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How To Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscriptions

Tired of seeing money drained from your account every month? Don’t worry anymore after you learn how to cancel Fortnite Crew subscriptions.
How To Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscriptions

There are plenty of benefits to the Fortnite crew subscription, like Free V Bucks and Exclusive Skins. However, the price can lead some Fortnite players to cancel Fortnite crew subscriptions. If you're in the camp wanting to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, stick around, because we'll show you how to easily cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription.

How To Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription on PC

You've decided that the in game cosmetics, exclusive skins, and Fortnite Battle Pass aren't worth your money. No worries! Lucky for you we can get your Fortnite Crew canceled in a matter of minutes.

Here is how to cancel your subscription to Fortnite Crew on PC

  1. Go to Epic Games website and sign into your account.
  2. Click your account icon in the top right to access Account Settings and select the Subscriptions tab on the left.
  3. Press the gear icon next to your subscription and select Cancel Subscription.

After pressing cancel subscription you will turn off recurring billing, and your subscription will be canceled.Thankfully, you will keep all cosmetics and V Bucks awarded through the Fortnite Crew from previous billing cycles.

Epic Games Subscriptions Tab

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How To Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription on Xbox

If you're an Xbox player you'll have to go through Microsoft account select services to cancel select subscriptions from Microsoft, including the Fortnite Crew.

Follow these easy steps to cancel Fortnite crew:

  1. Navigate to Microsoft's account and sign into your Microsoft account.
  2. Click you account icon to navigate to account settings, and select Services and Subscriptions at the top of your web browser.
  3. Select Manage next to your subscription and press Turn Off Recurring Billing.
  4. Follow the prompts by Microsoft account services to fully cancel recurring billing.

After following the above steps your account will no longer be billed. When you turn off recurring billing with the above method your Fortnite account will keep all the in game cosmetic items and other rewards from Epic Games.

Cancel Fortnite Crew Xbox

Another method to cancel your subscription with Microsoft is to contact Microsoft support and ask for a refund. In the event of a refund Epic Games will remove all rewards for the current billing period.

Epic Games has also said you will keep the Battle Pass, but your 950 V Bucks will be deducted from your account, possibly resulting in a negative V Bucks balance.

How To Cancel Your Fortnite Crew Subscription on PlayStation

PlayStation players will have to follow a different set of instructions as Xbox and PC players to cancel their Fortnite Crew Pack Subscription.

Follow these steps to turn off recurring billing on PlayStation for Fortnite Crew Pack Subscription:

  1. Navigate to the PlayStation Store website and sign into your PlayStation Network account.
  2. After you're into PlayStation Network click Subscriptions Management.
  3. Select Turn Off Auto Renew.

After following the above steps your automatic renewal of the monthly crew packs will be canceled. However, like the previous methods you can continue to enjoy your Fortnite Crew cosmetic items that you've already earned from the Fortnite Crew.

Leave Fortnite Crew PlayStation

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How To Cancel Fortnite Crew on Mobile

If you're a mobile player, no worries! You can also easily cancel your Fortnite Crew in the blink of an eye.

Here is how to cancel Fortnite Crew on Mobile:

  1. On your phone go to the Galaxy Store. In the Galaxy Store tap to open the menu.
  2. Tap on Subscriptions.
  3. Locate Fortnite from the subscriptions list and tap Cancel.

After following the above steps your Fortnite Crew will no longer be billed on mobile.

How To Cancel Fortnite Crew on Nintendo Switch

The final console you may want to cancel your subscription on is the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, like all the other methods, canceling the Fortnite Crew on Switch is fast and easy!

Here is how to cancel Fortnite Crew on Nintendo Switch:

  1. Press the Home Button on your Switch and open the Eshop.
  2. Press your Account Icon in the top right of the screen and select Subscriptions.
  3. In subscriptions select Fortnite and press Cancel to turn off automatic renewal on Switch.

When you use the above method to cancel your subscription you will keep all previous crew packs items, and all previously awarded Battle Passes V Bucks and Cosmetics.

Nintendo Eshop Button

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