Best Fortnite Skins with Tatoos

Looking for that perfect skin to use in game, but there’s too many to choose from? We’ve narrowed down the best Fortnite skins with tattoos for you!
Best Fortnite Skins with Tatoos

The paradox of choice comes up time and time again when looking for the perfect Fortnite skin. With Epic Games including over 1000 fortnite skins to choose from, Fortnite players are forced to narrow their search.



The first tatted Fortnite skin we are going to look at is Dude from the movie Free Guy. Dude is an Epic outfit who is a member of the Free Guy Set. You can purchase Dude for 1200 V Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Dude Fortnite skin

Dude has the iconic blue shirt from the Free Guy movie tattooed on his chest. The blue tattoo on Dude makes him the perfect skin to bring into your build battles at Blue Steel Bridge in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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Gear Specialist Maya

Gear Specialist Maya was a customizable Fortnite Battle Pass skin from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Fortnite players could customize Maya's tattoos with 4 different tattoo options.

gear specialist maya fortnite skin

If you’re in the market for a tattooed Fortnite skin Maya offers the most customization of any other tattooed Fortnite Battle Royale skins in the game.

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Jules is a tattooed Fortnite skin from Fortnite Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3’s Battle Pass. Players could bring Jules into the game by reaching tier 40 in the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Jules Fortnite Skin

The Jules skin has three variations including the Shadow Jules skin which obscures Jules’ face with a skull mask. Grab Jules and take down the opposing Ariana Grande skins today!

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Midsummer Midas

Midsummer Midas is the summer version of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Midas skin. Midsummer Midas takes this Battle Pass skin and gets him beach ready.

Midsummer Midas Fortnite Skin

Midsummer Midas’ beach ready clothing exposes his myriad of tattoos scattered across Midas’ body. Snag Midsummer Midas for 1600 V Bucks from the Fortnite Item Shop.

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Travis Scott

Fortnite players may remember Travis Scott from the Astronomical Event. This event went down in Fortnite history for being the first ever Fortnite concert. Epic Games released Travis Scott into the game during this concert in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

The Travis Scott skin features the iconic rapper with tattoos up and down his arms, and chest. Players can bring this tatted up rapper into the game by purchasing Travis Scott from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1500 V Bucks.

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