Best Green Fortnite Skins

Best Green Fortnite Skins

Numerous options are available to gamers that favor cosmetic outfits with green shading. For instance, warriors from the Street Fighter franchise & leaders from the Clover Team are considered some of Fortnite’s Best Green Skins. As such, insight into which Fortnite Skins are considered best for this color palette is provided below. 



Control the forests & blend into the environment when procuring Bushranger, a playable character released on Fortnite’s 1st Season during the 2nd Chapter. You’ll need 1200 V-Bucks to purchase this virtual apparel. In return, a woodland creature with green leaves & acorn grenades is provided to players. This allows gamers to merge into lush environments throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale. As such, attacking unsuspecting enemies becomes much easier.

Bushranger launched alongside the Woodsy Set on November 7th in 2019 & provided gamers with the added option of decimating enemies with the Honey Hitters Harvesting Tool. Moreover, four variations of Bushranger exist. That includes an Autumn and Winter Skin to contrast the original design.

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Lt. Evergreen

Showcase your holiday spirit & festive cheer by purchasing the Piney Fresh Set from Fortnite’s Item Store. This bundled package introduced Lt. Evergreen, an unexpected playable character decorated like a Christmas Tree. That’s because pine needles are illustrated throughout Lt. Evergreen, which provides games with the perfect apparel for concealing themselves during winter events in Fortnite.

Lt. Evergreen became available during the 1st Season of Fortnite’s 2nd Chapter. There wouldn’t be an associated cost to purchasing this bundled package. As such, thousands of international gamers have considered Lt. Evergreen the Best Green Fortnite Skin for three years running.

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Save the planet & eliminate extraterrestrials bearing down onto earth as the Hunter, a playable character that launched on Fortnite’s 4th Season during Chapter Two. He’d become attainable after participants spent 1800 V-Bucks on the Item Store. In return, they’d acquire an unretired superhero that’s destined to save our planet. He’ll wear a futuristic jumpsuit that’s coloured in neon green & obscured black, providing an aesthetic meant for superheros.

The Hunter Skin launched alongside the Boundless Set, which provides an accumulation of ten playable characters. That includes some of Fortnite’s Rarest Skins like Hypersonic and Mighty Volt. It’ll be noted that consumers receive the Phantasmic Pulse Harvesting Tool after purchasing the Boundless Set. In response, you’ll retain superior capabilities at slaughtering downed enemies.

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Clover Team Leader

Sprint across the fields of Fortnite & decimate your enemies as an adorable puppy by purchasing Clover Team Leader, a cosmetic outfit costing 800 V-Bucks. This costume was released to gamers during the 2nd Season of Fortnite Chapter 2. It’d be ranked as an uncommon outfit that doesn’t provide a Harvesting Tool or Glider. However, those accessories aren’t needed when realizing the Clover Team Leader Skin is adorable.

Enemies become entranced by the puppylike helmet & costume worn by the Clover Team Leader. Moreover, she’ll merge into nearby woodland environments as her apparel maintains a green complexion. Therefore, eradicating enemies becomes easier as they’ll struggle to notice your presence.




Epic Games introduced their Spring Spirit Set on March 15th, 2020. It’d launch alongside the 2nd Fortnite Season during Chapter Two & enable consumers to acquire the Chance Skin, a female-eccentric outfit that prioritizes urban styling. You’ll find this red-headed woman in yoga pants & a crop-top sweater that’s complemented by her snapback hat. Moreover, all clothing worn by Chance is coloured in green or white. This aids gamers in blending themselves into various locations across the Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Spring Spirit Set is available for 1200 V-Bucks within the Fortnite Item Store. Gamers purchasing this cosmetic bundle aren’t exclusively rewarded with the Chance Skin. They’ll additionally receive the Silver Striker Harvesting Tool, which improves the talents one maintains in purging your enemies. It’ll be noted that the Lucky Clover and Lush Edge Back Bling’s are additionally supplied to consumers.

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Stand out amongst the user base & brighten your day by procuring the Impact Set, which introduces Kyra as a playable character. She’ll wear neon green apparel consisting of sleeved crop-tops & tactical belts. Moreover, combative black pants help offset her brightened colors to create an attractive outfit that appeals to female gamers.

The Kyra Skin was published in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4. She’ll cost participants 1200 V-Bucks to procure as a bundled package. In return, they’ll acquire a Harvesting Tool named Block Blades & a Glider called the Green Eagle. The combination of these Battle Royale accessories assists consumers in eliminating their enemies. As such, Kyra has become favored amongst female gaming communities across Fortnite.

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Combative soldiers from the US Army have descended onto the Fortnite Battle Royale. Named Guile, this warrior was released alongside the Street Fighter Set for 1600 V-Bucks. He’d sport the traditional attire fanatics know from this franchise, including his green sleeveless shirt & combative camo pants. You’ll also notice an American flag tattooed into his right arm. As such, there’s an emphasis on national pride when adorning this cosmetic character.

Fortnite’s 2nd Chapter had eight seasons & introduced Guile during the 7th. He’d quickly become favored amongst male gamers for his embracive attitude. Moreover, the Harvesting Tool provided to Guile became a fan favorite. The Knuckle Buster became considered one of Fortnite’s best secondary weapons by some supporters. As such, gamers are administered a strengthened character when purchasing Guile.

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Hardened warriors from the Street Fighter franchise have joined the Fortnite Battle Pass. There are four available characters that players can select from, including Chun-Li and Ryu. But Cammy has proven favorable amongst international gaming communities. That’s because she’ll wear green clothing & camo combative pants, which compliments her blonde hair and ruby-coloured accessories.

Her combative clothing is formfitting & enables Cammy to attack enemies with improved flexibility. Moreover, gamers are concealed into local environments when employing the Cammy Skin. This has helped Street Fighter to remain popular on the Item Store since launching during Fortnite 2nd Chapter. It’ll be noted that players buying this bundled package are issued the Signpost Pummeler Harvesting Tool and V-Trigger Vector Glider. It’ll be noted that gamers need 1600 V-Bucks to procure the Cammy Skin.

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Locating Skin Sets that are rarely found throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale can be somewhat challenging. We’re confident that you’ll locate an exciting outfit for reasonable costs by advising our continued suggestions.

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