5 Proven Methods To Fix Fortnite Error Code 15

Fortnite Error Code 15 is caused by problems with Epic Games servers, and you can fix it by checking Fortnite server status, verifying game files, and more!

Updated on Oct 26, 2023
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5 Proven Methods To Fix Fortnite Error Code 15

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Check Fortnite Server Status

Most of the time, the issue with error code 15 in Fortnite won't be on your side, and there may be a server issue occurring on Epic Games' end. That said, my first go-to solution is to check the Epic Games server status, which can do by checking Epic Games status website or the official Fortnite server status on Twitter.

Check Fortnite Server Status

If the Epic Games server is having issues, all you can do is wait. Using a VPN could get you banned, and instead of playing around with your sweatiest Fortnite skins, you will be busy asking Epic Games to unban your Fortnite account.

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Update Network Adapters

Another thing you can do to fix error code 15 in Fortnite is to update the drivers of your network adapters, which manage the Internet connection on your computer.

  1. Open "Device Manager" from the search bar
  2. Click the arrow next to "Network adapters"
  3. Right-click on the correct adapter (WiFi/Ethernet).
  4. Select "Update driver"
  5. Click "Search for driver software on your computer"

Update Network Adapters Fortnite Error Code 15

However, what if your drivers are already up-to-date and the game fails yet again? Then, we have something a bit more drastic, that you most likely won't have to do, but if these two methods fail, then go for it.

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Verify Fortnite Game Files

This next solution will help you to fix Error Code 15 by making a check on the Fortnite game files that the game client encountered and got issues with it. The Fortnite Launch error code may be due to problems with corrupted game files which the game client encountered, so what you can do is verify them. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and click on Library on the left
  2. Locate the Fortnite game
  3. Click on the three dots right beside it and select Verify

Verify Fortnite Game Files

Verifying game files can resolve code 15 errors not only by repairing corrupted files, but also by reinstalling missing components that may be necessary for Fortnite to function properly. This comprehensive diagnostic serves as a repair tool that can resolve a variety of startup and performance issues, so keep it in mind for all other games that you play.

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Clear Epic Games Launcher Web Cache Data

The Epic games launcher sometimes knows how to misbehave and collect cache data that can slow down processes. And this can cause Fortnite Error code 15, or issues such as your Fortnite skins not loading. That said, to fix this Fortnite error code, you can try to clear that unneeded cache data. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Press the Windows+R key. This will open a little dialogue window
  2. Type "%localappdata%" and press Enter
  3. Search for the Epic Games Launcher folder and open it
  4. Open the Saved folder and delete the "webcache" folder 

By deleting the "webcache" folder, you effectively reset certain settings and data states in the launcher, which then can lead to a more stable performance, and that's what we all want for Fortnite. Well, sometimes such methods can help more than the best FPS settings, really.

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Reinstall Fortnite

The final solution you can do to fix Fortnite Error Code 15 is to reinstall the game. We know that this may not be the most appealing way of solving this issue, especially since Fortnite's download size is pretty big, so it can take a bit longer. However, this will sort out your game files just great and you'll even get rid of the possibility of another Fortnite error code. Here's how to reinstall Fortnite:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and select the Library on the left
  2. Locate Fortnite, click on the three dots beside it and select Uninstall
  3. Go through the necessary steps, and once the uninstallation is finished, restart your device
  4. Once your device is up, open the Epic Games launcher and download Fortnite

Reinstall Fortnite

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