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These Fortnite Skins Are Truly Exclusive!

Some skins like Galaxy or Honor Guard are just super exclusive and you can't get them easily. Here is a list of more such skins!

Updated on Dec 23, 2022
These Fortnite Skins Are Truly Exclusive!

Everyone and their mothers can get the most popular Fortnite skins like the Best Black Skins or Best Bikini Skins. Don't even get us started on everyone running about in Battle Pass skins. It takes a real Fortnite OG to own one of the most exclusive skins in Fortnite history. What are the most exclusive Fortnite skins you ask? Keep reading to check out all exclusive skins that will never come back to the game (although it is still possible to get them)!

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Double Helix | Nintendo Switch

A tried and true recipe for an exclusive skin is to bundle it with an expensive electronic device through an Epic Games promotional crossover, and it will never come back to the game. That's exactly what made our first skin so exclusive, Double Helix.

Double Helix Fortnite Skin

Double Helix is one of the few Nintendo Switch exclusive skins. Players needed to purchase a specific Nintendo Switch bundle to unlock Double Helix and add them to their locker, which makes them an extremely exclusive and rare skin. Combine it with one of the rarest dance emotes and voilà, you will automatically gain a status of a sweaty player.


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Sub Commander | Twitch Prime

Sub Commander is yet another exclusive from the first Twitch Prime Fortnite update. Being from a Fortnite update way back in Fortnite Chapter 1, even before Trailblazer, Sub Commander is an extremely rare and exclusive skin.

sub commander fortnite skin

You may have noticed a theme amongst the Fortnite Chapter 1 Twitch Prime skins, which is their military aesthetic. All Twitch Prime skins from the first and second bundle incorporate dark black and gray camo designs.


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Trailblazer | Twitch Prime

The Trailblazer skin is the second Twitch Prime skin to be added to Fortnite Battle Royale. While Trailblazer isn't quite as old as Havoc, Trailblazer was still released back in Fortnite Chapter 1 in 2018.

trailblazer fortnite skin

Being from way back in Fortnite Chapter 1, Trailblazer is not only exclusive but also extremely rare. Also, Trailblazers camo outfit makes her an ideal skin to equip with one of the Best Sniper Rifles in Fortnite.


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Havoc | Twitch Prime

Havoc is a Twitch Prime exclusive. However, not all Twitch Prime users could unlock Havoc because you had to link your Twitch account to Fortnite before May 2018 which was back when Fortnite was still in their OG phase.

havoc fortnite skin

If you like the camo army look of Havoc there are plenty more similar skins for you to peruse in the Best Camo Skins in Fortnite.


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Carbon Commando | PlayStation Plus

Tired of mobile offers? We are too! Let's get back to the world of console exclusives. Carbon Commando is a PlayStation store exclusive skin that could be obtained by PlayStation Plus members.

carbon commando fortnite skin

On top of Carbon Commando PlayStation Plus members could also claim Carbon Pack, which is Carbon Commando's matching back bling. For more alternative cosmetics to skins like a snazzy back bling you can check out the Best Back Blings or Rarest Fortnite Gliders.


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Wonder | Honor View 20

The Wonder skin is following in Honor Guard's footsteps being an Epic Games promotional skin paired with the Honor View 20. Like the other skins in this list the Wonder skin is not available in the Item Shop.

wonder skin fortnite

Wonder beautifully balances a deep purple and aqua blue color scheme. If you're looking for new skins with this color scheme the Honor View 20 bundle skins will make the color of your Fortnite locker pop.


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Galaxy | Galaxy Tablet

The Galaxy skin is another of the exclusive Fortnite skins that a Fortnite insider would be very familiar with. Having this skin significantly increases the overall value of your account. To get the Galaxy skin you'd have to purchase a Galaxy S6 or S4 tablet within the Epic Games promotional offer.

Galaxy Fortnite Skin

The intergalactic design of the Galaxy skin wasn't a Fortnite fan favorite at first, but as the exclusivity of the skin rose players began to grow more of an appreciation for Galaxy. For more Fortnite skins from space check out The Best Space Astronaut Skins in Fortnite.


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Honor Guard | Honor View 20

The Honor Guard skin is another of the Epic Games promotional Fortnite skins that is an exclusive Fortnite skin because of a bundle. Along with the previous few Fortnite skins mentioned Honor Guard was bundled with a smartphone.

honor guard fortnite skin

If you're a Fortnite insider you might already know that Honor Guard is bundles with the Honor View 20 phone, which is $650 making Honor Guard one of the Most Expensive Fortnite Skins. If you're looking for different skins that are similar check out the Best Blue Fortnite Skins.


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Glow | Samsung Galaxy

The Glow skin is another Epic Games Samsung skin. However, Glow is slightly more accessible than Ikonik. While Ikonik could only be obtained with the purchase of a Galaxy S10 series phone, the Glow skin can be snagged along with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and a handful of other Samsung smartphones.

glow fortnite skin

Fortnite gamers have grown affection for the Glow skin because of the modern purple color scheme that is aesthetically pleasing in game. If you agree with other gamers about the nice color of purple check out the Best Purple Fortnite Skins for other skins that are similar.


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Ikonik | Samsung Galaxy S10

The Ikonik skin is aptly named because its exclusivity has made the Ikonik skin an iconic skin in the Fortnite community. The Ikonik skin was available through an Epic Games Samsung promotional offer by purchasing a Samsung S10 series phone, because of the mobile platform being a large part of Fortnite there are several mobile Epic Games promotions.

ikonik fortnite skin

The Ikonik skin features a male character in a black hoodie with a matching black mask obscuring the bottom half of Ikonik's face. If you like the hoodie look of the Ikonik skin you can get matching cosmetics in The Best Skins With Hoodies.


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Dark Vertex | Xbox One S

Let's continue to run through every console exclusive skin with the Dark Vertex skin. The Dark Vertex skin was available in the Fortnite Xbox One S Dark Apex Bundle. Considering the price of Dark Vertex's bundle they are one of the most expensive skins in the world.

dark vertex fortnite skin

Dark Vertex is one of our favorite among all the skins in console bundles because of the sleek design. Dark Vertex's plated purple armor makes for a stunningly sleek design that is extremely pleasing to equip while owning your opponents with Long Range Sniper Shots.


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Royale Bomber | Playstation

Royale Bomber is another skin that came from an Epic Games promotional crossover. However, Royale Bomber was not a Nintendo skin like Double Helix, rather Royale Bomber is among the PlayStation exclusive skins.

Royale Bomber Fortnite Skin

Royale Bomber features an aerial trooper dressed in a deep blue bomber jacket and army beret. For more of Epic Games crossover skins check out the Rarest Fortnite Skins.


Exclusive Fortnite skins will always be a staple of Epic Games cosmetics in Fortnite Battle Royale. However, you don't need an exclusive skin to have fun. Rather you can check out some of the cheaper skins by Epic Games that are actually available in the Fortnite Store or Battle Pass like the Best Black and White Fortnite Skins or the Best Animal Fortnite Skins. Tired of reading about Fortnite skins? Check out this article on the Best Fortnite Weapons or How To Win Fortnite Games for in game tips instead.

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