Best Bunny Skins Fortnite

Equip one of the best bunny skins Fortnite to hop into battle royale and trounce all over opposing Fortnite gamers.

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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Best Bunny Skins Fortnite

Don’t be mad, be hoppy when you dust off the best bunny skins Fortnite in your locker. Bunny Fortnite skins have become all the rage in Fortnite Battle Royale, especially with Epic Games’ upcoming easter events. Regardless of whether you play on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or even an IPad, there has never been a better time to add bunny skins to your Fortnite crew.

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Rabbit Raider

The Rabbit Raider Fortnite Skin is an Epic Fortnite skin that was added into the game during Fortnite Season 3. Rabbit Raider is a star member of the Pastel Patrol Set. Pastel Patrol is a fantastic resource for exploring some of the many best bunny skins in Fortnite. Rabbit Raider is wearing a pink onesie, with floppy bunny ears on the hood.


The face of Rabbit Raider is obscured by a bunny style Jason Halloween mask. Oh and you can’t miss the grenade sash for Rabbit Raider’s egg launcher. You should also know Rabbit Raider has one outfit variation, Dark. Dark changes the onesie color of Rabbit Raider to black, amongst other color changes.


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The classiest of the best bunny skins Fortnite. Epic Games prices Stella at only 800 V Bucks, that’s less than the battle pass costs! Stella stands tall and confident wearing a masquerade style bunny mask. Her pink corset matches her flowing pink hair.


Players may miss the easter bow tied to Stella’s leg. Use Stella to show your style over the players who use the typical Fortnite Skins, like Skull Trooper. Equip Stella for the Spring Breakout Cup in an upcoming Fortnite Season.


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Guggimon is an Epic outfit that was released in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass. Guggimon cost 9 Battle Stars to redeem from the 4th page of the Battle Pass rewards. Guggimon is the best bunny skin in Fortnite to take on John Wick.


Guggimon has the technical combat skills, and most importantly the speed to take on any opposing Fortnite players coming at you with the John Wick Fortnite skin. Guggimon comes in several different styles, and depending on how many Battle Stars you earned in the Fortnite Battle Pass you may have unlocked them all.


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Bun Bun

Remember waking up Easter morning to a chocolate bunny? Now you can play as that chocolate bunny in game with Bun Bun. Bun Bun’s outfit consists of a partially torn gold foil, and red ribbons tying it all together.


Fortnite players can grab Bun Bun for 1500 V Bucks to use Bun Bun in battle royale. Bun Bun is the best Fortnite skin to go for legendary quest rewards, because of his gold coloring. Equip Bun Bun today to say nite nite to even the best Fortnite gamers in battle royale.


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Bunny Brawler

Our second bunny skin, Bunny Brawler is similar to Rabbit Raider. Bunny Brawler is also a member of the Pastel Patrol Set. She is the female counterpart to Rabbit Raider. Bunny Brawler's Default Fortnite skin option wears a white onesie, Bunny Brawler also has face paint drawing a cute little bunny nose, and whiskers.


You can also check out the Bunny Brawler outfit variation Dark. Similar to Rabbit Raider’s variation it changes the onesie color to black, as well as obscuring Bunny Brawler’s face with a bunny mask. You can snag Bunny Brawler in time for the Spring Breakout Cup in Fortnite Battle Royale for 1500 V Bucks.


Take off your Funk Ops outfit and get into one of these best bunny skins Fortnite. Since none of these skins cost 2000 V Bucks you’ll have some V Bucks leftover for the Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe. The Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe is the best pairing for any of the above listed skins. If you’d like to branch out of the bunny Fortnite skins check out the Most Popular Fortnite Skins. You could also look at The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite if you still haven’t got what you’re looking for.

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