Everything to Know About Fortnite Skins Height

Fortnite characters come in different shapes and sizes. This raises players to have questions about Fortnite skins height. We’re here to answer these questions.

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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Everything to Know About Fortnite Skins Height

Questions surrounding Fortnite skins height have been making a stir across social media. Fortnite players are raising valid questions around advantages and disadvantages of different Fortnite skins. All Fortnite gamers from Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch are affected by these potential advantages or disadvantages. Therefore, we have seeked to answer these important questions.

Do Shorter Skins Have Smaller Hitboxes?

The short answer is no. Epic Games has a standardized hitbox regardless of your Fortnite skins height. Which means you don’t have to worry about a disadvantaged hitbox when using your favorite Fortnite character.


Surprisingly, this is not standard across all Battle Royale Video Games. Maybe this will be changed in a future update, but currently Apex Legends characters have hitboxes matching their character’s features.

Why Do Pro Fortnite Players Use Female Characters?

While smaller skins don’t have advantageous hit boxes, there are still appealing features to using a smaller skin. Specifically regarding visibility. Any player that has equipped a large Fortnite Character will understand the visibility penalty.


Since Fortnite Battle Royale is a third person shooter a larger skin like Guff or Peely will obscure a larger portion of your vision. Additionally, smaller female characters can be tougher to spot because of their size. Players can hide behind smaller objects with female characters. These are likely contributing factors to pro Fortnite players favoring female characters in the game.

What Is The Average Height Of A Fortnite Character?

Thanks to Reddit user eirik17 Fortnite players have the answer to this question! Eirik17 ran a test which determined the approximate height of a Fortnite wall to be 384cm tall. An average Fortnite skin will stand slightly below the halfway mark on a wall.


Therefore, we can estimate the average Fortnite skin is 185cm tall, or just under 6’1”. There are still outliers amongst Fortnite skins. Specifically when it comes to the taller side of Fortnite characters.

Who Is The Tallest Fortnite Character?

I hopped into creative and measured some of the tallest skins in my locker to find this answer for you! Released in Fortnite Season 8 of Fortnite Chapter 1’s Battle Pass the fictional character Peely takes the cake for tallest Fortnite character.


As you can see, Peely’s banana features push this Fortnite Character significantly above the halfway mark on a wall. This may seem like a con to use a tall Fortnite skin like Peely, but there is actually an advantage. Larger Fortnite skins obscure the true hit box of your Fortnite character. Therefore, enemies may be aiming their weapons at portions of your character that won’t register as hits in the game. If you want to pick up the tallest Fortnite skin you’re in luck! Peely has been re-released with different outfit variations in every Fortnite Chapter since Fortnite Chapter 1.


Who Is The Shortest Fortnite Character?

The shortest Fortnite character is tied amongst a majority of the female characters in the game. In this example I used Haven who was released in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s Battle Pass, but most female skins are comparable. Generally, Female characters are approximately the same height as each other, which is just slightly shorter than the average male Fortnite skin.


However, being shorter is not the only factor to consider when determining the smallest Fortnite skin. Female skins tend to have smaller features in general compared to male characters. Which is what makes them a favorable choice amongst people who play Fortnite professionally, because of the third person visibility advantage.


It’s important to remember that the advantage gained from Fortnite skins height is negligible at best. Therefore, you shouldn’t stop yourself from equipping your favorite Star Wars skin, or Travis Scott because you think it may have disadvantageous features to the Fortnite skin. At the end of the day personal preference is all that should drive your skin selection process. If you want to further your reading check out Fortnite Skins Deleted. You can also check out The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite to see the top skins across Fortnite Seasons.

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