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Tips For Staying Alive In The Storm In Fortnite

Frustrated by elim after elim from the storm? Never die in storm again after reading these tips to stay alive in storm in Fortnite!
Tips For Staying Alive In The Storm In Fortnite

All of us have had the misfortune of being stuck in the storm circle and being unable to reach the safe zone before being eliminated by the slow drain of health caused by the storm circle. Losing to the storm becomes more difficult as the game progresses and the storm circle deals more damage, so it's understandable how you can find yourself dying in storm. Thankfully, we have some great tips to become a storm king and stay alive in the storm in Fortnite Battle Royale!


Always Carry Health Healing

When playing Fortnite Battle Royale it can be tempting to load your inventory with shield heling, because it's the healing you end up using more. However, the unique part of storm damage is that it directly affects your health instead of shields. Therefore, it's important to carry some sort of health healing.

We recommend having one slot designated to carry health healing like med kits, med mist, or floppers. Ideally, you could even carry healing items that help with both shields and health, like chug splashes and slurp fish.


Use Movement Items To Get Out Of The Storm Fast

When you and your squad members are bleeding health at a steady rate it's important to get out of that circle as fast as possible. Especially when you consider the damage you're taking will increase at the next storm circle.

If you want to get a Victory Royale you should make sure to survive the storm by using movement items to get out quickly. If you're playing in a team you and your squad members can all increase your distance quickly by hopping in a car, using a rift, or hopping on a launch pad.


Follow The Purple Line

A tip to build off using movement items is to follow the fastest route out of storm. The fastest route out of storm is shown on your map with a purple line.

If you can follow the line shown on your map you will make it out of the storm at the fastest speed possible.


Make Sure You Can See In The Storm

Visibility can be a serious issue for players while in the storm. Depending on your settings you may not be able to see in the storm at all. When you can't see in the storm it will inevitably slow down your return to the safe zone, decreasing your chances of a Victory Royale.

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Thankfully, this can be easily fixed within the settings menu. If you want to be able to see in the storm be sure to check out Best Settings To See In The Storm. After you change to these settings you can confidently drop out of the Battle Bus knowing you'll be able to see in the storm!


Pick The Right Healing

Not all healing is made equal. Some items are better for staying alive in the storm than others. You need to assess your needs and decide which health healing is right for you.

There are a few considerations to take into place when deciding what type of healing to take into your storm walk. First, if you're playing in a squad you'll want healing that can help with all your squad members. Healing items that help with all squad mates include chug splashes, chug cannons, and med mist.

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The next consideration is total amount of health is held in one slot. When you carry a full stack of floppers it has a total healing capacity of 160 health. Now compare that to med kits which have a total healing capacity of 300 health. If you're going to be trekking through the storm for a while it would be better to bring the med kits because of the additional total healing.

Finally, you need to consider the speed of healing. This is especially important in later circles when the damage dealt is increased. In the previous example I mentioned med kits would be a good choice if you're in the storm for a while because there's more total healing. This is true if you're in the storm for a long time and taking slow damage. However, the floppers would be a better choice if you're in a high damage storm for a short period, because you can quickly chow down on a flopper to get back to 100 health.

Your decision making should be influenced by things like these when deciding what type of healing you're carrying. How much damage, how many teammates, and total healing per slot should all be considered when forming the healing for your inventory to enhance the quality of your inventory as a whole.

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