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Fortnite’s Best Basketball Map Codes

A game of many minigame modes, there are several Fortnite maps designed to be ideal to play Basketball on. Here are the best Basketball Maps around!
Fortnite’s Best Basketball Map Codes

When Epic Games added throwing to objects other than grenades, Fortnite players rushed to create Basketball courts and Fortnite Basketball game modes in Fortnite creative mode.

Throughout Fortnite creative mode there is a wide range of Basketball courts where Fortnite players can play Basketball, each on a different map.

While some basketball maps have done their best to implement basketball mechanics, others have taken the basketball court and placed their own twist on the game, sometimes including weapons, building, and many other rules or variations.


Fortnite Basketball Court - Skttlz | 3613-5135-9180

Created by popular Fortnite content creator Skttlz, this Fortnite Basketball Court map code is the quintessential Basketball Court to actually play Basketball in Fortnite. In this island code, you can find hours of fun attempting to dunk a fish into your opponent's net.

With a respawning fish that players can grab and throw serving as the ball, players can challenge themselves to rack up as many points as possible, either solo or more enjoyably against friends on the enemy team.


Fortnite Ice Sports Map | 1622-9617-6648

With a number of different games available, all with an icy twist, this map is packed with fun. Also created by Skttlz, this map has the same mechanics as above, including an item (a flag) as the ball, the score counter, and designated teams.

Perfect for an official game of Basketball against your friends with clear scores and great game mechanics, including tackling via pickaxing, this is definitely one of the better maps you can find you play basketball on in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Basketball Court 2000 | 7673-2458-4612

Created by khubeb786yt, the Fortnite creative mode map Basketball Court 2000 is a fun and realistic take on a basketball map. This map code will take you into a map with a full stand and small basketball court for you to practise your hoops or roleplay with friends.

With Epic Games' basketball emote you can attempt to score points, however this map code doesn't have any special features, and is built primarily as a site for roleplay, battles, or to simply discover a basketball map on Fortnite.

To access the map enter the code above into your island code searcher in the Fortnite creative mode hub.


Fortnite NBA 75 All-Star Hub | 2165-0294-6080

Released alongside Fortnite's massive skin and emote release of the NBA 75 All-Star pack (check our article on the best Fortnite real-life skins for more info), this map was created by Team Atlas Creative.

Although similar maps exist, this map code is truly a higher standard. Because of its special release, this map was boosted to the top of Fortnite's recommended creative mode maps, and has a completable challenge inside.

With a rack of basketballs the player can pick up, you are tasked with sinking hoops with the provided balls inside the map. Each hoop will count towards your challenge quest, and if you score enough, Epic Games will reward you with the High Hoops spray.

If you are having trouble completing the challenge, make sure to copy code directly into your island code finder, rather than accessing the map via the recommended maps section, as this is a known issue.


Fortnite Boxfight Basketball | 2069-5746-4901

Created by IMAGINECT, this Basketball court is the perfect battlefield to go up against your friends. The map is designed for 2 to six players, with players split into two basketball teams evenly, each starting at one end of the court.

This map brings the mechanics of normal Fortnite and basketball together, as once the timer starts a "ball" in the form of a fish item will spawn in the middle of the basketball court. The aim of the game is of course to score hoops, getting the "ball" into the opponent's net, with a new ball spawning each time.

The twist is, that all normal Fortnite mechanics are allowed. That means players on both teams can build, shoot, and otherwise fight each other while trying to score. This brings back elements of capture the flag game modes in other games, and spices up the basketball play as you must avoid bullets and building blocks to score!


Fortnite Crashers | 1898-7178-3313

Also an official map released with Fortnite's NBA collaboration, this Fortnite Crasher's map is technically an LTM and was created by the Epic Games team themselves. The objective of the map is to score points by sliding down a ramp and landing in one of the many hoops at the end.

Of course, it wouldn't be Fortnite without a bit of mayhem! Players can also pick various weapons and items on the way down, which they can use to sabotage and kill other players on the enemy team.

Along with this being a super awesome game mode, players can also earn an awesome basketball hoop banner by completing the Crossover quest! All players need to do is visit the Fortnite Crashers map as well as the NBA welcome hub.

And those are the best Basketball court map codes you can hope to find! Whether it's simply to enjoy the maps, get a free spray, or dominate your friends on a cool basketball court map by sinking hoops, make sure to check all these maps out!

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