How To Drop Items In Fortnite

Does your squad need to share loot? Here is a complete guide that teaches how to drop items in Fortnite to help you share some items to get the victory royale!

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How To Drop Items In Fortnite

Ways To Drop Items In Fortnite Battle Royale

How to drop Items on the PC

There are two ways to drop an item in the PC version of Fortnite Battle Royale. Here is how you do the first method:


  1. Press I to bring up your inventory. Check your settings first if you have a different keybind for the inventory
  2. Click the item that you want to drop
  3. Press either the X button on your keyboard or the drop button in the bottom right corner of your screen

The second method is also similar to the first one. If you still want to know a different way of dropping items, then here is how you do it:

  1. Bring up your inventory again by pressing the necessary keybind. (The default is I)
  2. Click the item that you want to drop, but this time drag it until it reaches outside the inventory interface

Both methods are useful and have the same results, but the drag and drop method is better because it is more efficient.

How to drop Items on the Xbox

The Xbox One method is pretty similar to the PC one. It also involves bringing up your inventory to drop some items. Here is a complete way to do it:


  1. Open your inventory by pressing the correct button (The default is D-Pad Up). Check the settings if your inventory is not opening, just to make sure if you are pressing the right one.
  2. Navigate through your items by pressing the left and right buttons of your Xbox One controller D-pad
  3. Press X to drop the loot that you have.

How to drop Items on the Playstation

This method is really similar to the Xbox One method, so remembering it will be really easy.


  1. Just like the other methods, open up your inventory again. (The default is the D-Pad Up button on your Playstation controller).
  2. You can also navigate through your items by pressing the left and right buttons on your D-Pad.
  3. Once you have chosen the correct loot that you want to get rid of, press the square button to drop items from your inventory.

How to drop Items on the Nitendo Switch

As you may have expected, this method is also similar to the other console methods, and it also involves the usual process of opening your inventory. Here is a complete guide to doing it:


  1. Press D-pad up on your Nintendo Switch controller
  2. Use your joystick to select the item that you would like to drop, either guns, ammo, or traps
  3. Press the Y button on your controller, and the item should be successfully dropped

What Is The Best Item To Drop In Fortnite?

You may be wondering what would be the best item to get rid of before pressing the drop button . There is no “best item” per se because it differs from the situation. However, your ammo and healing items, given how scarce they are in Fortnite Battle Royale, are the best ones to give to your teammates to increase the chance of getting that victory royale.


Gold weapons, like Legendary Assault Rifles, are also great items to donate to your teammates. Remember, these are the weapons that deal the most damage, so sharing them with your team is not a bad idea.

Every item is droppable in Fortnite, so make sure to drop your shield potions, weapons, and medkits to free some space in your inventory slot or help teammates. At the end of the day, most Fortnite Battle Royale games are played in squads, so make sure to act like the best teammate someone can have to ensure an easy victory royale!

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