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How To Delete Parental Controls On Fortnite

If you’re ready to step away from parental restrictions on Fortnite, we can help out by teaching you how to delete parental controls on Fortnite!
How To Delete Parental Controls On Fortnite

There are plenty of reasons to disable Fortnite parental controls. Whether your child has grown old enough to enjoy Fortnite without restricted access, or you've inherited an account with parental controls, you've come to the right place. Stick around to learn how to delete parental controls on Fortnite.

How To Delete Fortnite Parental Controls

If you're ready to accept friend requests without a pin code, or you want to get back to voice chat, disabling parental controls will work for you! Speaking of the voice chat, check out How To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working or Best Sound Settings for some related Fortnite settings tips.

Here is how to delete parental controls on Fortnite:

  1. Open Fortnite and click the three lines in the top left corner, then select the System Settings Menu in the bottom left corner (shown as a gear with three lines in the corner).
  2. Select Parental Controls from the list of options in the left side tab to open the Parental Controls Menu.
Parental Controls Button
  1. Enter your Parental Controls Password and press Confirm.
  2. Select Disable from the bottom right corner.

As long as you followed the steps properly, parental controls will be disables, and you'll have access to unrestricted Fortnite!

Disable Parental Controls

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How To Disable Parental Controls Without Parental Controls Pin

If you've forgotten your pin for parental controls on Fortnite no worries! There is still a method to disable parental controls on Fortnite without your parental control pin.

Here is how to disable parental controls on Fortnite without your parental controls pin:

  1. Go to Epic Games website and sign in to your account.
  2. Enter your Account Settings menu on Epic Games website and select Parental Controls from the left side options.
  3. Select the blue Forgot Your Pin link.
  1. Go to your email and open the email from Epic Games, then press the blue Reset Parental Controls Pin button.
  2. Enter a new six digit pin and press confirm to enable your new parental control password.

Now you'll have a new parental controls pin, which you can use to follow the instructions in the first section of this article to disable parental controls on Fortnite.

Enter a New Pin

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Fortnite Parental Controls Settings

Before you go enabling or disabling parental controls on Fortnite, you may want to know more about each of the different parental controls section settings. In this next section we'll go through each parental controls settings menu items.

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Parental Controls Setting - Can See Mature Language

At the top of the parental controls list is Can See Mature Language. Can See Mature Language will stop players from seeing profanity that is sent in text chat in Fortnite Battle Royale parties, and Fortnite Save the World.

Can See Mature Language

Check out Why Does Everybody Hate Fortnite for more on parents thoughts on Fortnite.

Parental Controls Setting - Non-Squad Members Can See Your Name

The next parental control setting in the parental controls on Fortnite settings is whether or not non-squad members can see your name. When Non-Squad Members Can See Your Name is switched off your Fortnite name will appear as Anonymous to playersoutside your Fortnite squad.

Hidden Fortnite Name

If you want to hide your name, but you don't want to turn on parental controls, no worries! All you have to do is follow the steps in How To Hide Fortnite Name.

Parental Controls Settings - Can See Non-Squad Members Names

The next parental control is Can See Non-Squad Members Names, which is essentially the opposite of Non-Squad Members Can See Your Name. When Can See Non Squad Member Names is turned on all opposing players will appear as anonymous.

This parental control setting is to shield against offensive names that slip through Epic Games' language filter.

Parental Controls Settings - Require Pin To Add Epic Friends

In the middle of the parental controls list is Require Pin To Add Epic Friends. When Require Pin To Add Epic Friends is turned on you will have to enter your six digit parental control password in order to send or receive friend requests.

Fortnite Friend Requests

Epic Games added this option to stop young players from adding friends on Fortnite that don't have pure intentions.

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Parental Controls Settings - Voice Chat

Another parental controls option is Voice Chat. The Voice Chat parental controls option is a toggle switch for in game voice chat. If the Voice Chat parental control is set to On voice chat will be enabled, and if it's set to Off, voice chat will be disabled.

If you don't want your child to be speaking with strangers through voice chat this is the option to turn off.

Parental Controls Settings - Weekly Playtime Reports

Coming up towards the end of the list is the option to enable a Weekly Playtime Report. Weekly Playtime Report delivers parents statistics around their child's gaming habits on a scheduled weekly basis.

Fortnite Weekly Playtime Report

The Fortnite Weekly Playtime reports breakdown the time played based on gaming platform, like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Fortnite Mobile. Additionally, a Weekly Playtime Report also shows the amount of total time played across all platforms.

If you want to monitor your child's playtime then turning this setting on will allow you complete access to their gaming habit analytics. Also, if you're just interested in your playtime habits, this is a fun setting to enable.

If you're interested in more Fortnite stats check out How To Check KD in Fortnite.

Parental Controls Settings - Text Chat

The final setting in our list of parental controls is Text Chat. The Text Chat setting toggles text chat in game from on to off, depending on how you select.

Text chat is rarely used in Fortnite Battle Royale, so this is a less essential option than voice chat in our opinion. However some parents still prefer to toggle text chat to off, despite its seldom use in Battle Royale.

Now that you're an expert on disabling parental controls, I'm sure there are some other settings you would like to learn about. Are you a console player? If you are you should check out the Best Controller Aim Settings in Fortnite. If you're a mouse and keyboard player instead, we still have you covered. Check out the Best Fortnite Key Binds to optimize your PC controls!

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