Here's How Hitboxes Work in Fortnite!

Hitboxes in Fortnite work in quite an interesting way, which is a bit different from other FPS games. Check it out!

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Here's How Hitboxes Work in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t like Apex Legends on Rocket League, as these games differ in their mechanics. Apex Legends maintains an identical feature to Rocket League, as the playable characters retain different hitboxes.

This has resulted in countless rumors suggesting that Fortnite Skins have similar characteristics. But is there any truth behind that rumor? Let’s find out.

Do Fortnite Skins Have Unique Hitboxes?

Unfortunately, skins like John Wick & Renegade Raider don’t have unique hitboxes compared to other characters in Fortnite. You’ll notice that Epic Games have worked diligently at developing balanced gameplay. Therefore, everyone maintains an equal competitive advantage regardless of their playable character.

Typically, players are motivated to increase their competitive advantage. This has resulted in communities discussing various methods to improve their multiplayer capabilities. In most circumstances, professional players suggest that newcomers purchase smaller skins. That smaller frame should assist with other competitors not noticing your position. In turn, victory over an upcoming Fortnite Chapter is accomplished without difficulty.

Do Bigger Characters in Fortnite Have Bigger Hitboxes?

Characters with larger builds shouldn’t be avoided. They’ll make zero difference towards the outcome of damage output in Fortnite. Everyone retains identical hitboxes that aren’t changed based on the character. Instead, visual modifications are implemented when purchasing a Fortnite Skin.


There’s an unexpected benefit with these bigger characters, as they’ll provide an intimidating & imposing presence that leaves enemies concerned for what’s about to happen. Why might you ask? Because most players have favored smaller skins. They’re under the impression that Fortnite has alternate hitboxes. It does not.

Do Female Skin Have Smaller Hitboxes?

International Fortnite Communities have favored Female Skins, as they’re under the impression these cosmetic characters maintain smaller hitboxes. But those individuals are incorrect about their assumption, as Epic Games have focused on designing a balanced shooter that provides everyone with equal competitive advantage & the Best Skins Possible. Therefore, Female Skins aren’t developed with smaller hitboxes.


Competitive advantages are gained with Female Skins & Male Skins in Fortnite, permitting they’ve been designed with smaller bodies. What advantage could that be? They’ll be harder to notice amongst enemy players. You’ll have an easier time hiding behind buildings, bushes, and trees throughout the map. In turn, that minor advantage could prompt additional kills. But understand your damage output to enemies isn’t altered in any way.

Do Male Fortnite Skins Have a Bigger Hitbox than Female Skins?

As previously mentioned, hitboxes throughout the Fortnite Battle Royale have been designed with equal damage output. You’ll be incapable of locating Male Fortnite Skins that maintain bigger hitboxes & an increased damage output. Body-frames designed into these male characters are developed for cosmetic purposes.


There’ll be zero differences in the gameplay experience. That applies towards the length & height of hitboxes in Fortnite.

Does Putting On a Back Bling Increase Your Hitbox?

Skin Sets in Fortnite aren’t the exclusive cosmetic items limited in their hitbox size. Unfortunately, Back Blings are designed to maintain identical hitboxes. You could purchase these cosmetic accessories & have zero changes towards the level of damage output.


Gliders and Harvesting Tools won’t alter the hitboxes in Fortnite either. That’s because everything Epic Games have designed is meant to possess visual effects. Therefore, you’ll be incapable of purchasing your way to professionalism in Fortnite. Players must train themselves to compete with the professionals.

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