7 Best Parkour Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

Everyone loves spending some time in Fortnite Creative, but rooting through all the best islands is tough. Thankfully, we’ve found the Best Parkour Maps!

Updated on Jan 20, 2024
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7 Best Parkour Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

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Mo's Grapple - 7390-6759-2095

This parkour map stands out because it requires you to move exclusively using a grappler

It's a popular choice due to the inventive challenge Mo has integrated into this island code.

Mo's Grapple Fortnite Creative Parkour

For those who enjoy the thrill of swinging around like Tarzan with a grappler gun, Mo's Grapple is an exciting map to explore.

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Wonky Kong Quest - 0303-1634-6640

Bringing us back to the classic Donkey Kong platformer, Wonky Kong Quest is a super cool addition to Fortnite Creative. 

This game blends the fun of Donkey Kong with the excitement of parkour courses. If you're a fan of both, Wonky Kong Quest is sure to be a hit.

Wonky Kong Quest Parkour

To get into the game's vibe, it's a good idea to pick up one of the best Peely Banana skins. This will match the ape-like style of Wonky Kong Quest, and help you parkour with style.

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Survivor - 2632-7039-2130

Another one of our favorite Fortnite parkour map codes is Survivor. This map takes the familiar Epic Games Battle Royale style and creatively adapts it into a parkour setting. 

Similar to the well-known last-man-standing format in Epic Games, Survivor is a last-man-standing parkour map.

Survivor Fornite Creative Parkour

The gameplay involves a series of parkour challenges, where in each game, one player is eliminated. The excitement continues until only one player remains — the winner! This concept mirrors the Epic Games style, making Survivor a standout parkour course.

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Escape the Ancient Ruins - 2105-4880-7093

Do you miss the classic days of mobile games like Temple Run? Now, you can relive that ancient ruins theme in Fortnite Creative with this exciting parkour map code!

Escape the Ancient Ruins Fortnite Creative Parkour

A good deal of parkour map codes focus on incorporating bright colors for a flashy look. That's great when you're sporting an awesome Yellow Fortnite skin or Red Fortnite skin

However, if you're in the mood for a more rustic aesthetic, this map offers just that with its ancient ruins theme. It's a refreshing change that brings a bit of nostalgia and a unique flavor to your parkour experience in Fortnite.

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Rainbow Dropper - 1756-3016-0196

If you're looking for a unique twist on parkour maps in Fortnite, Rainbow Dropper is a fantastic choice. This course is vertically designed, offering a refreshing change of pace compared to the typical level-to-level hopping and obstacle courses. 

Instead of the usual running and jumping, you'll find yourself navigating a series of vertical challenges, involving both falling and climbing.

Rainbow Dropper  Fortnite Creative Parkour

What really sets Rainbow Dropper apart is the opportunity to play with friends; up to 16 of them, in fact.

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Cissorz Fun Run - 0066-4697-7029

Cizzorz is well-known as one of the best Fortnite players, but did you know they also created one of the best parkour maps in Fortnite? This course is not just fun but also offers a good challenge.

Cissorz Fun Run Fortnite Creative Parkour

An interesting aspect of Cizzorz's course is the history of rewarding top performers. 

Moreover, in the past, Cizzorz has given prizes for high scores! So, if you're lucky and skilled enough, you might just earn yourself some Free skins or Free V-Bucks.

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Faze Kaz Trickshot Parkour Course - 7331-4279-1658

The Faze Kaz code introduces another exciting parkour course to explore.

While it includes the usual parkour challenges found in other maps on this list, it adds a unique twist with a trickshot element.

Faze Kaz Trickshot Parkour Course Fortnite Creative

As you navigate from ledge to ledge, you're challenged to hit some impressive trickshots to advance in the course. 

Does that sound like a fun thing? If so, check out this skill-testing parkour map by visiting the island with the code 7331-4279-1658.

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