The 9 Most Lethal Assault Rifles in Fortnite

It's difficult to definitively say which assault rifle is the best in Fortnite, as player preference and playstyle can vary greatly. Still, some are super good.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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The 9 Most Lethal Assault Rifles in Fortnite

The question of what is the Best Assault Rifle Fortnite is a tough one to answer. There are so many competing weapons in the assault rifle category. Epic Games puts other Battle Royales like Apex Legends to shame with the weapon selection. In this article we are going to compare the pros and cons of all the best assault rifles in Fortnite Battle Royale. Hopefully we will have a successful hunt for the best assault rifle in Fortnite.

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Combat Assault Rifle

The Combat Assault Rifle is a fairly new weapon to Fortnite Battle Royale being released at the end of Fortnite Chapter 2 in Season 8. The Combat Assault Rifle is a fairly unique weapon for the assault rifle class. There is a tight spread for the Combat Assault Rifle’s bloom. However, this is counteracted by a high recoil.


If players put the time into learning how to control the kick behind the Combat Assault Rifle you can be successful at long ranges. However, I’ve had success using it as a submachine gun type spray weapon at close range.

  • Damage Per Second - 225
  • Damage - 25
  • Fire Rate - 9
  • Magazine Size - 35
  • Reload Time - 2.8s

The high skill needed to manage the recoil behind this assault rifle at long ranges takes it out of the running for best weapon in the assault rifle category.

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Tactical Assault Rifle

The Tactical Assault Rifle is easy to look over because it spends more time in the vault than in Battle Royale. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t in the running for best weapon in Fortnite. The Tactical Assault Rifle boasts some surprisingly powerful stats.


With a fire rate of 7, the Tactical Assault Rifle can function like a Submachine Gun at close range. Furthermore, first shot accuracy paired with a 1.75x headshot multiplier makes it a viable tap fire weapon at longer ranges.

  • Damage Per Second - 168
  • Damage - 24
  • Fire Rate - 7
  • Magazine Size - 30
  • Reload Time - 2s

Unfortunately, the MK Seven beats the Tactical Assault Rifle in almost all categories, plus the MK Seven has a working sight.

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Heavy Assault Rifle

The Heavy Assault Rifle is everything the Ranger Assault Rifle wants to be. The Heavy Assault Rifle has 7 points of base damage over the Ranger Assault Rifle at 44 on the Legendary Heavy Assault Rifle. This additional damage makes a massive distance with a low fire rate weapon like both of the Ranger and Heavy Assault Rifles.


While the Heavy Assault Rifle blows the Ranger Assault Rifle out of the water, after checking the stats you’ll notice it doesn’t compete well with other assault rifles in the league.

  • Damage Per Second - 165
  • Damage - 44
  • Fire Rate - 3.75
  • Magazine Size - 25
  • Reload Time - 2.52s

The slow rate of fire of 3.75 will make the Heavy Assault Rifle struggle in close range against other assault rifles, and definitely loses to a Pump Shotgun. However, there is a place for the Heavy Assault Rifle at long ranges, and may even compete with the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

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Ranger Assault Rifle

The Ranger Assault Rifle is another new weapon added to Fortnite Battle Royale at the start of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Honestly, I believe the Ranger Assault Rifle is the worst weapon in the assault rifle category. However, there are a couple redeeming qualities we can dive into. Most notably is the high base damage.


The Ranger Assault Rifle’s base damage is equal to the Burst Assault Rifle and Scoped Assault Rifle at 37 for Legendary rarity. While this is a high damage output, the Ranger Assault Rifle suffers with fire rate. The slow fire rate of 4 makes the Ranger Assault Rifle unusable in close range against a Pump Shotgun.

  • Damage Per Second - 148
  • Damage - 37
  • Fire Rate - 4
  • Magazine Size - 25
  • Reload Time - 2.25s

It’s also outmatched by the competing MK Seven at long range, because the MK Seven can output an outrageous damage per second with accuracy because of the red dot sight.

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Burst Assault Rifle

The Burst Assault Rifle is a fan favorite amongst Fortnite players. Even after the Burst Assault Rifle was tweaked in Chapter 2 Fortnite Season 3 to have two round bursts and a higher damage, players still flocked towards this Fortnite weapon. For good reason too!


The Legendary Burst Assault Rifle has a damage of 37, and a headshot multiplier of 1.5x. This means a well placed burst to the head can do over 100 damage, which will either crack your opponents shield, or eliminate them outright.

  • Damage Per Second - 146.15
  • Damage - 37
  • Fire Rate - 3.95
  • Magazine Size - 20
  • Reload Time - 2.34s

Plus the two round burst shoots fast enough to go through opponents turbo building. The Burst Assault Rifle is the wild card of the assault rifles.

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Suppressed Assault Rifle

The Suppressed Assault Rifle is the jack of all trades but master of none amongst the assault rifle category in Fortnite Battle Royale.


The Suppressed Assault Rifle is viable at long range, mid range, and close range. However it is no match for the Bolt Action Sniper, other assault rifles, and the Pump Shotgun at all these ranges.

  • Damage Per Second - 181.5
  • Damage - 33
  • Fire Rate - 5.5
  • Magazine Size - 30
  • Reload Time - 2.1s

I’ve always enjoyed using the Suppressed Assault Rifle, but unfortunately it is not in the running for the best assault rifle in Fortnite.

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Scoped Assault Rifle

The next assault rifle to dig into is the Scoped Assault Rifle. The Scoped Assault Rifle acts more like a sniper rifle than an assault rifle. The Legendary Scoped Assault Rifle has a base damage of 37, which is amplified by a 2x headshot multiplier. Most assault rifles in Fortnite have a 1.5x headshot multiplier.


The high base damage paired with the 2x headshot multiplier make this an assault rifle that can compete with the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle at long range. Unfortunately, a damage per second of 74 means it will struggle against the Pump Shotgun or Heavy Shotgun at close range.

  • Damage Per Second - 74
  • Damage - 37
  • Fire Rate - 2
  • Magazine Size - 20
  • Reload Time - 2.07s

At close ranges the Scoped Assault Rifle even has a lower damage per second than the Rocket Launcher. This is an impressive feat considering the Rocket Launcher has an average reload of 3.6 seconds.

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MK Seven Assault Rifle

The MK Seven Assault Rifle is absurdly powerful and has been the go to for players in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. At first glance the MK Seven seems like a long range assault rifle. However, the high damage per second ranging from 180 - 216 makes the MK Seven a viable close range spray weapon.


The MK Seven’s damage per second of 216 for the Legendary assault rifle beats out almost all other Fortnite weapons in the class, and even comes close to the Rapid Fire SMG. Additionally, the functional red dot sight, and lack of bloom allows for an unreal mid to long range assault rifle that can compete with sniper rifles.

  • Damage Per Second - 216
  • Damage - 24
  • Fire Rate - 9
  • Magazine Size - 35
  • Reload Time - 2.8s

The MK Seven is still a new weapon in Fortnite so we couldn’t put it as the best assault rifle. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the MK Seven takes first place someday soon.

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Assault Rifle (Scar)

The OG Assault Rifle often referred to as the Scar is the best weapon in the Assault Rifle category. This assault rifle was the first assault rifle Epic Games added to Fortnite. The Scar is the best all around assault rifle in Fortnite. Players have had success using the Scar like a submachine gun at close range to compete with the Pump Shotgun, and it can even compete with sniper rifles at long ranges.


The Legendary Assault Rifle will grant players a damage of 36. This means the Scar can get you an elim in just 6 body shots against a full health opponent. The stats on the Scar speak for themselves.

  • Damage Per Second - 198
  • Damage - 36
  • Fire Rate - 5.5
  • Magazine Size - 30
  • Reload Time - 2.07s

With stats like these it’s impossible to find an assault rifle that will outgun the Scar. Pair the new Bruno Mars skin and the best assault rifle in Fortnite Battle Royale to get some Victory Royale’s!

I wouldn’t be able to cap off this article without giving an honorable mention to the MK Seven. The versatility of this new weapon is undeniable, and I think it could give the Scar a run for their money in the future.

Hopefully next time you’re in Fortnite Battle Royale you can use the info here to influence your Victory Royale winning inventory! If you’re looking for an awesome new skin to run with the best assault rifle check out The Best 50 Skins For You To Stand Out In Fortnite.

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