Best Fortnite Creative Trickshot Maps

Fortnite Creative has so many different awesome player made maps, and today we're diving into the best trickshot maps!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Best Fortnite Creative Trickshot Maps

Hitting banger trickshots has always been a cornerstone of the shooter genre of video games. If you like to look back on the days of 360 no scopes in Call of Duty you'll be happy to know you can hit crazy trickshots in Fortnite Creative maps! Let's check out the best Fortnite trickshot maps.

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Orba Trickshot Map | 0611-3591-3508

The first Fortnite Creative trickshot map code we're looking at is the Orba Trickshot Map. Orba has loads of different pre built trickshots with different skill levels.


We've lost ourselves for hours going for differnet pre built trickshots on this map code. If you want to try it for yourself use the map code 0611-3591-3508.

Or, if you changed your mind about a trickshot map code you can always find a Parkour Map Code instead!

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9 Levels Fortnite Trickshot 1v1 Map | 1344-4288-9749

Next up we have the 9 Levels 1v1 Trickshot map code, which is great because it puts you head-to-head in a trickshot competition with your Fortnite friends.

If you love to go toe-to-toe in Fortnite you can always check out our list of the Best 1v1 Arena's for non-trickshot 1v1 map codes.


However, if you want to hit crazy trickshots this is the map for you, and you can join with the map code 1344-4288-9749.

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Blitz's Trickshot Race | 3458-6180-4513

Let's take a look at Blitz's Trickshot Race. We love this Fortnite trickshot map because it combines two of our favorite things, trickshots and races.


Use the Fortnite Creative Mode code 3458-6180-4513 to hop into the fun!

Speaking of races, be sure to check out the Best Fortnite Race Maps if you like this Fortnite trickshot map.

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Faze Kaz Trickhost Course 2.0 | 7331-4279-1658

Now we have a Fortnite trickshot map made by Faze Kaz. Faze is a trickshot sniper group so you can rest assured the pre built trickshots in this Fortnite trickshot map are top-tier.

Use the code 7331-4279-1658 to hop into this wicked Fortnite trickshot map.


Before you start trying out these pre built trickshots though, you should study up on the Best Sniper Rifles so you know what you're doing out there.

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Parallel Tydens Official Trickshot Map | 7043-8402-4364

Next there's Parallel Tydens Official Trickshot Map. Don't let the mouthful of a name scare you off, this is one of the best trickshot maps we've ever been on!


This is a great practice Fortnite trickshot map because they've included loads of different weapons, vehicles, and items for you to mess around with and learn how it all works.

If you're a map creator you'll be impressed at the amount of work that was put into Parallel Tydens Trickshot Map. See for yourself with the code 7043-8402-4364.

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Randumb's Trickshot Course | 7820-1273-8492

Another great course is Randumb's Trickshot Course. The best part of this course is that there are over $2500 in prized if you hit insane pre built trickshots!

Hop into this map with the code 7820-1273-8492 and hit crazy trick shots so you can win prizes!

If your V Bucks wallet fills up from winning all those prize plus some Battle Pass rewards you should check out the Scariest Fortnite Skins and Best Star Wars Skins.

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Dylan's Trickshot Map | 1618-8702-0160

This is another trickshot map that pays to play Fortnite. If you hit one of the best trick shots on this map you'll have a chance to win crazy prizes!

If you think you have it in you to make the best YouTube video trick shot you should hop into this map with the island code 1618-8702-0160.


If you can't seem to hit your crazy trickshots today don't worry! Changing game modes is easy since there are so many different options in Epic Games' Fortnite Creative. You can hop into the Best Hide and Seek or Best Horror Map Code.

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Soar Fortnite Trickshot Map | 6660-3642-1790

If you've been around since the days of Call of Duty trick shots this is the map code for you. In the Soar Fortnite trick shots map you can go for trick shots on three original Call of Duty maps!


There is so much potential to hit crazy trickshots on these original Call of Duty maps, so what are you waiting for? Hop into this map with the island code 6660-3642-1790!

Additionally, you can find a different island code for somethings like a Basketball Map or a Maze Map.

Now that we've been through all the best Fortnite trick shots maps you can have fun hitting crazy trickshots all day in Fortnite! However, when you get bored be sure to check out the Best Deathrun Codes and Best Baseball Maps for even more Fortnite Creative fun!

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