The Best Fortnite Hide & Seek Map Codes For Creative

A childhood classic, hide and seek has been made possible in Fortnite by the versatile Creative mode! Here are the best map codes for Fortnite Hide & Seek.
The Best Fortnite Hide & Seek Map Codes For Creative

The beauty of Fortnite creative mode is that it allows players to edit much more than just the physical map. 

That means new game rules and mechanics can be added, making Fortnite hide and seek an entire minigame inside of Epic Games' Fortnite battle royale.

If you search Fortnite hide and seek maps you will find many options, but here we have compiled the best possible hide and seek map codes you could possibly find, all in one place. 


Mountain Mansion Hide & Seek | 3548-1991-7161

Created and shared with the community by Fatal_creations, this map offers a million places to hide, making sure there is always a new way to play the game.

One of the most amazing maps available, the Mountain Mansion Fortnite hide and seek map has become one of the most well known maps out there, often being found in the featured section of Fortnite, or even in a YouTube video or two.

After enjoying the hide and seek mansion, make sure to check out our own YouTube channel for all your gaming content!


The Props that Stole Christmas Prop Hunt | 7115-2100-1957

Perfect for anybody with that rare Elf skin (check out our article on the rarest Fortnite skins), this map is a Christmas carnival of fun, with a huge map of festive goodies for players to explore, and hide as.

From the mind of user RICHIMPULSE, this themed game pits the elves (hunters) against the mysterious props in a race to save christmas.

With the advantage of their surroundings, the props - aka the toys, must take on a villain's role and sabotage their seeking opponents.

With creative mode there are so many possibilities in Fortnite, with hide and seek and prop hunt being two of the biggest minigames you can find. With the codes to some of the best maps available, get out there and have fun!


The Simpsons Prop Hunt Map | 8871-0352-3843

Bringing the TV classic 2D cartoon to beautiful 3D Fortnite modelling, this prop hunt map will transport you to the iconic Simpsons house and the town of Springfield. Explore all the iconic locations from the school to the house, and do your best to avoid detection!

In which, you can explore the rooms, garden, and tree house, all while trying not to get caught. Created by Fortnite user Marablind, this prop hunt map is perfect for fans of the show, or anyone else who likes a challenge of hiding in a small map.


Prop Hunt Infinite Map | 7263-1478-7522

The prop hunt infinite map is one of the most popular prop hunt maps out there today. Created by Puzzler, this prop hunt game is a retro style bag of fun, set inside of an arcade building.

Disguise yourself as objects from rubber ducks to soft play balls, and hide in plain sight to win - this map really is a joy to play, and will provide hours of fun for both the seekers and hiders.


Honey, I Shrunk the Skins | 7133-6656-4742

Ever wondered what the world looks like to an ant? Well, this seems pretty on the money. In this unique creative mode map find yourself transported to the world of the miniature, as everything from chairs to beds are supersized!

Created by Team_Evolve, you can experience this epic sense of scale as soon as you enter the code above into the code menu and step through the featured island rift. And don’t worry, the seeker is just as small as you, so no advantage there!


Friday the 13th Hide & Seek | 4250-7193-5946

Bringing the famous Friday the 13th movies to Epic Games’ Fortnite, this map by Jxdvn is one of the best hide and seek map codes around. Along with the creepy setting and the terrifying Jason as the seeker, this map adds an extra twist to the hide and seek gamemode.

The campers (hiders) have the choice to either hide amongst the camp and run away from Jason, or all six can team up and attempt to take him down. If you fancy something with a bit of horror, or a chance to get back at the seeker, this is the map for you!


Borderlands Infection Hide & Seek | 4819-8403-7360

Don't worry, you don't have to like or even know about the Borderlands franchise to have fun playing this map! Quickly getting recognition for its wide variety of hiding spots, there is always something new to discover on this map. It is easily a ten or more person hide and seek map, with lots to do and many places to hide.

With amazing level design and game sense by creator NOOTNU, every element of this map feels like a professionally produced map, and is one of the best maps you could hope to play on in Fortnite creative.


The Yacht Hide and Seek | 2504-2038-5775

Want to live the high life as you hide from your friends? Well, then this is the hide and seek map for you! Widely regarded as one of the best hide and seek maps ever made, this map truly packs a lot of fun into the middle of the ocean!

Created by Ajcplays, become one of the best seaworthy seekers and find your friends hiding in this dazzling map.


Modern City Hide & Seek | 7477-6379-1293

From the brilliant mind of robotwarior62, the Modern City hide and seek map is the ultimate hide and seek experience. Despite its release before Fortnite's parkour mechanics, this Fortnite creative map is a dream to play.

With construction equipment, half built buildings, and a whole host of other random objects lying about, there are tons of places to hide and just as many places to test your parkour skills!

Whether you choose to spend time looking for the best hiding spots or exploring the map, this is easily one of the best hide and seek codes out there.

These are the best map codes for Fortnite hide and seek game modes available right now! Scroll through our hide and seek codes to find which maps you like the look of, and go try them out for yourself. These are our picks for the best hide and seek maps available. Simply enter these codes, and you're into your new favourite Fortnite hide and seek map. To add to your gaming experience, try turning your Fortnite POV to first person and really add some challenge. Now, read on and use the hide and seek codes below!