How Often Do Fortnite Skins Refresh & Come Back?

Every day all Fortnite players get different offers in the Item Shop. Learn all about refreshing and returning skins in the game!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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How Often Do Fortnite Skins Refresh & Come Back?

With all the skins in Fortnite totalling over 1300 in the current item shop, there are plenty of Fortnite skins for gamers to collect. Yet as each chapter brings exciting, new skins, how quickly can you expect old Fortnite skins you missed to reappear in the item store?

The item store is split into several sections, typically including the daily skins, featured skins, and themed bundles and packs for players to buy. These rotate regularly and include every cosmetic type in the game.


What Sort of Outfits are used for Daily skins?

These items are swapped out for new cosmetics at 1:00AM BST every day. Daily items are usually common and low cost, and many will only take a few weeks to reappear in the store.

New skins are much more likely to appear on the daily section than older ones, and the chances of finding most skins from the initial Fortnite seasons are pretty slim.

How Long Do Bundles and Featured items Take to Refresh?

When searching for the most popular cosmetics, the bundles and featured items are where players need to look. These items typically rotate in and out of the shop every couple of weeks, with new releases lasting longer than older items returning. Along with some Fortnite skins being much more popular than others, certain skins are very unlikely to ever return to, or even appear in the Fortnite item store.

Can I Buy Battle Pass Skins?

Unfortunately, Epic Games has officially stated that what appears on the battle pass, stays on the battle pass. Be sure to keep an eye on Fortnite news & updates in case Epic Games decide to bring Battle Pass skins back.

How often do LTOs and promotional Outfits Return to the Item Store?


How Often Will LTOs Come Back?

Limited time offers such as the infamous Galaxy skin are no longer available, making them some of the rarest skins in the game along with OG skins.

How Often Will Promotional Skins Return?

Promotional Fortnite skins are also pretty rare – it is normal to wait at least several months for a Fortnite skin such as Spider Man or John Wick to come back to the store. Check out our articles on the best superhero and Star Wars skins to see what else to look out for.

As Epic Games continues to add to the item shop, the chances of a specific skin coming back to the item store is low due to its limited space. The best way to catch the skin you want in the item store is to keep track of what appears every day, and figure out when it’s likely to return based on when it was last seen.

For some Fortnite skins you might be waiting a while, but by keeping up with the game you run a good chance of grabbing the skin you want before it disappears! 

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