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Best Fortnite Superhero Skins

Your favorite superheroes are fighting on Fortnite and requesting your assistance. Heed their call today & learn about the Marvel Skin Sets down below. 

Updated on Sep 29, 2022
Best Fortnite Superhero Skins

Arguably, Fortnite’s biggest component is the inclusion of Cosmetic Skins. There are 1000+ Microtransactions that consumers can purchase via the marketplace, including Skin Sets that favor franchises like The Mandalorian or MCU. You’ll need to acquire V-Bucks from the Fortnite Marketplace. Afterwards, distinguishing which protagonist favors your preferred franchise & superhero is needed.

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Join the X-Men as James Howlett and defeat the Sentinels by acquiring the Wolverine Set. This cosmetic item launched during the 4th Season of Fortnite Chapter Two & allowed gamers to possess the Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws as harvesting tools. Moreover, James Howlett wears his classic costume that blends Blue and Yellow patterns into a captivating design.This makes gamers feel like they’re Wolverine dominating over opposing victims.

Fascinated players can purchase this Skin Set for 950 V-Bucks after they’ve completed the Wolverine Awakening Challenge.


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Mercenaries & Opponents will cower behind Wade Wilson when purchasing the Deadpool Skin Set on Fortnite’s Item Shop. He’d launch during Chapter Two, Season Two for 950 V-Bucks. Players acquired the standard attire utilized by Deadpool throughout his mercenary career. Tones of Black and Red will intimidate opponents while battling across the Fortnite Battle Royale Map.

Gamers are rewarded with Deadpool’s Dual Hand Cannons. These weapons deal 21+ Damage per bullet & allow five bullets to shoot per second. In response, opponents become overwhelmed by the onslaught of ammunition. Be noted that the Meaty Mallet Harvesting Tool and Dragacorn Glider are unlocked upon purchasing the Deadpool Skin.


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Captain Marvel

Acquire superpowers from the Kree Brotherhood as Carol Danvers by possessing the Marvel Royalty & Warrior Pack for $24.99. Players purchasing this cosmetic bundle maintain one of the Best Fortnite Superhero Skins, as Black Panther is also provided. Those that’d prefer Captain Marvel wear an outfit reminiscent of the MCU.

Moreover, Gliders and Harvesting Tools themed around this franchise are provided. That’ll include the Power of Mar-Vell for airborne attacks, and Alpha Staff for harvesting materials throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale.


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Black Panther

Become the King of Wakanda and Hero of the Avengers by procuring the Marvel Royalty & Warriors Pack for $24.99. This cosmetic product launched during the 2nd Fortnite Chapter and requires players to complete all Black Panther Quests for Epic Status. In return, the Wakanda Skyrider is unlocked to provide gamers with increased pace while airborne.

You’ll also retain the Vibranium Daggers as harvesting tools. However, Epic Games deactivated the Wakanda Blades DPS Attacks. Therefore, cosmetic features are exclusively retained with the Black Panther Skin.


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Tony Stark

Lead the Avengers into Combat and Save NYC from Destruction as Tony Stark. Fortnite’s Item Shop introduced the Stark Skin Set during the 4th Season of Chapter 2. It’ll become unlocked at Battle Pass Level 93, requiring gamers to spend 950 V-Bucks for acquisition purposes. You’ll receive the Tony Stark and Iron Man Skins while maintaining two superpowers.

Players can activate Repulsor Gauntlets or Unibeams when bearing the Iron Man Skin. In return, Laser projectiles dealing 20+ to 90+ Damage will infect enemies. Be noted that Gliders and Harvesting Tools are additionally unlocked. For instance, Mark 90 Flight Packs enabled temporary flight throughout the Fortnite Battle Royal Map.


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The Guardians of the Galaxy have called upon Fortnite Players to save the Universe. Individuals accepting this task can procure the Groot Skin Set for 950 V-Bucks. In return, an identical design to the MCUs Groot is acquired.

You’ll also procure the Groot Bramble Shield. This superpower encloses players & safeguards them from 200+ Damage. Thereafter, Bramble Balls maintain greater speeds than the Sprint. You’ll evade opponents with increased pace and heal yourselves by x3 the average. It’ll be noted that the Groot Skin Set is unlocked as microtransactions when reaching Battle Pass Level 46.


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Control the Weather & Assist the X-Men by purchasing Storm's Skin Set on Fortnite’s Item Shop, a cosmetic product that’s been available since Fortnite Chapter Two, Season Four. You’ll receive her default outfit that mimics the classic attire found within Marvel Comics. Moreover, Gamers can control the weather by utilizing Storm’s Whirlwind Blast. You’ll spin around until creating a temporary tornado that knocks down opponents. The Storm Skin Sets are advantageous because DPS Attacks are unlocked after acquisition.

Moreover, Storm is considered one of the Best Fortnite Superhero Skins. Why? Because she shares striking resemblances to the Anime variation of this character. In return, players are provided unique cosmetic skins for their upcoming match.


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Become the Prince of Asgard & Save Midgard from destruction by purchasing the Thor Skin Set launched on Season Two of Chapter Four in Fortnite. You’ll acquire a costume unlike anything Thor has dawned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Black Armor with Blue and Red Strapping is designed into his attire.

Individuals receiving this cosmetic product are also gifted with Mjolnir. You’ll be capable of gliding across the Battle Royale Map & harvesting various materials by unlocking Mjolnir. Moreover, Epic Games allows for Mjolnir to deal 100+ damage. In return, Players feel like they’re the God of Thunder.


Gamers buying this Fortnite Skin Set aren’t exclusively rewarded with cosmetic appearances for customization purposes. They’ll also receive Mythic Weapons that aren’t attainable without acquiring specified items. For instance, Mjolnir from the Thor Set can decimate opponents with one swing. You’ll also become capable of controlling the weather as Storm and safeguarding yourself from oncoming attacks as Groot. The customization is there & becoming the ultimate superhero is possible.

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