Best FPS Settings In Fortnite

With so many different factors, finding the best FPS settings in Fortnite is a tall order. Luckily, we’re here to guide you through the process!‍

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Best FPS Settings In Fortnite

Epic Games does their best to deliver high performance Fortnite Battle Royale game play regardless of console or PC specs. However, the conolse will affect your Fortnite FPS performance. Whether you're a Fortnite PS4 player, or you use an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or a PC with an advanced graphics card, there will be room for performance boosting with the best game settings. Don’t even know where to start looking for the best Fortnite settings? We’ve got you covered. Read on for the best game settings to boost your Fortnite FPS.

Best Fortnite Game settings to improve your fps

The easiest way to up your Fortnite FPS in game is to optimize your Fortnite settings. Check out these quick tips to update your Fortnite settings to the best Fortnite FPS settings!

Show Frame Rate

Just one more quick setting to take a look at before we try optimizing your best Fortnite settings. Since we’re going to try upping your Fortnite FPS, we need to have some data to work with.


Therefore, we need to turn on the Show FPS setting in the Advanced Graphics Settings tab of Fortnite Battle Royale. With the Show FPS setting turned on, we’re all set to start experimenting with the best settings in Fortnite!

View Distance

We recommend always keeping the highest view distance possible in Fortnite Battle Royale. It’s true that lowering your view distance can increase your FPS in Fortnite. However, the trade isn’t worth it. Since the Fortnite Battle Royale game mode takes place in a huge map, additional view distance serves as a massive advantage in game.


With a further view distance you’ll be able to see players at a further distance. The informational advantage of seeing an enemy before they see you can not be understated in Fortnite Battle Royale. Therefore, you should look to other Fortnite game settings to cut back on, and keep view distance at max.

Fortnite Performance Mode

Epic Games has added a new setting to Fortnite Battle Royale called performance mode. PCs that meet Epic Games’ minimum requirements for Fortnite Battle Royale can enable performance mode under the rendering mode option in the Fortnite settings.


Fortnite performance mode is an alternative to the DirectX graphic rendering systems. Performance mode is available in all game modes in Fortnite including the Best Creative Game Modes To Improve Your Fortnite Skills. Performance mode is designed to deliver FPS gains to players on PC by trading visual quality, for in game playability. If you’re using a lower end graphics card, you should consider turning on performance mode to up your Fortnite FPS.

Motion Blur

Regardless of your PC specs, you should turn motion blur off. There are plenty of non-FPS related reasons to turn off motion blur. For example, motion blur can cause motion sickness, make it harder to see opponents in game, and disorient you.


Generally motion blur will hinder you in any video games, but it’s especially bad for Fortnite because of the amount of fast movements required to build in Fortnite. When it comes to Fortnite FPS settings motion blur can have a negative effect. In some cases enabling motion blur can cause you to experience frame drops and frame holds.


While motion blur can make a game more realistic and immersive, the drawbacks that come with motion blur are not worth the negative effects. You can find a toggle switch to turn motion blur off and on in the Advanced Graphics Settings tab in Fortnite Settings.

Frame Rate Limit and Refresh Rate

Selecting the correct refresh rate for your rigs graphics card and your monitor is a tough balance. Some people believe you should try and get the highest refresh rate your PC can handle. This isn’t true, you should never exceed your monitor's refresh rate.


Even if you have a beast of a PC that can run Fortnite at 240 FPS, there’s no reason to run Fortnite at that FPS if your monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz. Always set your frame rate limit to the refresh rate of your monitor. Combine your new FPS settings in Fortnite with the Best Ways To Win Fortnite to get guaranteed dubs!

Graphics Settings

Playing around with your best graphics settings is the best way to increase your FPS in Fortnite. Allowing Epic Games to auto-set your graphics settings can be fine, and using the graphics setting quality presets is even better. However, nothing can compare to jumping into the graphics settings yourself and min maxing your settings for the best FPS. Here are our recommended Fortnite best graphics settings:

Graphics SettingsOur Recommendation
View Distance
Post Processing

With the above settings we’re trying to optimize your game for FPS, and visibility. Lowering and turning off settings like shadows allows your PC to focus its CPU and graphics card on delivering high frame rates. However, We’re also being careful to not over sacrifice and hinder ourselves in the game. Avoiding disadvantage ourselves is why we recommend keeping view distance at Epic, and keeping textures above Low.

3D Resolution

The 3D setting in Fortnite Battle Royale dictates the quality that your system renders Fortnite. This is different from the Quality Presets option, which is the resolution your game is being shown on your screen. By manipulating the 3D Resolution setting your PC will render the game at a lower rate, and upscale the resolution when the image is displayed on your monitor.


Lowering your 3D Resolution Setting can increase your in game FPS in Fortnite Battle Royale. We recommend you try scaling your 3D setting back to 80% and seeing how it affects your in game performance. If you gain FPS, and don’t lose any noticeable visual quality performance, keep your settings. Careful not to go too far with this setting, or you’ll end up losing significant aesthetic enjoyment from Fortnite.

Speaking of resolution, you might also want to check out the matter of the best stretched resolutions that can give you a nice FPS boost!

Other FPS Boosting Methods for Fortnite

The other way you can up your Fortnite FPS is by changing settings in other PC applications, or buying new hardware for your PC. Check out these quick tips to improve your FPS externally!

Upgrade To Fortnite Minimum or Recommended PC Specs

Before we get into optimizing your best Fortnite settings let’s make sure you can run Fortnite! If you’re playing on a console, you can skip this section. However, if you’re playing Fortnite Battle Royale on PC, you’ll want to check out these minimum, and recommended requirements to make sure you can run Fortnite smoothly. As the Fortnite Seasons and Fortnite Chapters have progressed Epic Games has changed their minimum specs requirements. These are Fortnite’s current minimum specs requirements, and their recommended specs:

ComponentsMinimum SpecsRecommended Specs
Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz
Intel Core i5 2.8 GHz
16GB Free Space
16 GB Free Space
Intel HD 4000 (integrated graphics)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870 / Equivalent GPU with 2GB or higher VRAM
Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit
Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit
DirectX version 11 or higher
DirectX version 11 or higher

Ideally, your PC would fit into Epic Games’ recommended PC specs for Fortnite Battle Royale. However, if you just barely meet the minimum specs for Fortnite Battle Royale, we’re going to try and up your game performance with the Fortnite tips for best FPS game settings in the remainder of this article.

Picking the Right Monitor

Since we’re on the topic of monitors, let’s take a deep dive into what you should look for in a monitor for playing Fortnite Battle Royale. There are three important factors that go in to choosing the right gaming monitor. The three factors for a good monitor are input lag, refresh rate, and size. When it comes to input lag you want to stick to 2ms input lag or lower. 1ms input lag is ideal, but 2ms is totally acceptable. As for monitor refresh rate, we recommend getting a 144Hz monitor. Going above 144Hz you’ll start seeing diminishing returns, and lower than 144Hz just isn’t as smooth as you’d like. With that said, 60Hz was the standard monitor refresh rate for long enough that it’s still an acceptable refresh rate. Finally, the size of your monitor will come down to personal preference. Some people love massive 30+ inch monitors, and some people prefer a smaller 22 inch monitor.

Optimizing Fortnite Settings With NVIDIA Control Panel

If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card to play Fortnite Battle Royale, you can tweak the best Fortnite settings even further. All you need is the NVIDIA Control Panel application. Refer to this table for the optimized NVIDIA Control Panel Settings:

Panel Settings
Optimized Recommendation
Recommended Specs
Maximum pre-rendered frames
Intel Core i5 2.8 GHz
Power management mode
Prefer maximum performance
Texture filtering
High performance
16 GB Free Space
Threaded optimization
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870 / Equivalent GPU with 2GB or higher VRAM
Vertical sync
Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit
DirectX version 11 or higher
DirectX version 11 or higher

Be sure to hit apply before leaving the NVIDIA Control Panel application! These settings won’t have as great an impact on your Fortnite Battle Royale FPS as the in game Fortnite settings. However, optimizing the NVIDIA Control Panel setting will give you enough of a boost to make it worth your time, so check out our article on the best NVIDIA settings in Fortnite.

Disable Hardware Acceleration in Other Apps

Hardware acceleration is a setting that allows applications to offload tasks onto your computer hardware. Some applications have hardware acceleration turned on by default, but they don’t need hardware acceleration to perform adequately. The two biggest culprits of hardware acceleration are Google Chrome, and Discord. Follow these steps to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome, and open the Google Chrome Settings.
  2. Under the Advanced Drop Down Menu in the left side menu select System.
  3. Disable Hardware Acceleration.


Now that we have Google Chrome’s hardware acceleration turned off, let’s move on to Discord. Follow these easy steps to disable hardware acceleration in Discord:

  1. Open Discord and open the Discord User Settings.
  2. From the Discord Settings scroll down and open the Voice &Video tab under App Settings.
  3. Disable Hardware Acceleration, and restart Discord.


Now that we’ve turned off hardware acceleration, you may notice less frame loss spikes while playing Battle Royale this Fortnite Season!

Remember the best settings in Fortnite are going to depend on the person. Some players' idea of the best settings in Fortnite is low graphics with high FPS. While other players think the best settings should offer beautiful textures. Whatever you choose, make sure they’re the best Fortnite settings for you. With all this talk about the best Fortnite settings I bet you want to read a lighter article. Maybe you’d be interested in cosmetics like CS GOs Ursus Knife, in which case you should check the Rarest Fortnite Pickaxes. Additionally, you may want to check out some baller Fortnite skins from Best DC Skins in Fortnite or The 50 Best Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite.

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