Worlds Longest Sniper Shot Fortnite

Every Fortnite player knows the satisfaction of hitting a long range snipe. Now imagine the satisfaction of hitting the world's longest sniper shot in Fortnite!

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
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Worlds Longest Sniper Shot Fortnite

I’m personally a huge fan of sniper rifles in video games. Whether I’m playing Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, or Black Ops Cold War I always want a sniper in my hands. Whether Fortnite players are on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Pc I’m sure all Fortnite players can relate to the satisfaction of hitting sniper rifle shots. My fascination with snipers led me to wonder; what is the world's longest sniper shot in Fortnite?

Longest Sniper Shot in Fortnite: Titanium900 4124 Meters

I was shocked when I stumbled across Titanium900’s world record sniper shot. It seems like Titanium900 managed to hit a cross map no scope on an unexpected player in Fortnite Battle Royale. Titanium900’s elimination clocked in at 4124 meters in the Fortnite kill feed, which is further than Epic Games’ player render distance, so Titanium900 didn’t even see the target!

Can you believe how long the bullet travel was on that shot? There was a few seconds before the sniper bullet travel collided with the victim. There is debate over the validity of Titanium900's sniper shot. Personally, I choose to believe it’s real because of how impressive it is! However you may be a little tougher to convince.

Honorable Mentions

Muselk Snipes a Player in Fortnite Creative from 1231 Meters

Muselk has the longest confirmed sniper rifle shot in Fortnite Creative. However, Muselk pulled off this sniper shot in Fortnite Creative. The purpose of Muselk’s long range sniper elim was an experiment to test the max distance a bullet can travel in Fortnite.

Muselk posted up about 1200 meters away from the target with a Heavy Sniper Rifle. After firing the Heavy Sniper, Muselk used a bounce pad to bounce away from the target, giving him an extra 31 meters in the kill distance. If you want to read more about the sniper Muselk used check out the Best Sniper Rifles in Fortnite.

Tpaulky Snipes a Player from a Plane at 590 Meters

Tpaulky pulled off my personal favorite sniper shot of all time. Fortnite player Tpaulky managed to hit a 590 meter Hunting Rifle Sniper weapon from the wing of a plane in Fortnite Battle Royale! Don’t believe me? Check out the video!

Hitting a sniper rifle shot from a moving vehicle is a major feat in itself, let alone from 590 meters away. There are so many variables Tpaulky had to account for like sniper bullet drop, the moving vehicle, and a moving opponent! Avoid being sniped by Tpaulky by equipping one of The Best Camouflage Skins in Fortnite.

Tfue Snipes a Gliding Player from 249 Meters

Professional gamer Tfue managed to hit a sniper shot on a gliding player out of the air with the Hunting Rifle Fortnite weapon from 249 meters! In the same game Tfue hit multiple other impressive sniper shots with the Hunting Rifle Weapon. With a track record like that you could compare Tfue to World War II’s deadliest sniper, simo häyhä.

With all the shots Tfue hit, sniping a gliding player is easily the most impressive sniper rifle shot. Accounting for the sniper bullet drop of the weapon, on a fast moving glider, at 249 meters, is almost impossible. Well, unless you’re a professional gamer like Tfue. If you’re impressed by this shot, you may want to learn more about hitting crazy snipes in Fortnite like Tfue. Check out the Complete Hitbox Guide for Fortnite to learn more about hitting shots with snipers, scoped assault rifles, and other Fortnite weapons.

Ninja’s 278 Meter Snipe

Ninja is another professional gamer who hit a long range shot with the sniper weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale. Ninja’s shot wasn’t as flashy as Tfue’s out of the air shot. However, Ninja hit a shot at a longer distance.

Ninja managed a 278 Meter sniper shot in Fortnite Battle Royale. If Ninja has inspired you to go after some long range shots with snipers, maybe you want to wear a Ninja skin. If so, check out All Fortnite Skins In Real Life for more details!

Hitting a cross map snipe is something Elden Ring players will never be able to experience. Gamers who play good games with snipers like Warzone players, and Epic Games Fortnite players, as well as Apex Legends players are fortunate to experience these amazing gaming moments. Grab yourself one of The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite, and get your name on the list of longest sniper shots in Fortnite!

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