks & capable of defending herself beyond expectations.


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Sakura Haruno

Become trained by the Legendary Sannin & learn healing capabilities previously known to exclusively Lady Tsunade as Sakura Haruno. You’ll decimate the battlefield with unfounded strength by purchasing Sakura for 1500 V-Bucks. Moreover, gamers are provided with the Shinobi Gear Bundle upon acquiring this cosmetic product. That means you’ll be capable of utilizing Katanas and Kunai as Harvesting Tools across Fortnite. In response, Sakura Haruno has become an Anime Legend throughout this video game.


Gamers purchasing Sakura Haruno are provided with her iconic attire from Naruto Shippuden. That’ll mean a Light Pink Skirt & Dark Pink Tactical Vest are combined amidst her Black Leggings. Therefore, opponents familiar with Sakura Haruno become fearful as you’ll near their position on the battlefield. It’s made female communities favor Sakura since this character launched during Fortnite Chapter Two, Season 8.


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Sasuke Uchiha

Avenge the Uchiha Family & Kill the Immoral Orochimaru as Sasuke Uchiha in Fortnite. You’ll combat anyone standing in your path with the Mangekyou Sharingan & Rinnegan, prompting unknown terrors onto individuals that’d dare strike you down. Individuals purchasing this Epic Fortnite Outfit for 1600 V-Bucks are provided with the classic attire known to Sasuke during Naruto Shippuden. That means his Navy-Gray Robing’s with the Uchiha Crest are adorned. Moreover, the Snake Sword is worn as Sasuke’s Harvesting Tool.


Sasuke Uchiha was introduced into this Battle Royale during the 8th Season of Fortnite Chapter Two. He’d become immediately popular amongst supporters of Japanese Animation. Moreover, Sasuke is favored amongst professional gamers showcasing their talents. It allowed his character to become one of the Best Fortnite Sweaty Skins for dedicated games.


Kakashi Hatake

Avenge the Death of Obito Uchiha & become gifted with the Sharingan by becoming Kakashi Hatake. You’ll need to maintain 1500 V-Bucks to purchase Kakashi from the Fortnite Battle Pass. In return, gamers are provided with the teenage variation of Kakashi Hatake. He’ll wear clothing consisting of Black Combative Pants & a Gray Flak Jacket. Moreover, the Sharingan is continuously displayed to opponents. That’ll send your enemies into unexpected genjutsu that result in victories within the recent Fortnite Chapter.


Kakashi Hatake launched alongside Naruto Uzumaki during the 8th Season of Chapter Two in Fortnite. When consumers adorn this cosmetic item, they’ll additionally maintain Pakkun as Back Bling & the Black Ops Katana for Kakashi’s Harvesting Tool.


Naruto Uzumaki

Control the Nine-Tailed Fox and Defeat the Akatsuki by becoming Naruto Uzumaki in Fortnite. Often considered the most popular character in Anime, consumers can purchase Naruto Uzumaki for 1500 V-Bucks. You’ll acquire the classic attire known to Naruto, including his Orange & Black Jumpsuit.


Launching during the 2nd Chapter of Season Eight in Fortnite, Naruto Uzumaki dominates the Fortnite Map with his Kurama Glider and Kunai Harvesting Tool. You’ll become the ultimate ninja & progress towards the ranking of Hokage by dawning this cosmetic product in combat.



An unanticipated advantage has been awarded to female communities across Fortnite. They’ve been provided with the opportunity to purchase the Lexa Skin under the Y-Labs Set for 950 V-Bucks. What’s advantageous about this cosmetic item is that Lexa appears childlike with innocent qualities. Nobody would anticipate her deathly capabilities at making enemies disappear from the battlefield. Therefore, Lexa has proven favorable amongst the female community.


Launched during the 15th Season of Fortnite, players must reach LVL73 before being authorized to purchase Lexa. It’ll be noted that gamers acquire the Hyperboard Glider & Null Claws Harvesting Tool when purchasing the Y-Labs Set.


Japanese Animation has dominated the international environment with impressive illustrations & dramatic storylines. Gamers familiar with Japanese Anime are likely supporters of Naruto Shippuden. Therefore, acquiring any character from Team Seven feels exciting. Now we’ll continue to hope that Epic Games introduces Fortnite Skins based on Boruto, the sequel series to Naruto.


Former Security Guard turned Social Media Influencer has entered the Fortnite Battle Royale. Named Megumi, she’ll overcome her opponents with charm & beauty. It’s an unexpected approach that’s become favored by female gamers. Therefore, Megumi is purchased regularly for 2200 V-Bucks. Individuals acquiring this cosmetic attire are additionally provided with two Harvesting Tools. That’ll include the SL1C3 Blades.


Megumi is adorned with combative clothing, including a Navy Crop Top and Lavender Pants. She’ll have multiple gadgets connected to her person & that’ll aid gamers as they approach opponents on the battlefield. For instance, Smoke Grenades are loaded onto Megumi. But it’ll be her smartphone that dominates Megumi’s persona. She cannot traverse the Fortnite Map without having her Android for Selfies.


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