Worst Fortnite Skins

Let’s jump into some of the Worst Fortnite Skins in the game.

Updated on Aug 03, 2023
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Worst Fortnite Skins

With 1000+ items in the Epic Games Store for Fortnite Battle Royale they can’t all be winners. While Epic Games has released many fan favorites like John Wick or Ghoul Trooper, there are still many awful skins kicking around the Fortnite Item Shop.

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Fabio Sparklemane

Clocking in at the top of the worst skins in Fortnite Battle Royale is a Battle Pass skin. Fabio Sparklemane appeared in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Battle Pass. Thank goodness this is a battle pass skin, so players won’t be able to use this skin in battle Royale unless they completed the designated seasons Battle Pass.


Fabio Sparklemane is a jacked anthropomorphic unicorn. Fabio Sparklemane doesn’t even have opposable thumbs to hold his weapons throughout the Battle Royale. Instead Fabio has hooves, and a rainbow colored mane. If you want to hurt your eyes even more, check out the variation that changes this unicorn's color to gold. This unfortunate Battle Pass inclusion could possibly be the worst skin in Fortnite Battle Royale.


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Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider is the most undeservingly loved skin by Fortnite players. Renegade Raider is a default skin reskin that is nowhere near worth the exorbitant price tag of 1200 V Bucks. I have never been able to understand why players are willing to throw their money at Epic Games for an uninspired skin like Renegade Raider.


The Epic Games design team simply swapped out some clothing colors, added a leather helmet with goggles, and threw some face paint on and called it a day with this design. Somehow with the 5 minutes of work this skin took, Epic Games has managed to snag millions of V Bucks from Fortnite players.


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Next up is the aptly named Menace, because that’s what they are to my eyes. Menace is a Battle Pass skin from Fortnite Season 5 of Chapter 2. To add insult to injury Menace is a legendary rarity skin. Well, they certainly don’t look like a legendary skin.


If for some ungodly reason you want to customize this Battle Pass skin there are many options for you. Unfortunately, none of the armor upgrades available will make Menace any less of a menace aesthetically. This skin is a tragedy that’s best ignored from the otherwise solid Chapter 2 Season 5 Fortnite Battle Pass, and easily secures a spot as one of the Worst Fortnite Skins.


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The Finn Fortnite Skin is to the Star Wars Series as Chief Hopper is to the Stranger Things Set. Epic Games just chose the wrong character to represent a popular series. Epic Games has released loads of fan favorites for players in the Star Wars Series, like Boba Fett, and Mandolorian. Finn is one of the Worst Fortnite Skins in the Star Wars Series.


Epic Games picked an unpopular character from some of the least loved movies by Star Wars fans. Epic Games has still neglected to make a Darth Vader skin before including Finn. With a price tag of 1500 V Bucks I can’t see any reason to purchase this skin from the Fortnite Item Shop. I hope to never see Finn in a Battle Royale match.


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Travis Scott

Is there a Fortnite Skin so terrible it was removed from the game? Yes. With the recent posts circling the internet about Travis Scott’s concert Epic Games has made the decision to remove Travis Scott from the Fortnite Item Shop.


Travis Scott was among the most purchased skins in Fortnite Battle Royale. This shows how serious Epic Games is about removing Travis Scott from the game, and how the financial incentive is outmatched by how terrible this skin is. Travis Scott may take the crown as Fortnite’s Worst Skin.


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Putrid Playmaker

Epic Games had success in the past with undead skins. Specifically with the Ghoul Trooper skin that is beloved by Fortnite fans. Soccer fans also loved when they added soccer skins into the Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Therefore, when they ran out of skin ideas they just smashed Ghoul Trooper and soccer skins together. Which brings us to Putrid Playmaker.


This uninspired skin features a zombie soccer skin in a pastel pink and green soccer uniform. If you want to subject your locker to such a boring skin, feel free to purchase Putrid Playmaker from the Fortnite Item Shop for 1200 V Bucks, you can filter by Worst Fortnite Skins to find them easier.


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Chief Hopper

Next up is Chief Hopper, who you may remember from Stranger Things. Probably not though, because Chief Hopper is one of the least thought of characters in Stranger Things. Stranger Things fans would much rather play as one of the main characters, like Eleven.


Don’t forget to take a look at the least imaginative outfit variation in Fortnite history. The hat variation does nothing to the skin other than add a hat atop Hopper’s head. Chief Hopper’s design comes right out of the popular Stranger Things TV series that can be found on Netflix. You can purchase Chief Hopper for 1500 V Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop if you like wasting money.


If you’re tempted to purchase any of the above skins please let me help you! Instead you should look for some fan favorites like Agent Peely, or Recon Expert. If those skins don’t tickle your fancy maybe you should take a look at some of our recent posts for more options. I suggest checking out the Best Fortnite Star Wars Skins especially if you’re considering purchasing Finn. You can also look at The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite. Every single one of the 50 skins on that list are better than these skins listed here.

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