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All Resources In Fortnite Battle Royale

With so many different crafting materials and resources it’s tough to keep them all straight.Thankfully, we have a comprehensive list of all the resources!
All Resources In Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic Games has made Fortnite Battle Royale a complex video game complete with several different categories of resources for different aspects of Battle Royale. If you're like us you might have a hard time keeping all these different world resources straight. Thankfully, we're here to compile a comprehensive list of all the world resources in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Building Materials

The first category of resources in Fortnite Battle Royale brings us to building material. Building materials are the most common type of resource in game, and can be used to Create Different Structures in build mode while playing Fortnite.


Wood is the easiest to harvest resource in Fortnite. Players can easily harvest wood by hitting trees scattered across the Battle Royale landscape.

While wood is easily accessible to harvest, it's also the weakest of the three building materials, so you may have to build structures repetitively as you're being shot.


The second building material we'll look at is stone. Stone is collected from rocks which can be found across the Battle Royale map.

Stone is in a nice Goldilocks position among the three building materials. Stone is not as easy to harvest as wood, but it's still an easy to find and fast to harvest material. On the flip side, stone is not as durable as metal, but it's far more durable than wood.

The Goldilocks nature of stone makes it a contender for the Best Building Material.


The final building material in Fortnite Battle Royale is metal. Metal is by far the toughest resource to harvest, which is a major drawback on the resource.

If you've been playing Fortnite for some time you may remember metal was easier to harvest before the update that made cars drivable. Since this update metal terrain has been far less common among the Battle Royale map.

With that said, metal is also by far the strongest material in Fortnite. Metal has 500 health, compared to stone having 300, and wood having 150.

A quick tip to earn more materials per pickaxe hit is to aim for the blue circle with an orange dot while harvesting materials.

Crafting Materials

The next category of materials in Fortnite Battle Royale are crafting materials. Crafting materials were introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. The materials were used to craft makeshift weapons into more powerful weapons in Fortnite.

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical parts were collected in Fortnite by hitting different mechanical objects around the map. For example, if you hit cars a handful of times they would drop you a mechanical crafting component, or parking meters would drop a crafting component after being destroyed.

After you collected enough mechanical parts you were able to craft a makeshift weapon into a more powerful weapon. The mechanical parts allowed you to turn a Makeshift Assault Rifle into an Assault Rifle, a Makeshift Shotgun into a Pump Shotgun, a Makeshift Pistol into a Revolver, and Makeshift SMG into a Submachine Gun, and a Makeshift Bow into a Mechanical Bow.

Animal Bones

The other crafting material resource that could be found back in Chapter 2 Season 6 is animal bones. In the same Season Epic Games incorporated animal bones, they also added wildlife like wolves and frogs to the game, which dropped animal bones after being hunted. If you collected enough animal bones you were able to craft makeshift weapons into primal weapons.

After you collect enough materials you could craft a Makeshift Assault Rifle into a Primal Assault Rifle, a Makeshift Shotgun into a Primal Shotgun, a Makeshift Pistol into a Primal Pistol, a Makeshift SMG into a Primal SMG, and a Makeshift Bow into a Primal Bow.

Crafting Ingredients

Our next set of world resources are crafting ingredients. Crafting ingredients were used in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 to upgrade a Mechanical or Primal Bow into a special bow.

If you'd like to compare the merit of the following bow upgrades check out the Best Bows in Fortnite.

Shockwave Grenades

You may be wondering why shockwave grenades are considered one of the world resources. It's because shockwave grenades are one of the many crafting materials to upgrade a mechanical bow in Fortnite.

After crafting a mechanical bow players can find a pair of shockwave grenades to turn their bow into a Mechanical Shockwave Bow, which is a great offensive item, dealing high damage as well as pushing opponents out of boxes and into the storm. Additionally, the mechanical shockwave bow is a fantastic movement item for the holder, giving them up to 31 shockwave grenades for personal movement.


Grenades are in the same vain as shockwave grenades. After finding a six grenades in game you can upgrade your mechanical bow to an Explosive Bow.

The Explosive Bow deals great damage, since there is a splash of explosions that deal additional damage on top of the arrow. However, it's not as versatile as the Shockwave Bow, allow us to explain.

The Explosive Bow is a purely offensive item, whereas the Shockwave Bow is an offensive and movement utility item. Therefore, the Shockwave Bow is more versatile than the Mechanical Explosive Bow.

Stink Sac and Stink Fish

We've grouped the stink sac and stink fish because both crafting ingredients serve the same purpose. Both the stink sac and stink fish upgrade your Primal Bow into a Primal Stink Bow.

The stink sac was obtained by killing a frog and collecting their stink sac, and a stink fish could be found by fishing at fishing location around the Battle Royale map.

The Primal Stink Bow deals massive damage with the arrow, then also emits a cloud of stink bomb gas that deals five health damage intermittently as players stand within the range of the gas.

Firefly Jar and Gas Can

Again, we're grouping these two together because they serve the same purpose. Both the firefly jar and gas can turn a Primal Bow into a Primal Flame Bow.

A Primal Flame Bow lights any flammable terrain on fire. As players stand on the fiery terrain they will take a whopping 15 health damage! However, the flame is easily avoided by changing materials from wood to non-flammable materials like stone or metal.

Cube Monster Crafting Materials

The next of our resources is the materials you got from going into the sideways and offing some mist monsters and cube monsters. After eliminating a cube monster they dropped some crafting resources, and you could collect these resources to upgrade your energy cell ammo weapons, like the Sideways Minigun.

As long as you gather enough cube monster crafting materials, the sideways weapons allowed you to continue crafting until you form golden weapons. Therefore, you could get rare weapons without trying your luck with chests.

Duct Tape

Our final resource is one you would have only seen an image of if you were to purchase Fortnite Save The World. Duct Tape is a Fortnite Save The World resource.

In Fortnite Save The World duct tape is a utility crafting material that is used to make several different traps and weapons in the game.

Now that you know all there is to know about mats like metal wood and stone, as well as all the crafting resources you would've encountered in previous seasons, you may be interested in the Best Season Of All Time. If not check out the Best Halloween Skins instead!

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