Top 7 Fortnite Creative Maze Maps

Sometimes you want a break from the Fortnite building and shooting, and just want to enjoy a fun puzzle - how about a maze?

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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Top 7 Fortnite Creative Maze Maps

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MackJack | 9249-5810-8947

MackJack's Retro Runners Fortnite Maze Map

Putting a fun mini-game twist into the classic Fortnite maze map, Retro Runners by MackJack splits the lobby into two teams: runners and shooters.

With an awesome neon-retro design theme, the runners have to collect coins around the maze without dying to the shooters (who each have a pistol) - the first team to 500 points from eliminations or coins wins!

This Fortnite map is a blast to play and can host up to 16 players, allowing for all sorts of fun mayhem. With additional power ups, a great mini-game twist, and one of the more unique map designs, this is definitely one of the best Fortnite creative map codes - and could almost count amongst the top Fortnite aim maps as well.

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Skill-Moovix | 5795-9677-3832

Skill-Moovix's Attack on Titan Fortnite Maze Map

Although some might not consider this a real maze map, the sheer brilliance of its design meant it absolutely had to appear on this list. The Attack on Titan Battle Royale custom map is a labyrinth of intricate design, carefully mapped out like the infamous walled city in Attack on Titan.

With no set game mode, you can simply explore the city and the walls, or try and climb up them without building, treating it like one of Fortnite's best parkour maps. 

No matter what you want to do, this map can support anything you want, from 1v1s to all sorts of minigames, and combined with its brilliant design it is easily one of the best maze maps out there.

A vast complex of houses and walls, this map would also make an awesome hide-and-seek map (read our article on the best Fortnite hide-and-seek maps for more on those). 

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ALPHABTW | 15 20-3673-2320

AlphaBTW's Nocturn Labyrinth Fortnite Maze Map

Filled with spikes, spooky easter eggs, and mischievous jump pads, this map makes an awesome and challenging puzzle, especially for Halloween. 

AlphaBTW's Nocturn Labyrinth presents you with a spooky horror-themed maze map, with a dark and gloomy atmosphere just like many of the best Fortnite horror maps around. 

The aim is simple: escape the maze. But it's not as easy as it sounds. This maps ghoulish theme, fun but sometimes scary easter eggs, and overall challenge to complete is what makes it one of the best Fortnite maze maps - especially if you like to check out maps by yourself.

4 /7

Bunny Slav | 3625-5679-1290

Bunny Slav's Hudge Maze Fortnite Maze Map

Map creator Bunny Slav has created one of the biggest Fortnite maze maps around, and not only that, they've added an awesome theme and a little bit of adventure roleplay to it, just to make it even better.

Taking place in a sprawling Mayan maze, the Bunny Slav Hudge Maze map is for those who love a challenge, with it being known for its difficulty. The starting story adds a great bit of fantasy flavour to the map, and the Mayan aesthetic really brings the map to life.

If you want a nice chill maze this maybe isn't for you, but for Fortnite maze map lovers, this map is easily one of the biggest and best, and you have to try it!

5 /7

DTF | 3060-8397-5852

DTF's Biggest Maze in the World Fortnite Maze Map

Although this map doesn't have much theme or storytelling, DTF's "Biggest Maze in the World" is truly a sight to behold. With sprawling walls of epic proportion, there is little doubt that this map is one of if not the biggest Fortnite mazes ever made. That alone brings it onto this list.

Presenting a pretty hefty challenge to all that take it on, you can choose to go it alone or tackle it with friends. Either way, many people have taken hours upon hours to complete this map, so it's sure to provide you with plenty of entertainment - or frustration!

When it comes to massive scale, there is no better, which is why DTF's map is one of the best Fortnite maze maps you can try out.

6 /7

DTF | 9558-5855-6728

DTF's Impossible Escape Room Fortnite Maze Map

Another entry from map creator DTF, this map is aptly named the "*IMPOSSIBLE* Escape The Room" map, and just looking at it you can see why. Made up almost entirely of stairs, with this map you need to think more 3D (as you are trying to escape upwards) instead of out the side, and is more difficult than any escape room or the hardest puzzles.

There are supposedly more than 30 ways out to the top via portals, but not all of them will take you directly there. With multiple layers of stairs, you could easily spend hours exploring without getting anywhere, and this challenge is what makes the map so good.

If you finally make it out, you'll feel like a God, having achieved something not may Fortnite gamers can claim to have done, however this may be one of the most frustrating maze map creative codes Fortnite, or Epic Games for that matter, has ever hosted.

7 /7

Poseidon | 5709 3097 8273

Poseidon's MAZE RUNNER Fortnite Maze Map

Based off the infamous "Maze Runner" book and TV series, map creator Poseidon has done an excellent job bringing the Maze Runner visuals to life in his MAZE RUNNER map.

Complete with the iconic high walls and the glade, the player must explore the maze to uncover clues and find a way out, just like in the movie. Whether single-player or with friends, this map is truly a joy to play with fun twists and easter eggs around every corner.

Done so masterfully in the style of the movie, it's hard not to feel engrossed in the world of Maze Runner, making this map by far the best Fortnite Maze map you can play right now.

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