The Absolute Best Mouse Sensitivity Settings For Fortnite

What the best Fortnite mouse sense settings are will depend on your preferences. In this article, we will try to find the most optimal value for most players.

Updated on Jul 20, 2023
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The Absolute Best Mouse Sensitivity Settings For Fortnite

Finding your right sens is the key to victory in Fortnite Battle Royale. Unfortunately, finding the right sens is tough in Fortnite, because of the different platforms players use like Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Each of these platforms use completely different input devices that demand a separate sensitivity. Additionally, different mechanics like aiming, editing, and building all have different sensitivity options in the Fortnite Settings. What a headache huh? Thankfully, we’re here to help you sort through everything related to Fortnite sensitivity settings, and make you a builder pro.

Best Mouse Fortnite Sens Settings

Using a mouse in Fortnite whittles down the amount of sens settings to worry about. Fortnite controller players have to sort through pages of sens settings because their tool is not as accurate as a gaming mouse. Mouse and keyboard players have the luxury of only needing to input a few controls to find the right Fortnite sens. If you’re after some additional settings to optimize check out the Best FPS Setting Fortnite.

Sensitivity Convertor for Mouse Sens Settings

The best method to get sensitivity settings right for you is a sensitivity convertor. If you’ve played other popular games like Apex Legends, Valorant, or PUBG you can use websites like Gaming Smart to convert sensitivity between popular games.


This is our preferred method to find the best sensitivity settings on PC. We like converting your sensitivity from another game because you already have hundreds of hours practicing with that sens, so you’ll be immediately more comfortable when swapping games to Fortnite.

Mouse Sens Settings Pros Use

When we’re looking for the best Fortnite Settings in any category, looking to the pros is always a solid start. Which is why we’re going to dive into what Ninja uses for his Fortnite Sens Settings.

If you’re a fan of Bugha’s sens settings, you may also be interested in Bugha’s other settings. You should check out Best Keybinds Fortnite to check if Bugha’s other settings are compatible with your Fortnite play style.

Best Controller Fortnite Sens Settings

If you’re playing on a console like Xbox One, or you just prefer being a controller player on PC, you have a whole new set of controller settings to worry about in Fortnite. Unfortunately, Fortnite is a complex game, which doesn’t translate well control wise to a controller. Thankfully, Epic Games has equipped the Fortnite Settings menu with some solid settings that help Fortnite controller players find their preferred Fortnite controller settings.

Use Advanced Options Fortnite

The very first step to getting the best Fortnite sens controller settings is to turn on Use Advanced Options. Turning on Use Advanced Options opens the doors to so many different options that will be sure to boost the quality of your Fortnite aiming.


You can find the Use Advanced Options under the controller tab in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Best Fortnite Settings Advanced Look Sensitivity

Now that you have Use Advanced Options toggled to On, we can start digging through the nitty gritty of Fortnite sens settings. Let’s start with the best advanced look sensitivity. Here is a table displaying our preferred advanced look sensitivity options:

You may notice we have selected high sens for your base look sensitivity. That is because this sens option is specifically for building, and super close range fights. Building requires high sens so you can easily do quick 360s in order to box up. Additionally, super close range fights require high sens because players can easily get around you at every angle, which will require quick turns to relocate your opponents.

Best Fortnite Settings Advances Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

With your look sens all set up, we can hop onto the best aim down sights sensitivity. This sensitivity will be lower, because while you’re aiming down sights accuracy is more important than quick movements.

You can see how much lower sens is required for ADS settings. Our ADS sens settings are about one third the look sens settings! Some additional notes for ADS sens settings is to always have horizontal and look ADS speed sens to be the same percent. This is a crucial step to having accuracy in combat. Additionally, you should have any ADS boost settings off, because they can throw off your aim while aiming down sights by ramping up the camera movement speed. Using these settings is like having mouse acceleration turned on in your Windows Settings.

Best Fortnite Settings Building and Editing Sens Multipliers

You’ll want to play around with your building and editing sens multipliers. We recommend upping your controller building and editing multiplier above 1x. While building, you need a higher sens than when engaging in combat. Building in Fortnite requires fast jerky movements, while combat favors calm slow movements.


Therefore, a higher building sens multiplier will allow you to be a builder pro, and still be competent in combat. We recommend starting at 1.6x sens multiplier on building and editing, and then hopping into Fortnite Creative and tweaking from there. Additionally, if you’re still learning to build check out Best Structures To Build Fortnite for some awesome Fortnite building tips.

Best Fortnite Settings Controller Dead Zone

The controller dead zone setting is the amount of space on your aim and movement sticks that Fortnite will not register as movement. If you set this setting too low you may experience mis-clicks. Conversely, if you set it too high you’ll have too much deadzone which will negatively affect your aiming capabilities.


Optimally, you want your controller deadzone to be between 5 and 10 percent. Anywhere below 5 percent will likely cause misclicks, and over 10 percent removes too much of your range of movement with your aiming and movement sticks. Try starting at 8 percent, and hop into Fortnite Creative mode to see how it goes. Check out the Best Practice Courses In Fortnite Creative to find aim trainers and edit courses to test out your controller deadzone settings.

Best Fortnite Settings Look Dampening Time

Look dampening time is a sens setting that will take some experimentation to get right. Look dampening time is the amount of time it takes for the turning speed to reach your sens percentage. The purpose of the dampening time is for making micro adjustments while aiming.


Too low a dampening time, and you’ll be gliding right past your target. Additionally, if you go too high your reticle will slowly drag across the screen never actually reaching your target. A solid place to start is at 0.20 seconds, then you can hop into one of the Best Aim Maps Fortnite to adjust further.

Best Fortnite Settings Look Input Curve

The look input setting determines how Fortnite will read a half pushed aiming stick. If you have your setting to linear, your input will be the raw input from your controller. Conversely setting your look input curve to exponential will make smaller stick movements more precise.


We recommend using an exponential look input curve as a new player. Precision can be tough to come by for controller players, so any setting that adds more precision should be enabled. However, it should be noted, several pro players opt for a linear look input curve. Be sure to try them both in a Fortnite Creative aim trainer to find which is best for you!

Best Fortnite Settings Aim Assist Strength

Aim assist is the number one advantage that brings Fortnite players from mouse to controller. Aim assist is exactly what it sounds like. Aim assist helps players to lock their reticle onto opposing players. Aim assist is extraordinarily powerful. Therefore, controller players should take full advantage of aim assist and set their aim assist strength to 100%.


With the recommendation of 100% aim assist given, there is an argument for 0% aim assist. There’s no better way to flex on your foes in Fortnite Battle Royale than to trounce on them despite handicapping yourself. Therefore, if you want to show your opponents who’s boss you can set your aim assist strength to 0%. There isn’t much of a reason to set your aim assist strength between 0 and 100. If you’re going to take the advantage, you may as well take the full advantage.

Fortnite Pro Controller Best Settings

Like mouse and keyboard, you can look to the pros for the best settings for controller players. However, there are less players using controllers than mouse and keyboard, so there isn’t as much data to sift through. Let’s take a look at TNA Mero’s Fortnite controller sens best settings:

TNA Mero is just one example of pro players' controls. You can see some of the decisions he made differ from our suggestions like having look input curve set to linear instead of exponential. This highlights the importance of personal preference when deciding on your Fortnite sens best settings. Here is another pro players’, Scoped, Fortnite controller best settings.

With two pro players controller settings to analyze, I’m sure you’ll be well on your way to your best settings for Fortnite sensitivity. Looking into pro players is a fantastic method to getting better at Fortnite Battle Royale. If you want to check out even more pro players you can check out Best Players in Fortnite.

Now that you have the best settings for your sensitivity regardless of whether you’re a controller player or mouse and keyboard player, it’s time to start going after some Fortnite Victory Crowns. To earn some precious Victory Crowns check out the Best Ways To Win Fortnite Battle Royale.

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