What are Tents in Fortnite [Best Uses & How to Store Items]

Check out the multifunctional wonders of tents in Fortnite, from storing items and healing to strategic hiding and mobility!

Updated on Feb 27, 2024
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What are Tents in Fortnite [Best Uses & How to Store Items]

Fortnite tents are a fairly new feature that Epic Games added during the Fortnite Chapter 3 season. These tents appear to be set up in abandoned-like campsite areas around the map; however, despite looking abandoned, they actually hold many benefits and they're well worth using.

When you first approach a tent, it’ll essentially appear as a rolled-up sleeping bag until you use it; take advantage of using them when you come across. Honestly, it's generally a good idea to pick one up when you find it regardless of if you need it or not; it's always good to be prepared.

To use a tent, all players have to do is approach it and claim it; though, keep in mind that other players may also claim the same tent or even buy it off other players once a player is eliminated, even if they get revived.

Stashing item in Fortnite tent

The main use of Fortnite tents is for players to save some of their inventory in them; personally, this is the best use for tents, especially if you need space to pick up other items but your inventory is full. You wouldn't want to just drop an item you may need later, so store it in a tent instead.

Whatever is placed inside the tent will remain there until the player removes it either during that same match or another match. Nonetheless, there are a few other uses for the tents that make them worth your time; these are the best uses for Fortnite tents:

  • Rest. Resting in the tent will heal your health by 5 per second until the tent's health is used up. This is a good way to stay alive during the storm.
  • Claim it, pack it up, and move it. This not only heals the HP of the tent, but it also gives players a chance to move to a more secluded area.
  • Hide in the tent while players are coming near the area. Personally, this is a genius idea; however, players will be alerted that someone is hiding inside the tent as they get closer to it. Nonetheless, it’s good for setting up traps and hiding quickly. Kinda like a game of hide and seek.
  • Drop the tent and pass it to another player when they’re finished with it.

How Much Can Be Stored in Tents in Fortnite

Save Slots for Fortnite tents

Fortnite tents are equipped with two open inventory slots for all players to use; you can unlock additional slots, but it will cost you gold to do so. If you do unlock more, you’ll end up with the full five inventory slots.

How to Store Items in Tents in Fortnite

Before you can store items, you’ll need to set up the tent. Upon doing so and approaching the tent, you’ll have a few options pop up: one being to manage your storage within the tent and the other being a rest option.

If you want to stash items in the tent, select the ‘manage storage’ option, which will give you four new options to choose from. The first and second options are to stash items or collect them; the third option is a locked option, which you would press if you wanted to spend gold bars on more inventory slots; and the fourth option is to pack up and move the tent.

To store items, choose the first or second inventory slot, and then select whichever item you want to store in there.

What Items Can & Cannot Be Stored in Tents?

Fortnite What Items Can Be Stored in Tents

When it comes to storing items in Fortnite tents, unfortunately, not all items can be stored. As for the items that can’t be stored, the game simply won’t allow you to select them and place them in the tent inventory slot. But, to make things a bit easier, here are some things that are and are not able to be stored in the tents.

Storable ItemsNon-Storable Items
WeaponsChug Cannon
Shield PotionsFlopper Fish
SpraysSmall-fry Fish
TrapsSpicy Fish
Healing ItemsSlurp Fish
-Shield Fish

Where to Find Tents in Fortnite

Popular locations for tents to spawn

It’s pretty difficult to know where tents are going to spawn in Fortnite due to the number of places possible to find them; however, there are a few places where they’re seen spawning the most. Some of those places are:

  • Lumber Yard
  • Weather Station
  • Tomato Temple

If you’ve checked all over the map and have had no luck finding a tent, try checking in those locations. There’s a pretty high chance you’ll find some there, and they’ll be easy to locate since they have a blue overlay around them.

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