Fortnite Error Code 15: How to Fix It

Fix Error Code 15 Fortnite: Why you’re getting the Error Code and how to Fix It.
Fortnite Error Code 15: How to Fix It

Every game contains some kind of bugs and errors. And Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royale isn't anything different, meeting a lot of its players with error codes.

One of these error codes is the Fortnite Error Code 15. So if you've encountered this error code, don't worry because here you'll learn why you're getting it and how to fix Error Code 15 to start easily winning!

Fortnite Error Code 15 Fix

The Reasons behind Fortnite Error Code 15

Fortnite Error Code 15 is also known as the LS-0015 from the list of error codes. This error code appears with the error message "Launch Failed, Unable to contact waiting room server". Some people connect it with an Easy Anti Cheat error, but that's not the case. The actual cause of Fortnite Error Code 15 with its error message is a problem with the Epic Games server.

Other reasons for this Fortnite error code may include problems with the game files or Internet connection issues. Now knowing why you're getting Fortnite Error Code 15, we'll get to see a few solutions there are to fix Error Code 15 and shoot with the best SMGs!

How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 15

Restart Fortnite and Device

The first solution you can try to fix this Fortnite launch error is to restart your game and the device you're playing Fortnite on, be it a PC, XBOX One, or Nintendo Switch. That'll give the game a fresh new start which may fix Fortnite Error Code 15 and make the game work properly so you can start leveling up fast!

Fortnite Error Code 15 Restart Game Fix

To restart only the Fortnite game fully, simply open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, select the Processes tab above, and find Fortnite and the Epic Games launcher. Select them and click on End Task below. You can either try opening the game now, or restart your device and then open the game.

Restart Router or Modem

The second solution that has worked for many users is restarting the router. You can also restart your device alongside your router too. This helps in a way that it clears off unneeded data that has been collected through your PC and your Router, causing a bad Internet connection alongside Fortnite error code 15.

To restart your router, simply unplug it from the power cord, wait for 1-5 minutes, then plug it back in. Wait a moment until your router is fully booted up and in control, then try to open the game through the Epic games launcher.

Fortnite Restart Router Fix Error Code 15

This should fix Error Code 15 so you can play with the best bows and prevent you from hitting other error codes. But if the error code still persists, don't worry there are still other solutions left you can try out.

Check Fortnite Server Status

You want to fix Error Code 15, but what if the issue isn't a problem on your side, to begin with? There may be a server issue occurring on Epic Games' side, so the next solution is to check the Epic Games server status. You can do so either on their Epic Games status website or the official Fortnite server status on Twitter.

Fortnite Check Server Status Fix Error Code 15

If the Epic Games server is having issues, all you can do is wait. But if there aren't any server issues, then you should continue with the following solutions to fix Error Code 15.

Update Network Adapters

The next solution to fix Fortnite error code 15 is to update your Network Adapters. Some Fortnite players have reported this has helped them fix Error Code 15. The Network Adapters are responsible for your PC to process Internet connection properly, and it isn't as hard as it sounds. Here's how you can update your network adapters step-by-step on your PC:

  1. In the Search Bar below, search for Device Manager and select the first option
  2. Locate the Network adapters option and click on the little arrow on the left
  3. This will expand with a lot of options. Depending on what you're using, you'll have to update a different network adapter. The main options are on top, so if you're using WiFi, update the driver that says something along the lines of WiFi or Wireless. If you're using a cable, update the driver that says something along the lines of Ethernet
  4. Right-click the right option from what you're receiving on your Internet and select Update
  5. Select "Search automatically for updated driver software" and go through the necessary steps
Fortnite Update Network Adapters Fix Error Code 15

After you've gone through the update, you should have gotten rid of this Fortnite error code and you should be good to open the Fortnite game client to start playing with the most popular skins. But what if your drivers are already up-to-date and the game fails yet again? Then this Fortnite error code runs much deeper in the game and you'll have to take more drastic measures to fix Error Code 15.

Verify Fortnite Game Files

This next solution will help you to fix Error Code 15 by making a check on the Fortnite game files that the game client encountered and got issues with it. The Fortnite Launch error code may be due to problems with corrupted game files which the game client encountered, so what you can do is verify them. Here's how you can do this:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and click on Library on the left
  2. Locate the Fortnite game
  3. Click on the three dots right beside it and select Verify
Fortnite Verify Game Files Fix Error Code 15

Go through the necessary steps, wait a bit and that should've verified your game files and fixed this Fortnite error code so you can start enjoying the best anime skins. But if you didn't fix error code 15 with this solution, there's only a bit of them left you can try out.

Clear Epic Games Launcher Web Cache Data

The Epic games launcher sometimes knows how to misbehave and collect cache data that can slow down processes. And this can cause Fortnite Error code 15. So to fix this Fortnite error code, you can try to clear that unneeded cache data. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Press the Windows+R key. This will open a little dialogue window
  2. Type "%localappdata%" and press Enter
  3. Search for the Epic Games Launcher folder and open it
  4. Open the Saved folder and delete the "webcache" folder

You should be able to grind with the rarest pickaxes after this. But if this didn't work either, then the last solution you can try to fix this Fortnite error code is to:

Reinstall the Fortnite game

The final solution you can do to fix Fortnite Error Code 15 is to reinstall the game. We know that this may not be the most appealing way of solving this issue, especially since Fortnite's download size is pretty big, so it can take a bit longer. However, this will sort out your game files just great and you'll even get rid of the possibility of another Fortnite error code. Here's how to reinstall the game:

  1. Open the Epic Games Launcher and select the Library on the left
  2. Locate the Fortnite game, click on the three dots beside it and select Uninstall
  3. Go through the necessary steps, and once the uninstallation is finished, restart your device
  4. Once your device is up, open the Epic Games launcher and download Fornite
Fortnite Reinstall Game Fix Error Code 15

Some people prefer to go through a manual uninstallation by deleting the game from the Program files folder or in the "Apps and features" option, but this is the easiest way towards uninstalling Fortnite. This should've helped you fix this Fortnite error code with its error message alongside other problems such as an Easy Anti Cheat error which can be seen in Error Code 10011. But if this didn't help you fix Fortnite error code 15, then you should:

Contact Epic Games Support

The Epic Games support team exists to help the Fortnite players with any problems they encounter, including this Fortnite launch error. If your Fortnite error code 15 still persists, you can contact the Epic Games support team here.

From issues with the graphic card drivers, anti-virus software, and even the Easy anti-cheat system, error codes can be a real pain. That's why you should keep up with solutions and check out Fortnite Error Code 30005.

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