Best Purple Fortnite Skins

Control forgotten magic & harness the universe's power by ascertaining the Best Purple Fortnite Skins like Madcap or Cube Assassin.
Best Purple Fortnite Skins

Cosmetic outfits saturated with purple hues are regularly distributed by Epic Games. That’s prompted our introduction to the Best Purple Fortnite Skins available to PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC Gamers.



Master alchemy & uncover hidden mysteries about the Fortnite Battle Royale by purchasing Castor, a magical character available since the 6th Season of Chapter 1. Individuals finding themselves interested in Castor must spend 1500 V-Bucks. However, they’ll acquire an ominous character adorned in robbed garments with purple saturations & hieroglyphic symbols. Moreover, the sorcerers’ eyes glow during evening nights to assist gamers in terrifying their enemies.

Four variations of Castor exist, allowing buyers to customize the aesthetic design they’ll portray across the battlefield. However, there isn’t another costume more frightening than Castor Dark. Plus, the fear amongst your opponents increases when employing the Spellbound Staff Harvesting Tool and Magic Wings Glider. Therefore, Castor has become a reliable character within the Arcane Arts Skin Set.

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Dark Wild Card

Gang affiliation & gambling networks are uncovered when obtaining the Dark Wild Card Skin, which distributes a playable character centered around the criminal underworld. This bundled package was launched on the 10th Season of Fortnite’s 1st Chapter & required that gamers purchase the Dark Reflections Pack for $15.99 from the Item Store. In return, three cosmetic outfits are acquired alongside the Dark Axe Harvesting Tool.

Dark Wild Card, Dark Red Knight, and Dark Jonesy are Enlisted in the Dark Reflections Pack. All three characters can utilize their secondary weapon to eliminate downed enemies & harvest materials across the Fortnite Map. Despite that, gamers have leaned towards the Dark Wild Card Skin because his 3-Piece Purple Suit is littered with hieroglyphic symbols. Moreover, his presence provides an ominous sensation to enemies that’ll cause them to recoil into defeat. That wouldn’t have become possible if Epic Games didn’t include a terrifying goalies mask into the Dark Wild Card Skin.

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Cube Assassin

Control the universes anti-matter & employ its power to destroy opposing forces by procuring Cube Assassin, a playable character released alongside the Glyph Aura Set. This bundled package awarded participants the Cool Edge Harvesting Tool and Cubist Back Blind. However, the Cube Assassin Skin isn’t procured without membership to Fortnite Crew. Therefore, there’s an element of rarity associated with this bundled package.

Fortnite Crew is available for $11.99 per month through an Epic Games Account. Individuals that maintain a membership acquired Cube Assassin in December 2021. She’ll maintain an intriguing outfit consisting of purple lightning & purple hieroglyphics plastered across her blackened bodysuit. Moreover, crystalized diamonds are depicted across this character’s apparel. It’ll be through the utilization of those crystallized diamonds that archaic magic is unlocked & used to defeat enemies across Fortnite’s Map as the Cube Assassin.

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Dark Vertex

The Xbox One S – Fortnite Dark Apex Bundle cost consumers $380.00 in USD. This specialized console allowed gamers to procure the Dark Apex Set, which introduced an exclusive character named Dark Vertex. This playable character is armored with a metalized body frame saturated in dark purple. He’ll also retain characteristics identical to android humanoids & be awarded the Dark Razor Harvesting Tool. Additionally, the Dark Forerunner Glider is distributed to increase the capabilities one maintains at traveling Fortnite.

As previously mentioned, you’ll need to acquire the Xbox One S – Fortnite Dark Apex Bundle to produce this playable character. This requirement has made Dark Vertex a rare commodity across this multiplayer game. Some even argue this character provided the Best Fortnite Skin to date.

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Fungi Mages have existed throughout the millennia & are making themselves known in the Fortnite Battle Royale. As such, mystical knowledge thousands of years old is provided to gamers who purchase the Fungus King Set for 1500 V-Bucks. In return, you’ll be awarded the Madcap Skin and Crescent Shroom Harvesting Tool.

Shock & Intrigue are two words describing what gamers feel when purchasing the Madcap Skin. He’ll wear an extraordinary outfit consisting of sorcerer-like clothing. Moreover, Mushroom caps are positioned as Madcap's head. That’ll create a unique aesthetic that confuses enemies into thinking you’re part of Fortnite’s map. Moreover, the blue & purple saturations found throughout his cosmetic out establish a mysterious appearance that’ll excite buyers while startling opponents. It’s this combination that’s enabled Madcap to become one of Fortnite’s highest-rated outfits.

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A futuristic shaman harboring the knowledge of forgotten magic has descended onto Fortnite. His objective? To decimate adversaries & rank higher within the Fortnite Leaderboard. He’ll accomplish that objective while adorning clothing that’s commonplace for shamans. For instance, his robbing is coloured in various saturations of purple & blue. You’ll additionally notice cryptic symbols glowing throughout his clothing, while titanium headgear protects this playable character from oncoming bullets.

Named the Luminous Skin, this playable character was released to players on Fortnite’s 8th Season during the 1st Chapter. It’ll cost participants 1500 V-Bucks to purchase Luminous. However, that associated price accommodates players with the Astral Axe Harvesting Tool & Lunar Light Back Bling. Therefore, cosmetic rewards are plentiful when factoring in the price of Luminos.

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Harness the universe & utilize that power to eliminate advisories by procuring the Galaxy Set, which is considered an incredible Rare Fortnite Skin. Why? Because gamers required ownership of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Series. Therefore, an associated cost of procuring this smartphone is needed. But individuals accomplishing this objective are issued the Best Purple Fortnite Skin available. Moreover, they’ll be provided with the Stellar Axe Harvesting Tool and Discovery Glider. Those accessories are additionally rewarded to gamers owning the Samsung Galaxy S9 Series.

The Galaxy Skin is considered the bravest & boldest outfit available within Fortnite. That’s because this demigod character leverages the universe to acquire powers that’ll eliminate any enemy. This becomes evident when witnessing his apparel, which comprises stardust & planetary systems to recreate purple-esc nebulas within the Milky Way Galaxy. Moreover, you’ll notice neutron stars spiraling around this character and emitting radiation beyond what enemies can physically handle. Therefore, deaths are imminent when opponents approach the Galaxy Skin Set.

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For instance, few multiplayer games have introduced characters with purple-hued Skin Sets. It’s this dedication towards the user base that’s enabled Epic Games to dominate the multiplayer landscape.

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