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Best Parkour Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

Everyone loves spending some time in Fortnite Creative, but rooting through all the best islands is tough. Thankfully, we’ve found the Best Parkour Maps!

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Best Parkour Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

Everyone loves to play a good classic platformer game like Mario, Sonics, or Mega Man. Well, nowadays with Fortnite Creative you can scratch your itch to experience a platformer game in Fortnite Battle Royale! Fortnite Creative game modes have allowed players to Practice on Aim Maps and play unique games like Death Run. However, you can't play Fortnite Creative without remembering to check out these Fortnite parkour map codes!

Best Fortnite Parkour Map Codes

When you do a simple search for creative parkour maps you'll find hundreds and hundreds of different parkour mode creative map codes. So how are you supposed to know which are best? That's where we come in! We've compiled a definitive list of the best creative parkour maps in Fortnite.

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Mo's Grapple - 7390-6759-2095

Here's a map code with a unique twist. Mo's Grapple parkour map is a parkour course that only allows you to move using a grappler! This one is a favorite of ours because of the unique twist Mo has brought into this island code.

Grappling in Fortnite

If swinging around like Tarzan with a grappler gun sounds appealing to you, you can check out this creative mode map with the map code 7390-6759-2095!

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Wonky Kong Quest - 0303-1634-6640

Bringing us back to the classic Donkey Kong platformer is Wonky Kong Quest! Wonky Kong Quest is a Donkey Kong themed parkour course in Fortnite Creative. Therefore, if you liked Donkey Kong back in the day, and you like some of the other parkour courses here, we're sure you'll enjoy Wonky Kong Quest.

Wonky Kong Quest Fortnite

You'll want to make sure you dress the part though! You should probably pick up one of the Best Peely Banana Skins to match the ape like aesthetic of Wonky Kong Quest.

If you're hoping to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Donkey Kong you'll want to use map code 0303-1634-6640 to hop into the Wonky Kong Quest Fortnite parkour creative mode course.

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Survivor - 2632-7039-2130

Another one of our favorite Fortnite parkour map codes is Survivor. This one takes the Epic Games Battle Royale style and transitions it into parkour. Just like Epic Games has made a last man standing video game, Survivor is a last man standing parkour map code.

Survivor Fortnite Map

There is a series of parkour challenges in this code, and every game one player is eliminated, then the last person standing is the winner! Sounds like the most Epic Games like parkour course doesn't it?

If you're hoping to be the last person standing you can hop into Survivor with the map code 2632-7039-2130.

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Escape the Ancient Ruins - 2105-4880-7093

Feeling nostalgic about the old days of phone games like Temple Run? Well, you can enjoy the same ancient ruins aesthetic in Fortnite Creative with this parkour map code!

Escape the Ancient Ruins

A lot of the parkour map codes we've looked at tried to pump in as many bright colors as possible to come up with a flashy course. This can be fun if you're running through with an awesome Yellow Fortnite Skins or Red Fortnite Skin, but sometimes you're looking for more rustic aesthetic, which this code delivers.

Sound like your style? Check this map out with the map code 2105-4880-7093.

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Rainbow Dropper - 1756-3016-0196

Rainbow Dropper is a vertically designed parkour course, which is a refreshing change of pace for parkour maps in Fortnite. Instead of hopping from level to level and running through obstacle courses you'll be falling and climbing up and down a serious of vertical challenges!

Rainbow Dropper Fortnite

Our favorite part of this battle royale parkour map code is that you can play with friends. If you want to experience this epic vertical parkour map with other players you can play with up to 16 friends!

So grab your Fortnite friends and fall down this rainbow course with the code 1756-3016-0196.

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Cissorz Fun Run - 0066-4697-7029

You may recognize Cissorz as one of the Best Fortnite Players, but did you know they also have one of the best parkour maps? Now you do! Cissorz course is a good time as well as being a challenging course.

Cissorz Fun Run

If you want to access this course you can use the code 0066-4697-7029 to hop into it. Also, you should keep in mind that Cissorz has previously given prizes to top place scores in the past, so if you have a lucky run you might find yourself with Free Skins or Free V Bucks!

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Faze Kaz Trickshot Parkour Course - 7331-4279-1658

The Faze Kaz code is another unique parkour course to discover. The course has the same parkour challenge that all the other maps on this list have, but there is a unique trickhsot element to the course too!

Faze Kaz Map

As you jump from ledge to ledge you'll have to hit some crazy trickshots to continue making progress. Sound like fun? Check out this island with the island code 7331-4279-1658.

If you like to see some impressive shots in Fortnite, you should check out the Longest Sniper Shots in Fortnite History and the Best Sniper Rifles. If you've enjoyed this compilation of the best parkour maps there might something you're interested in along the escape room or escape maze creative codes, in which case you should navigate towards another article on out website, Best Creative Codes.

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