Best Ways To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working [Windows / Xbox / Switch]

The best way to fix a non-working microphone in Fortnite will depend on the platform you play on. Here's your troubleshooting guide to solve this issue!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Best Ways To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working [Windows / Xbox / Switch]

Comms is an important part of the Fortnite Xbox Live experience. When Fortnite voice chat doesn’t work for you, Fortnite becomes less of an epic game. Thankfully we have the fix for every Fortnite console! Keep reading to fix all your Fortnite audio issues.

How To Fix Fortnite Mic Not Working

The most common Fortnite voice chat issues can be fixed in the Fortnite settings. We’ll run you through the proper Fortnite audio settings in this section. This step-by-step guide will fix Fortnite audio issues for any Fortnite game, from Fortnite mobile, to Fortnite Xbox One, to Fortnite PC. If you want to check that your other Fortnite settings are as they should be we recommend checking out our article, How To Fix Packet Loss

Here is how to fix Fortnite mix not working in the Fortnite settings:

  1. Open your Voice Chat Settings by selecting the Menu Button in the top left, and select the Mic Icon
  2. Raise your Voice Chat Volume to at least 50%.
  3. Toggle between your Default Channel from party channel to game channel.
  4. Toggle between Open Mic and Push to Talk.
  5. Open Fortnite Settings and toggle Voice Chat Option to On under Voice Chat Settings in the Audio Tab.

If you need a visual cue to make sure you’re adjusting the correct Fortnite settings, here is the Fortnite Voice Chat on and off option:


Here is the Fortnite audio settings sidebar menu.


If your voice chat settings are all sorted, you might be interested in this article on the Best Sound Settings in Fortnite.

Troubleshooting Fortnite Mic Not Working

Sometimes Fortnite audio settings won’t make your Fortnite game chat work. Therefore, you’ll have to troubleshoot in places like the Epic Games Launcher or your consoles settings. Thankfully, we’ve compiled important troubleshooting tips for all the major Fortnite consoles like Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Troubleshooting Fortnite Mic Not Working on PC

Unfortunately, PC players will have the toughest time fixing their audio issues in Fortnite voice chat. PC players have the good fortune of additional settings to make the most out of performance, like Fortnite Nvidia Settings, and loads of options for Fortnite Keybinds. However, they have the misfortune of complex problem solving when things like your Fortnite game chat start acting up. Thankfully, we have compiled all the tips in one easy to read place!

Update Your Audio Drivers

Outdated audio drivers is the most common problem past the Fortnite settings menu that causes Fortnite game chat problems. The easiest way to update your audio drivers is by using an application like Driver Easy. Driver Easy is an automatic audio drivers application that makes updating audio drivers easy, especially if you don’t know where to find your device drivers.


If you are familiar with your voice chat input device, you can forgo Driver Easy, and instead isit your audio devices manufacturers website.

If you’re still having trouble, we recommend checking your device's owner manual for tips. Then, if all else fails, contact your audio devices customer support team.

Check Windows Audio Settings

Another reason your microphone might not get picked up lies in the Windows audio settings. Most importantly, you should make sure you have the correct output device selected as your default device.


Oftentimes, players will simply have the wrong audio device selected, which makes Fortnite voice chat impossible.

Update Windows

Another reason your Fortnite game chat might fail is because Windows is out of date. Thankfully, we have a simple fix, update Windows!

Here’s the easy steps to updating Windows:

  1. Press Windows Menu Button and open your Windows Settings and type Update into the search bar.
  2. Select Check for Updates from the search results.
  3. Wait for Windows to check for updates, and alert you if there is any available.
  4. Select the Restart your PC Button if there is an available update.
  5. Run Fortnite and see if you’ve found a fix voice chat method.

If there is no update available you can move onto the next tip.


However, if you got an update be sure to follow the prompts as they are shown to you by Windows.

There are still plenty more PC troubleshooting issues out there, like going into device manager, or you can restart windows audio service, tweak xbox game bar settings, and mess around in control panel. However, if your microphone is still acting up, it may be preferable to find a different voice chat method.

How to fix Fortnite voice chat not working on Xbox One

Xbox party chat brings another league of problems when it comes to Fortnite voice chat. Thankfully, we have the troubleshooting tips to get your back to chatting away while playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

Here is how to fix Fortnite voice chat not working on Xbox One, and Xbox Series X:

  1. Adjust your DNS Settings by navigating to the Advanced Settings on your Xbox One or other Xbox console. Path to advanced settings: System Tab - Settings - Network - Select Network Settings - Advanced Settings.
  2. Note down the current DNS servers, so you can re-input them if this change doesn’t fix your audio troubles.
  3. Change DNS Settings to Manual and change to these new DNS servers:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:
  4. If prompted, input 1473 for the MTU.

Once you’ve changed the DNS servers, you can retry voice chat.


For more on ensuring your settings are the best they can be, check out the Best Controller Aim Settings in Fortnite. You can also check out the Best Colorblind Settings to even further your gaming experience.

How to fix Fortnite voice chat not working on Switch

Our final console we will troubleshoot on is the Nintendo Switch. We’re going to alter the DNS settings on Nintendo Switch, just like we did with the Xbox One.

Here is how to change Nintendo Switch DNS settings:

  1. Open the Internet Settings on your Nintendo Switch.
  2. Change DNS Settings to Manual
  3. Enter the following settings:
  4. Enter the following settings:

Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

  1. Don’t worry about MTU, and set Proxy Settings to Off.

If you’ve changed your DNS settings, launch Fortnite, and test out your new DNS Settings.

We hope your microphone is working good as new after the above microphone tips! If that’s the case for you maybe you want to celebrate with one of the Best Fortnite Skins or maybe you’d rather a Cat Fortnite Skin instead!

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