Best Fortnite Girl Skins

This is our recommendation for the best girl skins in Fortnite and why you should buy them. 
Best Fortnite Girl Skins

Are you looking for a new girl Fortnite skin? It is certainly very interesting to analyze all the possible cosmetic combinations available in Fortnite.


Renegade Raider

The Renegade Raider can be a very expensive skin. It is not available in Epic’s item shop, yet it can be found on eBay for $600-$2000. The elevated price of this skin comes due to it being a collector item; it is one of the skins that the only true OG Fortnite players own. It was only available during the first ever season of Fortnite. This and many other factors make it a statement of dedication in the game. The Renegade Raider is undoubtedly a very important skin in Fortnite’s history. This skin is known as the staple of the original Fortnite players and it is known to be one of the first skins in Fortnite.

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Pokimane Skin

A very popular icon series skin is the skin based on influencer Pokimane (Imane Anys) who is very popular on twitch and is tightly linked with Fortnite. If you enjoy Pokimane and Twitch and you are an avid fan of Fortnite streamers this skin might interest you. This skin is very popular among casual players. This skin is the start of a great idea by Epic designed to support the content creators that were a vital part in the success of Fortnite. This skin is part of the Fortnite Icon Series, these were a series of skins themed by popular content creators.

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Ghoul Trooper

The ghoul trooper is a very OG skin with an interesting significance in the game. Sadly, it was rereleased causing a decrease in its value as a collection skin. However, this skin still has a unique design. It is expected to return during next Halloween. If you enjoy both Fortnite and Halloween this skin will be very likely one of your favorites. The Ghoul Trooper is used by both competitive and casual players. The Ghoul Trooper is definitely a fan favorite skin in the Halloween category. In the next Halloween event try to get your hands on this unique skin.

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Valor Skin

The Valor skin is another fairly OG skin that numerous people enjoy. It was introduced during the Battle pass of Season 4 Chapter 1. This skin is another important trend maker because it paved another important trend seen in Fortnite skins which include more detailed faces and superhero style skins which are seen all over now in Chapter 3. Another great benefit of the Valor skin is that it is considered OG and greatly used by seasoned Fortnite players. Nevertheless, it has little added collection value in comparison to the Renegade Raider and other Season 1-3 skins from the Chapter 1 era.

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Ariana Grande skin

If you are a fan of Ariana Grande music and you enjoy Fortnite this skin is made for you. The Ariana Grande skin was a huge part of the Ariana Grande and Fortnite collaboration and it is a skin with an astonishing design. It has a very interesting feature on PCs that have RTX enabled in which reflections can be seen to some extent on the reflective skirt. This and other factors make this skin quite interesting and unique compared to other skins available in game. The return of this skin to the item shop has no specific date but event skins are quite known to return to the item shop in certain cases.

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Wildcat is typically categorized as a very competitive skin. It is one of the best choices for competitive players. If you want a skin that is new yet imposing enough for competitive tournaments this is the top choice. This skin can be seen commonly in FNCS tournaments and other competitive transmissions.

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Arcane Jinx Skin

It was very interesting to see the impressive collaboration between Epic Games and Riot Games. Two of the pillars in the gaming industry who have a colossal impact in the industry joined forces to create this skin. If you are a fan of the Netflix series “Arcane” and you enjoy both League of Legends and Fortnite this skin was made for you.

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Ruby Fortnite skin was released on October 6, 2019 for the price of 1,200 Vbucks. It is used by competitive and casual players and is a fan favorite ever since. Ruby was introduced in Late Season X. Ruby was the beginning of a trend towards more colorful skins which is still highly expressed by Epic. Ruby has maintained its relevance and it is a skin respected by seasoned players yet not as OG as other skins.

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Your cosmetic appearance in the game will define your style when you get that Victory Royale. Additionally, your cosmetic appearance can be a staple of which type of player you are. Are you on the look for a yellow skin in Fortnite? Be sure to examine our collection of the best Fortnite Skins!

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