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Best Football Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

Everyone loves spending some time in Fortnite Creative, but rooting through all the best islands is tough. Thankfully, we’ve found the Best Football Maps!

Updated on Sep 28, 2022
Best Football Map Codes in Fortnite Creative

The best thing Epic Games has ever done for Fortnite is allow creators to make their own Fortnite map available to the public. Plenty of creative maps categories have been released from 1v1 Arena Maps to Practice Courses to Parkour Courses each as fun to play as the last! Another fun category of creative maps to play is Fortnite football maps.

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Fortnite Football | 8436-4952-3722

Discover the world of Fortnite football with your team in Fortnite Football. This Fortnite map is a classic to visit, combining the real world sport of American football and Fortnite! What's not to love?

Fortnite Football Course

Be sure to brush up on the official American football rules before you hop into Fortnite Football! If you want to play on this map enter code 8436-4952-3722.

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Football In Fortnite | 1453-8357-3193

Our final map is Football In Fortnite, which is a European football map. Before you hop into Football In Fortnite be sure to color coordinate your team with the Best Orange Skins or Best Blue Skins.

Football in Fortnite

Use the code 1453-8357-3193 to hop into Football In Fortnite.

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Fortnite Football | 4383-5213-3480

This Fortnite Football map is like multiple maps in one. You're able to swap into different maps by swapping out goal posts for field goal posts, or swapping out field goal posts for basketball nets.

Fortnite Football

If you want to play around with the different maps in one check out Fortnite Football with code 4383-5213-3480.

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Football Stadium 1v1 Map | 2226-2181-9608

For a nice change of pace check out Football Stadium 1v1 Map. This is a football themed 1v1 arena.

Football Stadium 1v1

For more 1v1 arena's check out the Best 1v1 Arena Maps for more codes. To visit this 1v1 arena use the code 2226-2181-9608.

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Football / Soccer 2-12 Players | 9469-3355-9195

This is another great European football map. With the ability to play with up to 12 players you can run some big games with your Fortnite friends!

Football / Soccer 2 - 12 players

If you want to sign up for a day of fin you can pop into this epic map using the code 9469-3355-9195.

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Soccer Warm Up Edit Course | 9269-0708-4558

Another European football themed map to play is the Soccer Warm Up Edit Course. The people who created this course managed to blend an edit course with a fun football themed aesthetic. If you want to learn to Win More Games and have a soccer theme, this is the course for you!

Soccer Warrmup Edit Course

Hop into Soccer Warm up Edit Course with code 9269-0708-4558.

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P21 Soccer | 9532-9780-6429

Hoping to play some European football instead of American? That's where P21 Soccer comes into play. Instead of you and your friends kicking for field goals and throwing hail marries for last second touch downs you'll be kicking the ball up field for a goal.

You can skip going to this Fortnite Creative maps page or site to find the code, because you can find it right here: 9532-9780-6429.

Fortnite Soccer Course

Oh! Be sure to equip one of the Best Soccer Skins before hopping into this course!

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American Football V1 | 7487-5169-1463

Another of the similar maps to Fortnite Football is American Football V1. Again, this code is for an American football Fortnite map.

American Football V1

Therefore, if you and your friends want to explore the world of American football you can hop onto a team by using the code 7487-5169-1463 for access.

With Fortnite Creative courses like the ones above you can't help but thank Epic Games for allowing players creative freedom! Show your appreciation to some of these map creators byGifting The Battle Pass or Gifting Fortnite Skins to them!

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