5 Tips For Staying Alive In The Storm In Fortnite

To stay alive in the storm in Fortnite, always carry health healing items, use movement items for a quick escape, follow the purple line on the map, and more!

Updated on Jan 10, 2024
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5 Tips For Staying Alive In The Storm In Fortnite

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Always Carry Health Healing

When playing Fortnite, it's tempting to fill your inventory with items for shield healing, as they are often used more frequently. 

However, it's crucial to remember that storm damage affects your health, not your shields. That's why it's important to carry some form of health healing.

I recommend dedicating one slot in your inventory specifically for health healing items like med kits, med mist, or floppers. Ideally, you could also carry items that heal both shields and health, such as chug splashes and slurp fish.

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Use Movement Items To Get Out Of The Storm Fast

When you and your squad members are bleeding health at a steady rate in the storm, it's important to exit the circle as fast as possible. Remember, the damage you're taking will increase with each new storm circle.

Movement Items Fortnite Storm

To aim for a Victory Royale, make sure to use movement items for a quick escape. In a team, you and your squad members can rapidly increase your distance by hopping in a car, using a rift, or jumping on a launch pad.

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Follow The Purple Line

Building on the use of movement items, another tip is to follow the fastest route out of the storm. This route is conveniently indicated on your map by a purple line.

Follow The Purple Line to Stay Alive in Fortnite storm

By following this line, you will exit the storm at the fastest possible speed. This strategy is not only efficient but also crucial for your survival, especially in critical moments of the game.

Remember, the quicker you're out of the storm, the better your chances of success in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Make Sure You Can See In The Storm

Visibility in the storm can be a serious issue for players. Depending on your game settings, you might find it difficult to see at all, which can slow down your return to the safe zone. This decreased visibility directly impacts your chances of achieving a Victory Royale.

Speaking of a Victory Royale, make sure you check outbest ways to win in Fortnite to up the quantity of Victory Royale's in your future!

Thankfully, this can be easily fixed within the settings menu. If you want to be able to see in the storm, be sure to check out the best Fortnite settings to see in storm

After you change to these settings, you can confidently drop out of the Battle Bus, knowing you'll be able to see in the storm!

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Pick The Right Healing

Not all healing items are created equal, particularly when it comes to staying alive in the storm. It's important to evaluate your specific needs and select the most suitable health healing for your situation.

When planning your approach to storm survival, consider a few things. If you're in a squad, choose healing items that can aid all your squad members. Good options for group healing are chug splashes, chug cannons, and med mist.

Speaking of squad mates, be sure to pick up some matching couple skins or superhero skins to have a cohesive look in-game!

Right Healing Items Fortnite Storm

An important factor in choosing the right healing items for storm survival is the total amount of health each item provides. For instance, a full stack of floppers offers a total healing capacity of 160 health. In contrast, med kits can heal up to 300 health. 

If you expect to be in the storm for an extended period, med kits are preferable due to their higher total healing capacity.

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