How To Replay Fortnite Games

Did you just get an epic elim in Fortnite, and you don’t want to lose it forever? Stick around to learn how to replay Fortnite games!

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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How To Replay Fortnite Games

There’s nothing worse than pulling off a montage worthy moment and having it lost forever. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about your clips being lost to the void because Epic Games has incorporated Fortnite replay mode into Fortnite Battle Royale. Now you can go back and rewatch your epic gaming moments regardless of whether you play on Nintendo Switch, PC or Xbox One. Keep reading to learn how to replay Fortnite games!

How To Replay Fortnite Games

Our favorite part of the replay mode in Fortnite Battle Royale is the educational benefit. There is no better way to up your Fortnite game than to go back and watch your gameplay. By watching replays of your Fortnite gameplay you can easily see the mistakes that lead to your elimination. Another way to up your game is by learning about the Best Weapons in Fortnite or by optimizing your Nvidia Geforce Experience Settings.

Here is how to watch replays of Fortnite games:

  1. Open Fortnite and play a Battle Royale game.
  2. Return to lobby and select the Career Tab and press the Replays buttonin the bottom right. Here you will see your Fortnite replay folder with all your unsaved replays.
  3. Select the replay file you’d like to watch. Press Play and select. Confirm on the popup window.

If you’ve followed the above steps you will have accessed the replay tool. Within the replay system Fortnite players are able to change the selected player, which is a great feature to find out how your opponent got an edge on you.


Additionally, using the replay editor you can change the camera angle to different settings like drone style cameras including drone follow, drone attach, and drone free to experience different perspectives on your Fortnite gameplay. Also, you aren’t restricted to Fortnite Battle Royale replays, you can also replay Fortnite Creative gameplay.

How To Record Fortnite Replays

While we love Fortnite replays because they’re a great educational tool, you may also want to record or download Fortnite replays. Thankfully, the replay feature has a built-in recording feature!

Here is how to record Fortnite replays:

  1. Follow the steps in How To Replay Fortnite Games to open a replay.
  2. Open Xbox Game Bar by pressing the Windows Key + G together.
  3. Press the Record Button in the Xbox Game Bar to record your Fortnite window.

Now that you’ve started using the Xbox Game Bar video recorder your Fortnite window will be recorded. You can play through your replay and record highlights from your game!


The benefit of recording off the replay feature is the access to the replay editor. The Fortnite replay editor has a surprising amount of camera settings like focus, aperture, and focal length. If you’re just recording your Fortnite gameplay video through Xbox Game Bar without utilizing the replay editor you’re giving up these awesome features! If you’re looking for some other awesome Fortnite features check out How To Hide Names in Fortnite.

How To Save Fortnite Replays

We need to note that Epic Games doesn’t store all your replay videos forever. Rather, Epic Games stores your most recent ten Fortnite matches for console players and most recent 100 matches for PC players. Therefore, if you had an awesome gaming moment, but you aren’t ready to export the video file, you should learn to save replays for later in the Fortnite season.

Here is how to save Fortnite replays:

  1. Open Fortnite in click over to the Career Tab.
  2. Select the recent match that you’d like to sace.
  3. Select Name and Save from the bottom of your screen.
  4. Enter a name and press Confirm.

Now your highlight real worthy match will be in your saved replays folder.


There are a lot of areas around Fortnite replays that breed some questions. In this next section we'll answer some of the more asked questions about Fortnite replays.

Where are Fortnite Replays Stored?

Fortnite replays are stored on Epic Games servers. Which means that you don't need to worry about any of your precious hard drive space when you want to watch replays.

Epic Games being generous enough to store your replays is especially nice for PC players, since they are able to watch replays of their past 100 games.

How Do I Rewind Replays on Console

You can rewind replays on console by using the replay system's bottom bar controls. Use your controllers left aim stick to select the rewind option at the bottom of the screen.


In the bottom bar you can also access more controls like camera angles, camera modes, player outlines, and playback speed.

If you're curious about more controller controls, we recommend checking out Best Controller Aim Settings to optimize your controller gaming experience past the Fortnite replay system.

Are There Fortnite Replays on Mobile?

Fortnite replays are not available on mobile. The replay system is only available to players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Unfortunately, players on Nintendo Switch or Fortnite mobile do not have access to replay files.

Can I Watch Fortnite Replays Online?

Players can not watch Fortnite replays online. There are a few things players would like, including having all the replays available online, so you can access them from your phone. However, the only way to access replays in Fortnite is through a console able to access replays, and in the Fortnite game.

Now that you know how to replay Fortnite gameplay you’ll be able to watch back and learn more about what went wrong or right in your Fortnite games, or if you're a creator you have a new video editor platform built into Fortnite. Another way to figure out how to play better in Fortnite is by grinding some Fortnite Aim Maps, or by hopping into some 1v1 Build Battle Maps. If you feel like you’re already a builder pro feel free to browse some Rare Battle Pass Skins or the Best Star Wars Skins instead.

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