Waiting in Queue Error in Fortnite [How to Fix It]

If you're facing the waiting in queue error in Fortnite, it's likely due to full servers or maintenance, with no direct fix available.

Updated on Feb 21, 2024
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Waiting in Queue Error in Fortnite [How to Fix It]

Why You're Getting the Waiting in Queue Error Fortnite

There are a few reasons why you may be encountering the waiting in queue error when trying to load into a Fortnite match, and it’s usually not anything to do with things on the player's side.

One reason you’re getting the waiting in queue error is because the match you’re trying to load into is full. You will also get this error if the servers are down for maintenance. These are most likely the two reasons why you'd be experiencing this error.

On the off chance that it is something from your side causing the error, it’s more than likely due to slow internet or a problem with the internet connection itself.

Can the Waiting in Queue Error Be Fixed?

Waiting in queue Fortnite

The waiting in queue error isn’t a real error, so unfortunately, there is no way to fix it. The only case when you can fix it is where it's caused by Fortnite Error Code 85, but this is a rare case, and usually this issue is unfixable.

All you can really do is wait for the queue countdown to finish and allow you into the Fortnite match. Other than that, you could also choose another time to play when it’s not peak playing hours, like later in morning or late in the day; these seem to be the times when we'd see fewer players.

If the issue has more to do with your internet connection, you’ll need to make sure to gain a secure connection before trying to enter another match. You can check if the issue is coming from your end by checking the server status or changing server location in Fortnite.

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