How To Earn Money Playing Fortnite [4 Most Profitable Methods]

Discover the best ways to earn money playing Fortnite!

Updated on Aug 28, 2023
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How To Earn Money Playing Fortnite [4 Most Profitable Methods]

If you're assuming that with that many players, there must be a way to earn money playing Fortnite, your assumption would definitely be correct. And that's why we wrote this article - to share the most profitable ways to earn money playing Fortnite, leaving aside gambling on eSports teams. While none of these methods won't make you rich, there's immense potential in them, especially for those who are persistent enough.

Using Buff Game

Buff game is a passive income method that literally anyone can use while playing Fotnite to get various rewards, including digital and physical goods.

And by passive, we really mean it - all you gotta do is let this program run in the background while you play Fortnite and you're good to go. Let's get into more details below.

This reward-based service functions by continuously inspecting how well you perform in Fortnite, more precisely, your kill/death ratio in the game. It also has specific in-game challenges, such as getting a particular number of headshots and winning matches.


In essence, the better you play and the more in-game challenges you complete, the more rewards you'll be able to obtain. uses a virtual currency named Buff Coins to reward its users, and these coins can be used to get rewards that include:

  • PC and console hardware
  • Digital services gift cards
  • Retailers gift cards
  • Video game codes for v-bucks
  • Credits
  • and much more


We do realize that this may seem too good to be true and that many of our readers are wondering what the catch is or if this is another crypto-mining scam. This is understandable, and that's why we'd like to reassure everyone that is a legitimate service that's completely legal; otherwise, we wouldn't even include it in our article.

For in-depth details, check out our review of Buff and see for yourself that there’s no place for any skepticism when it comes to this service. And while you're at it, you might also want to learn more about BuffPay Card.



Streaming can become a profitable method of making money playing Fortnite Battle Royale, but it's undoubtedly the farthest route of achieving that. No matter how good a player and entertaining you are (both essential elements of becoming a successful streamer), you'll need to build a viewer base first.

And that simply cannot happen instantly and takes lots of time, dedication, hard work, and being active, especially during peak hours. But once you establish a solid viewer base, you'll be able to make some serious money and maybe even turn streaming Fortnite into full time job!


The most obvious choice if you wish to start streaming is creating a Twitch account, so your viewers can subscribe to you, send you Twitch bits (small donations), and donate money through any preferred payment method.

Although there are many other streaming platforms, they can't even get close to Twitch, especially regarding the number of users, and with many users come potential viewers that are willing to spend money on you.

So if you consider yourself a charismatic person who enjoys playing Fortnite, you can give streaming a go. If your live streams are entertaining enough, the audience will come automatically.


The great thing about this method is that your Fortnite skills won't need to be like professional players to earn money; it all comes down to viewers and their donations/subscriptions.

Not to mention that streaming can be highly entertaining because once you set everything up, all you need to do is play Fortnite and talk with your viewers. And if you're interesting enough, they will appreciate that and help you earn money.

Bonus Method: Earn Free V-Bucks In Fortnite Using Freecash

For those interested solely in earning V-Bucks rather than money (that they would probably spend on this currency anyway), here's a method of obtaining them completely free - by using Freecash.

This is essentially a get-paid-to service with various offers for its users, which they can complete and get over 20 rewards, including the one you're most interested in - V-Bucks!

The entire process is relatively straightforward, and you can start completing the tasks within a few moments. First, you'll need to create a new account, after which you'll need to choose the "Earn" page, and you'll notice all kinds of tasks below the Offer Walls section.

Anyone can accomplish these tasks since they are pretty uncomplicated, and upon completing them, you'll receive a virtual currency called Freecash Coins.


After accumulating enough Freecash Coins, visit the "Cashout" page, where you'll find over 20 available services you can exchange your Freecash Coins.

At the bottom, you'll see the Fortnite option, so click on it, and you'll be able to get V-Bucks directly from Freecash. Or if you prefer, you can get free V-Bucks by other means. You can choose between $10, $25, $45, and $100 gift card values. Alternatively, you can select PayPal, Visa, or cryptocurrencies and purchase V-Bucks elsewhere.


If you wish to find out all the essential ins and outs and specifics regarding this service, check out our thorough review of Freecash, in which we proved that this service is genuine and does the job as described.

If you decide to join Freecash, we got a bonus code for you that may allow you to win up to $250! Make sure to verify your email address after registering, and once you visit the website, enter the "TGG" code into the popup field.

Then all it remains is to watch the wheel spin automatically for your chance to win some extra money.



In order for this method to work, you'll definitely need to know how to play Fortnite well. This doesn't mean that you're supposed to win a Fortnite world cup or even compete in Fortnite tournaments; you simply need to have an advanced skill level that you can share with someone interested. For the money, of course.

But skills enough won't suffice it, as you'll also need some background, whether as a Fortnite streamer or a respected player that participated in Fortnite competitions. If you meet these criteria, you can sign up at one of the freelancing websites like Fiverr or Upwork or game coaching websites and offer your expertise there.


Fortnite has become such a cultural phenomenon that some universities even offer a Fortnite scholarship of $4000 for extremely talented players. Hence, it's no wonder many young people who play Fortnite wish to improve their skills by hiring a personal coach.

Essentially, your job as a coach will consist of using voice communication with your client and guiding that player in real-time while playing Fortnite. On top of this, you'll be playing Fortnite alongside your client, and essentially you'll need to do your best and share your Fortnite knowledge as much as possible.



Many gamers who play Fortnite will do anything to improve their hype, and one of the ways to accomplish that is to resort to game boosting. For those unfamiliar with this term, game boosting is a service in which a skilled player (we'll assume that's you) plays with other players' accounts to win matches and increase the rank of that account.

For instance, a client may pick between arena boosting, leveling, or win boosting, and most importantly client may also choose the desired rank. In addition, there's also an option to play with a booster (again, you), and every single additional service will cost them extra.


This is an excellent opportunity to play Fortnite and earn money, but just like with game coaching, your skills will need to be adequate if you wish to consider this option.

Remember that you will need to join one of the specialized game-boosting websites, which means you won't receive 100% of the revenue. Still, these websites will find clients for you, so you won't have to deal with that. And while game boosting isn't endorsed by Epic Games, you won't have to fret about that because you won't be risking your account getting banned or anything.

So these were the best methods of earning money by playing Fortnite, in our opinion. If you'd like to try out some of them, you'll need to set realistic goals and acknowledge that you won't be able to become rich overnight and that success is not guaranteed no matter what you try.

Still, even if you're far from a professional player, you'll be able to use Fortnite as your side hustle if you're willing to invest your time and effort for this to work. Evidently, playing games is no longer just a pastime, and people who play video games can turn that into a regular job like any.

But if you really don't want to invest your precious time and energy into earning money through Fortnite, the best alternative to still profit from playing Fortnite is using, especially since you won't need to do anything but play the game.


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